Friday, October 26, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Disastrous Announcement

I forgot to blog about this. After a huge fail last week to announce Top 16 because of rain and baseball show. This week they finally revealed the whole Top 16. I don't know why they cut it into 1 hour. I thought the west coast haven't seen last week's episode. Let's discuss about the judges teams.

Britney's Teens:
I was glad that Britney chose the perfect 4 person from her team. I can't wait to see Carly Rose Sonenclar,Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray blow us away in the live show. Diamond White isn't bad herself. I was shocked that when Reed Demming got eliminated he said it's funny how life works or something like that. 13 years old isn't supposed to say wise words like that. It's creepy how these kids are so precious and acting like an adult.

LA Reid's Over 25's:
The most underwhelming category. David Correy and Vino Alan scare me,they look like prisoners. I hope they can deliver great performances in live show. Tate Stevens is just like an ordinary Garth Brooks. The only one I can count from this group is Jason Brock. I hope he let his freak fly on the live show. I still wish all the best for all of them. I know they're trying so hard to make it for their family and all. Pity that Tara Simon is just delusional.

Demi's Young Adult:
WTF she let Willie Jones in the Top 16?? I was beyond pissed that Jillian Jensen got cut. She killed her Gravity performance in front of Demi and Nick Jonas. I don't have a freaking clue why Demi cut her. Is it because she and Jennel Gracia are gunning for the same voting block?? Watching Jillian crying,her bullies must've been smiling. Urgh. Paige Thomas is so mediocre lately. I'm excited for Cece Frey. She has it factor and she brings the fun on this show. Oh well,let's see if Demi choices are right. Oh btw,I also feel sorry for Demi's group that they couldn't experience what other groups experienced in terms of mansion and big pool.

Simon's Groups:
Of course,Lyric145 is going through to Top 16. Cant' stand Emblem3. Why that guy going shirtless again??? I was upset this episode got cut at this point last week. After this week,I'm super excited that SisterC is going through. I thought they're got cut in the spoilers. They have great vocal though. Lylas are also going through. Awesome vocal performances from each of them. I don't want to see Playback's mediocre existences compete in the same level with the other 3 groups. They should break up again and pursue their own solo career.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Judges House Part 2

Tonight was a bit surprising. I thought I was gonna be underwhelmed by the teens,but I wasn't. I'm very impressed with almost all of them.

- LA Reid & Justin Bieber (Over 25's Category)
- Jason Brock (I feel you,Jason. I can relate with your story. I don't know whether his performance is good or not. It's just okay for me. Good song choice though)
- David Correy (this is the first time that his performance touched me. I really felt it. Probably the best performance from his category)
- Daryl Black (so sad that he just got few seconds clip. I like his voice. But he's going to be eliminated for sure)
- Tate Stevens (great song choice. I agree with the mentors,I don't know if this is 5 million dollars act. But maybe the country music industry will eat him up)
- Vino Alan (wow tragic background. He gave powerful performance. Really strong!! I don't think viewers will like him though)
- Tara Simon (awesome song choice,she sang it well. Although she's very annoying and delusional. If she makes it to live show,the viewers won't vote for her)

- Britney Spears & Will.I.Am (Teens Category)
- Diamond White (I heard this song so many times back then. Diamond totally made this song her own. I think this is her best performance yet)
- Reed Deming (why're these kids so focused and driven?? It's so scary!! They're almost like 40 years old people trapped in kids body. I never like Reed,but I like this performance. He's not cut it for the live show though)
- James Tanner (for sure cannon fodder,I'm intrigued by him however. He needs to gain more experience to be a great rapper)
- Arin Ray (OMG amazing song choice!! Arin totally impressed me with his vocal and charisma. I think he's the next Chris Brown or Usher. Very markettable!!)
- Beatrice Miller (the pressure is getting to her. Again,another great song choice. These kids picked the most current song choice. I love it!! Beatrice did an awesome job singing this song. I hope she makes it to live show)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I don't know why they intend to make rivalry between Carly and Beatrice. Carly sang like a veteran singer. But I hate her movement and mannerism. Can't stand watching that. With that exception,her vocal is amazing)

Overall,pretty strong night for Britney's team. Although,no one came close to Drew's It Must Have Been Love performance a year ago. That was just pure fantastic performance. I didn't get that from this year contestants. Sigh. Oh well,I hope in the live show there's gonna be performance like that.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Judges House Part 1

Tonight began with putting some contestants into different category. Very predictable in my opinion!! Contestants who got a lot of airtime got through. Also with some cannon fodder. I'm wondering where is Panda Ross?? Why's she been missing all this time?? She could've been TV gold for this show. I'm wary about the groups because I don't find chemistry on that new boy group.

