Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 8 Performances (Inspirational Songs)

Totally crap!!! I think it's one of the worst night in this season,it looks like everyone were so busy preparing for Idol Gives Back that they didn't have enough time to prepare for their performances tonight.

1. Syesha Mercado (loved this performance,I don't care about all the Fantasia fuss,I think Syesha did justice to the song except the glory note in the end that pretty bad. I enjoy listening to this performance on winamp so good job for her)
2. Jason Castro (when I found out that he planned to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow,I wish it's as good as Katharine McPhee's showstopper rendition. It turned out Jason did a pretty good job,he sang it in Hawaiian tunes and that's great) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
3. Kristy Lee Cook (I still hate her awkward face when she sings,it looks like she's trying to sing for her life and avoiding as much mistakes as possible. However,this performance wasn't that bad,I give props to her since she didn't destroy this Martina McBride song that I love)
4. David Archuleta (pretty bad at the beginning but he picked it up in the later part of the song. It's Robbie William's song.I didn't like the song. Once again,maybe I put this under the worst performance of David Archuleta IMHO because I hate the song)
5. Carly Smithson (she looked very angry,upset and bitter!! And definitely strained performance,I think it's her worst performance,sorry)
6. Michael Johns (his performance went downhill again tonight,he AGAIN sang a song kinda Queen-ish and ooohhhh the pitchy notes,it's so bad)
7. Brooke White (I really hoped she gonna rescue us by giving a great performance but it was very very boring and I wanted this performance to end soon. No no no for this)
8. David Cook (eep!!!This song is weird and it didn't work out at all for him. The worst of the night for me. I can't stand it) TRASH OF THE NIGHT (given to performance that went downhill like a torpedo)

By the order of the performance,I think Syesha will be eliminated if her fans don't vote hard for her. And maybe Michael Johns and Carly Smithson in Bottom 3.

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