Friday, October 05, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Boot Camp Part 2

Simon shamelessly copying The Voice's Battle Round segment into his own show. But I think this add good enough drama to watch.

- Tara Simon vs Jennel Garcia: I agree that the song really didn't suit either of them. Jennel sang too low while Tara embellished the song too much. Urgh.
- Beatrice Miller vs Carly Rose Sonenclar: it's weird watching 13 years old girls compete on this show. It seems they are too young although both of them have big enough talent. I like Beatrice on this. While Carly seems to be mimicking for me. She hasn't got her own style.
- Vino Alan vs David Correy: meh on both of them. David's tattoo still creeps me out. Vino needs to learn to handle his emotion in front of the judges. Scaring Britney isn't a good idea.
- Diamond White vs Dinah Jane Hansen: Dinah really impressed me tonight with her take on this Kelly Clarkson's song. Although she forgot some of the lyrics,but this is the first time that I'm impressed by her. Diamond is good,but I'm still iffy about her.
- Sister C vs Lauren Jaurequi: probably the best duet of the night,Sister C always outstanding based on the snippet. While Lauren showed how great her voice is. I hope Britney will give Sister C a chance.
- Brandon Hassan vs Reed Deming: awful
- Julia Bullock vs Ally Brooke: mediocre.
- Jeffrey Gutt: terrible. Please send him home.
- Tate Stevens vs Willie Jones: Tate clearly outsang Willie in this. Not even close. Willie is one pony trick.
- Arin Ray vs Normani Hamilton: please Simon,don't put Arin in a group again. He has showed good enough singing ability to be a solo singer. While their take on What Makes You Beautiful is just okay. But I like their chemistry.
- Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Robinson: wow Latasha choked at the beginning of the song. She deserves that by being so arrogant. Jillian sang circle around her. I love Jillian's voice in this performance. While I didn't feel anything on her audition,I was definitely felt something in this performance. Great job,Jillian. I also applaud her for helping Latasha with the words and complimenting Latasha. Class act!!!
- So many trainwreck of contestant forgetting the lyrics.
- Cece Frey vs Paige Thomas: the highlight of the episode. Uh oh,Cece insisted on singing a song that Paige didn't know. I can relate with what Paige said to the judges regarding her motivation. I feel bad though that she sang so badly. Cece is better than her in this duet,but it's her worst vocal performance to date. Seriously,I could watch the rivalry between these two for hours!!!

Can't wait for judges house next week. 1 hour is too quick for boot camp.

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Jimmy Mackey said...

Carly has a powerhouse voice that is very intriguing. Jillian is the standout so far for me; she WAS kind, and certainly her talent is there to back up her humble confidence. I agree thought that an hour wasn’t enough to focus on two challenges, or show enough of the bad ones. I’m so glad that I discovered The X Factor on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings though, because all of my DISH coworkers talked about it. I never had the opportunity to watch it until it was waiting for me on my DVR, since all of the evening shows on the networks record for me.