I find LA Reid's tantrum not believable. Tired of seeing fake drama and all on any singing show. Thank god for Demi. She's the only highlight from this show. Her presence on the panel makes this show A LOT more enjoyable for me. When the contestants arrived at the judges house,I bet some of the groups don't know who's Marc Anthony is. I can't believe that Dope Crisis really like Marc Anthony music. Really??? I feel so bad for Over 25's. LA Reid don't care about them. And they must be disappointed seeing Justin Bieber as the guest mentor.

Here's my opinion about the judges house performance:
- Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas (Young Adult Category)
- Jennel Garcia (I agree with Demi. Maybe her advice made her more nervous and self conscious. Not her best performance)
- Willie Jones (urgh,why he sang the same song from boot camp. He's just a total gimmick singer for me. Mediocre all around)
- Jillian Jensen (I always love Gravity. Jillian sings this song with different interpretation,that I almost felt like hearing this song for the first time. Another one of her great performance)
- Nick Youngerman (I'm not complaining seeing him taking a shower in front of camera at the beginning of tonight's episode. So hot!!! But his performance is so awful. I don't get it at all. He's not that bad,but I cringed so hard watching his performance. Something about it is weird,dunno what. Maybe his facial expression or something else)
- Paige Thomas (I felt she did pretty good,dunno why she criticized herself. I liked her take on this Chris Brown song)
- Cece Frey (Cece embodies X Factor to me. She's gorgeous,she got confidence and even though she's not the best vocalist,but she got enough quality in her to make it as a superstar. I'm ambivalent about her take on this LMFAO song. But this is the first time she showed likability to me)

- Simon Cowell & Marc Anthony (Groups Category)
- Playback (I know Josh Meltzer from Majors & Minors. So I specifically rooting for him. But I feel so bad that this performance looks very amateurish right now. They each sang pretty good but the whole movement is so awkward)
- Emblem3 (i'm beaming with joy watching these 3 boys crashed and burned. They're so arrogant. Everytime I see these boys,I hate them even more. They're not making themselves any favor with constant cocky comment that they uttered to other groups. And one of the boys shirtless attempt can't convince me to like them. I hope they get eliminated. They're not that good anyway)
- Sister C (they always delivered amazing vocal,but right now this performance is so stiff and wooden. It's like I don't care to find out more about them. They need to work on their personality,so it'll portray well to the viewers at home)
- Lyrics145 (OMG this is the best performance of the night easily!!! Who knew they could be this great. This performance made me an instant fan!!)
- Dope Crisis (cannon fodder)
- Lylas (I've never seen a group with so many amazing vocals between each of the members. I love the girl with black dress on the left side. Amazing vocal. They could be the one to beat)

The best performance of the night: Lyric145,Jillian Jensen,Lylas.

Friday, October 05, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Boot Camp Part 2

Simon shamelessly copying The Voice's Battle Round segment into his own show. But I think this add good enough drama to watch.

