Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 5 Performances (Neil Diamond's Songbook)

Oh what a fiasco tonight!!!!WTF with Paula??!!!I've just read all over blog over the internet and I just knew that maybe either she judged Jason Castro based on dress rehearsal or the producers gave her the notes (all notes in her table looked like a receipt from department store) and tonight was so boring,this season of American Idol has lost it's steam while even Hillary Clinton herself can pick up steam or boost in impossible times.

Round 1 (highest to lowest) :
1. David Archuleta (loved this performance especially on the lyrics "Sweet Caroline.........and so on" but his performance is verging on bore. Be careful,David)
2. David Cook (solid good performance)
3. Syesha Mercado (great vocal and performance but the song wasn't catchy at all)
4. Brooke White (I was too bored with the song,bad choice,awkward performance like if i have to sing hard rock song that I hate)
5. Jason Castro (good vocal but really forgettable)

Round 2 (highest to lowest) :
1. Brooke White (at last a performance from Brooke White that I've been waiting for,it's the performance that reminded me of her early semifinal performances. Very good) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
2. David Cook (perfect arrangement,perfect timing from the violinist and the band to came in,one of his best performance for me)
3. David Archuleta (better than I expected him to sing this song)
4. Jason Castro (better than his first song but still Jason Castro has lost his ability to charm anyone anymore)
5. Syesha Mercado (fun song,fun personality,but didn't have strong impression)

It's good that round 2 performances outsing both Jason Castro and Brooke's 1st song horrendous performances.

Who I want to go home tomorrow?? Jason Castro

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