Friday, September 30, 2011

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Tiah Tolliver

Suspense!! Why there is no track?? LOL at the judges fighting over her. She's okay but I agree that she has fierce eyes.

ps: what is it with the blatant promotion of Top 40 songs on this show??

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Phillip Lomax

I can hear already the sound of cougars and frauens orgasm everywhere. He's really good looking and his charming smile surely can melt the heart of women everywhere. They will power vote for him. Although,his singing sometimes off pitch. He's a good jazz singer but at some parts,his way of singing bothered me.

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Elaine Gibbs

I need black diva to represent on this show!! Love it!!

X Factor US Seattle Audition: 4shored

Sorry but I don't like their harmonies. It sounded grating in my ears. It could be smoother than that I think.

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Peet Montzingo

Awww I love his parents. I agree that he can be an actor or comedian. Definitely not singer!!

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Drew Ryniewicz

OMG annoying fangirl!! Holy shit,I love her version of Justin Bieber's Baby!! I'm blown away once again. Why is it that so many singer or performer that passed the audition round of this show are clearly not your usual cookie cutter Idol type?? They have interesting personality and some of them would be considered a joke on Idol.

X Factor US Seattle Audition: The Good Girls

LOL I love these two psychic mom-daughter. Hilarious and in denial big time!! Although the mom seems to be a kind and gentle hippie mom.

ps: why we're going to Seattle again for the audition??

X Factor US Chicago Audition: Josh Krajcik

Stage mom!! Woah,I'm blown away by his voice. Really impressive!! Shocking indeed!! Although,I sense a carbon copy of Casey Abrams from Idol.

ps: what the heck with all those barbie blonde girls on the front seat?? They're so creepy.

X Factor US Chicago Audition: J.Mark Inman

OMG he's through. LOL it's an awkwardly bad performance. The backing track is the one who did the work for him. I really love that track. LOL at the banter and Planet Paula's joke.

X Factor US Chicago Audition: Skyelor Anderson

Unexpectedly he can sing. I'm very impressed. Plus,he wasn't panic at all when the track stopped. Good for him!!

X Factor US Chicago Audition: Makenna & Brock

Awww,I feel so bad for him. They're pretty good. The background song: Rascal Flatts makes me melancholic. Yay for another Cheryl Cole's presence. What a breath of fresh air!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

X Factor US Dallas Audition: Xander Alexander

What an arrogant prick!! He didn't realize that his attitude turned off a lot of people easily!! His voice is okay though. They should end an episode in a high note with a great performance,not an awful joke like this.

X Factor US Dallas Audition: Caitlin Koch

Amazing rendition of that song. I was mesmerized by her performance. Really love it!!

ps: she was in American Idol Season 10's Hollywood Week. She was in Paris Tassin's group. Oh that's why she looks so familiar when I was watching this video.

X Factor US Dallas Audition: Dexter Haygood

Really annoying and irritating. I hate his voice,although I applaud him for his passion and determination.

X Factor US Dallas Audition: Dylan Lawson

His voice is so deep like Scotty McCreery. Very redneck country boy stereotype. Until he screamed in every direction and jumping like pyscho. Really frightened me. What a nutjob!! A guy like him should be sent to mental asylum.

X Factor US Dallas Audition: Jonny Rogers

Did they play Jonas Brothers song in the background?? LOL I love the beat of the song,but his singing hell naw!! Love the metaphor about Justin Bieber product goes wrong.

X Factor US Miami Audition: Melanie Amaro

Oh God!! Flawless performance!! She didn't miss a single note!! Sounds like a pro up there. Feels like a final performance round. LOL at LA Reid.

ps: I love Jeremiah Pagan too. Very velveety voice.

X Factor US Miami Audition: Kendra Williams

Really good!! What a breath of fresh air amidst all the trainwreck.

X Factor US Miami Audition: 2 Squared

Mediocre!! I don't think they gonna captivate the viewers.

X Factor US Miami Audition: Nick Voss

OMG he's too weird for me!! His vocal sounds like ghoul!! The Elvis antic got old really fast!! The dancing is freaky!! Calm down,Nick's mom!!

X Factor US Miami Audition: Caitlynne Curtis

She's okay. With more years in vocal training lesson,she will sing well. But not for right now.

X Factor US Miami Audition: Ashley Sansone

Annoying annoying annoying!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Chris Rene

He's a very good rapper. What an underwhelming second half of the show!! Why is Seattle always has awful audition?? The first half was amazing,the second half is awful. Too many bad auditions. Plus,Nicole is worse than Cheryl.

X Factor US Seattle Audition: The Anser

An okay performance. I hate Nicole!! She's irritating me!! Can we bring back Cheryl Cole please??

X Factor US Seattle Audition: Marcus Canty

He's a pretty good performer.

X Factor Seattle Audition: Geo Godly

Really disturbing!!

X Factor US LA Audition: Stacey Francis

Don't like her performance but I'm so happy for her.

X Factor US LA Audition: Simone Battle

She got the "it" factor. Her voice is so mediocre though.

X Factor US LA Audition: Dan and Venita

Save me from this senior duo!! I can't with their singing!!!

X Factor US LA Audition: Siameze Floyd

OMG LMAO this is so entertaining. I laughed so hard when he opened his shirt and flaunting those see through fishnet. But I agree with the judges,he's a performer and really entertaining.

X Factor US LA Audition: John Lindahl

Oh God!! The girls are flailing over him like crazy!! Sigh. I have to admit he got the charm.

X Factor US LA Audition: Terrell Carter

He's hot and his voice is amazing. Probably the only auditioner that I like tonight.

X Factor US LA Audition: Rachel Crow

She can sing indeed but she's a bit annoying. I wanna see her next performance (someone said she's improving a lot since audition).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kris Allen Talked About Kidz Star USA on Today Show

For those people who can't watch the video on NBC website. Btw have you checked his leaked single yet?? I love Fighter and Love Too Much. Really love it!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

David Archuleta Performed To Be With You with His Mom on Noche De Gala,Washington DC

So beautiful!! Watching David's performance and his singing ability still amazes me sometime of how fantastic he is.

Monday, September 12, 2011

X Factor Extended Promo: Underwhelming Performances

Rachel already turned me off big times!! Stacey's audition is nowhere close to bajillion Idol alumni's auditions like David Archuleta,Melinda Doolittle,Paris Bennett,Katharine McPhee and so many more.

Monday, September 05, 2011