- Tara Simon vs Jennel Garcia: I agree that the song really didn't suit either of them. Jennel sang too low while Tara embellished the song too much. Urgh.
- Beatrice Miller vs Carly Rose Sonenclar: it's weird watching 13 years old girls compete on this show. It seems they are too young although both of them have big enough talent. I like Beatrice on this. While Carly seems to be mimicking for me. She hasn't got her own style.
- Vino Alan vs David Correy: meh on both of them. David's tattoo still creeps me out. Vino needs to learn to handle his emotion in front of the judges. Scaring Britney isn't a good idea.
- Diamond White vs Dinah Jane Hansen: Dinah really impressed me tonight with her take on this Kelly Clarkson's song. Although she forgot some of the lyrics,but this is the first time that I'm impressed by her. Diamond is good,but I'm still iffy about her.
- Sister C vs Lauren Jaurequi: probably the best duet of the night,Sister C always outstanding based on the snippet. While Lauren showed how great her voice is. I hope Britney will give Sister C a chance.
- Brandon Hassan vs Reed Deming: awful
- Julia Bullock vs Ally Brooke: mediocre.
- Jeffrey Gutt: terrible. Please send him home.
- Tate Stevens vs Willie Jones: Tate clearly outsang Willie in this. Not even close. Willie is one pony trick.
- Arin Ray vs Normani Hamilton: please Simon,don't put Arin in a group again. He has showed good enough singing ability to be a solo singer. While their take on What Makes You Beautiful is just okay. But I like their chemistry.
- Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Robinson: wow Latasha choked at the beginning of the song. She deserves that by being so arrogant. Jillian sang circle around her. I love Jillian's voice in this performance. While I didn't feel anything on her audition,I was definitely felt something in this performance. Great job,Jillian. I also applaud her for helping Latasha with the words and complimenting Latasha. Class act!!!
- So many trainwreck of contestant forgetting the lyrics.
- Cece Frey vs Paige Thomas: the highlight of the episode. Uh oh,Cece insisted on singing a song that Paige didn't know. I can relate with what Paige said to the judges regarding her motivation. I feel bad though that she sang so badly. Cece is better than her in this duet,but it's her worst vocal performance to date. Seriously,I could watch the rivalry between these two for hours!!!

Can't wait for judges house next week. 1 hour is too quick for boot camp.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Boot Camp Part 1

Everytime I watch this cinema verite style of shooting,I'm still wondering where they implant the mic and camera. Or how they do it so that the contestant doesn't have to try so hard to acting their own daily lives. Uh oh,Miami hotel and all that luxury. That must increased the pressure more for all of them.

- Diamond White did a big mistake in my opinion,singing I Have Nothing. Can't she find another song to sing?? I'm not feeling this performance. Really mediocre.
- Austin Corrini continued to be underwhelming. This blonde kid needs to have few years more of experience.
- Dinah Jane Hansen singing Mariah Carey's song. I'm sick of Mariah and Whitney songs being sung on singing show. That's coming from me who love big diva song.
- Lyric Da Queen is very intriguing!! Very cool female rapper!!
- Uh oh,Demi said to Jessica Espinoza that her name's the only one that she can remember. Huge pressure!! No wonder Jessica faltered!! I feel so bad for her. I can sense the other contestants wondering how come she's not that great.
- Jennel Garcia might look like the girl next door. But she's upping the ante in the sexiness department. She's gyrating and wiping her hair left and right. The male contestants must be having a wet dream,while the female contestants all staring dagger at her. LOL.
- Aww at Vino Alan always trying to calm down the other contestant's nerves.
- Too bad that Johnny Maxwell forgot the lyrics. He's cute though.
- Nice to see all of the kids performers going down in trainwreck. I can't stand them. Give them a decade to mature!! Nick Perelli disaster attempt at Frank Sinatra song made me sigh. I don't want to lose him.
- I cringe watching Jake Garza calling his mommy. 12 years old is too young to compete.
- Emblem3 is so cocky. I can't stand them. Why Citizen lost one of their member??? 2 of the guys from Jetset are hot!! Emblem3's performance is meh. Really awful!! I hope they're getting the boot in the judges house.
- Tara Simon's annoying. Although her delusional performance gave us entertaining TV.
- Willie Jones is a gimmick. I don't see him singing country is a natural thing for him.
- Bring on the drama!! Meow!!! Paige Thomas's performance of IWALY made Whitney rolling in her grave.
- While Cece Frey brought the house down. Although she's a major biatch,but she can SANG!!! I'm somehow intrigued by her.
- OMG Jessica Espinoza is eliminated. Shocker!!!!
- Can't wait for battle round tomorrow. Yay!!! I love tonight's episode. Felt so quick and not dragging on and on like usual.