Monday, March 30, 2009

Jesse McCartney - How Do You Sleep Feat. Ludacris video

OMG!!I love this video. Great job for whoever directing it. And it's one of the best song in his latest album that I'm not a fan of.

David Archuleta Performs My Hands at Salt Lake City,Utah tour

The camera is shooting less David because of tight security.

David Archuleta Performs Somebody Out There at Salt Lake City,Utah tour

I never get tired of this song!!

David Archuleta Performs Zero Gravity on Salt Lake City,Utah

Woah,he exudes confidence. It's like a whole new David. He's already growing a lot throughout the year.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 10 iTunes Review

- Adam Lambert (I think Adam did a pretty good job in this recording,he can combine his beautiful voice with the background music although sometimes the background is so loud. It will be so much better if they can tone down a bit the instrument)
- Allison Iraheta (this recording sound reminds me of circa Miami Vice/Charlie Angels's tv series. Allison is so ready to record her voice,she has a constant great recording since Michael Jackson's week. I definitely can see her record like a Pink album)
- Anoop Desai (oh my....I love Anoop's tender and soft vocal but the background singer is killing me. It's like throwing me to ancient times and buried me in a tomb. This recording is so excruciatingly slow and haunting (in a scary way))
- Danny Gokey (woah Danny's voice in this one sound too stretch,I'm not feeling it at all although overall it's good recording)
- Kris Allen (once again the background music overwhelms Kris's voice. It doesn't showcase the fullness of his great voice at all,but I love his unique phrasing in some parts. And it's still one of the best in this week recording)
- Matt Giraud (no one can deny that Matt has soul in his voice,it's evident in every recording he did. Although the arrangement in this recording somewhat boring to me and OMG!! it's too long)
- Megan Joy Corkrey (I love Megan's recording. It's so quirky and unique and jazzy. It's definitely not boring,not too gloomy and everything is so perfect)
- Michael Sarver (Michael really has a nice great voice and if he uses it well,I think he'll do a great job in his career. His recording this week however is good,with bordering on mediocre. It's not bad and it's not great. Maybe it's the song choice that he can't do anything with)
- Scott MacIntyre (I agree that Scott's voice and sound is geared toward AC audiences,and the recording is always like that. Woah,the background singer mess everything in this recording. I'd fired them immediately if I had any say in the recording process)
- Lil Rounds (she has great vocal in this recording,I'll give that to her. Although I don't like the music)

I agree with everybody that they should let the recording resemble the contestant's live performance and not too mix it with the original Motown sound,etc. This week's recording is a crapfest!!! I hate it!! I hope next week's recording is a masterclass.

Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Result Show

The group performance was very good but it's blatantly lip-sync and why they taped it without audience??WTH!!

I love Ruben's new song. It's so catchy but woah,he's sweating like a bullet there.

WTF!! Matt Giraud is in bottom 3!!!It's so ridiculous.

Michael Sarver is in bottom 3 too. Yeah!! Huff,Kris Allen is safe,they are always playing with him.

Smokey Robinson perform with Joss Stone. I love that Smokey still has a strong and nice sultry voice,not like many mentors whose voice already cracked and can't sustain their singing anymore.

Megan's safe,so Simon's death sentence isn't working anymore.

Scott MacIntyre is in bottom 3,after that he's immediately sent back to the safe zone. Crap!!

I'll become so upset if Matt is going home.

Stevie Wonder medley's performance was superb!!

Michael is going home. God is exist after all!!

Next week I heard some rumor that it's probably iTunes Top 100 Week. That'd be a lot of interesting and trainwreck coming your way.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Performances (Motown Week)

- Matt Giraud (pretty good performance although I expected him to sing different song than this. I'm already bored with "Let's Get It On". It's been done to death on Idol)
- Kris Allen (hmm it's good. Kris sang this song to the max but once again I'm not diggin' it as I should've,maybe because of the song choice. But Kris's definitely cemented himself as the songwriter singer type in this competition)
- Scott MacIntyre (finally they threw him under the bus,complete with bomb set up so that it'll explode. I like the tempo changing in the song but overall Scott is singing the same kind of song week after weeks)
==WTF with the song tonight!!!I feel bored!!
- Megan Joy Corkrey (it's not a trainwreck at all for me. At least it's very jazzy and entertaining. A breath of fresh air really this far. Although I noticed many pitchy notes and the bandzilla overwhelmed her on the stage)
- Anoop Desai (boring. Tonight's song choice is really killing me. At best I would rate all contestants this far 70. It's so boring. I can't wait for this show to end. Btw,oh no!!! They suggested Anoop to tune it up next week,I hope he'll pick a really great song and not just go "Beat It" or "My Prerogative" like few weeks ago that destroyed his chance)
- Michael Sarver (tonight's a massacre field for mediocre contestants. The bus are lining up ready to grind them one by one. Michael's performance is nice,as nice as watching an Office Idol on your company. Everybody's karaoke-ing to the heaven but still it's karaoke at best,not a fantastic performance)
- Lil Rounds (lil bit amazing in some parts,heartfelt but not a showstopper)
- Adam Lambert (fantastic performance!!!Adam's worthy of my support. I'm honored that he delivers great and different performances every week. That's what defined American Idol. Btw is it his ex boyfriend on the audience??)
- Danny Gokey (good vocal but still karaoke,Danny is getting crushed by Adam lately. The judge's grand plan for the finale between those two isn't working at all for me. Danny is like a peasant versus Adam as a God)
- Allison Iraheta (spectacular performance!!Flawless and full of energy. Allison's been stepping it up week after week. Great job!!)

My Ranking:
1. Adam Lambert
2. Allison Iraheta
(huge gap)
3. Kris Allen
4. Matt Giraud
5. Megan Joy Corkrey
6. Anoop Desai
7. Danny Gokey
8. Lil Rounds
9. Scott MacIntyre
10. Michael Sarver

David Archuleta Gonna Perform on Manilla with David Cook

I haven't heard about Indonesia on the tour list. Maybe it's not going to happen :(

Saturday, March 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 11 iTunes Studio Recording Review

At last I'm able to download all the songs. It's hard to find a site that allow my download manager to download smoothly. So here's my review:

- Kris Allen (I love his recording song. You guys should buy it!! It's so smooth and will touch your heart. He's definitely ready to record his voice)
- Scott MacIntyre (I'm glad that Scott redeem himself in this studio version,last week's studio was horrible and this is way better. Smooth,full of energy. Good job!!)
- Adam Lambert (hmm I like this one,the background sitar and all the instruments go all the way,definitely gives this song a Middle Eastern flavor with somewhat rock-ish tune)
- Alexis Grace (better than the live performance but I feel that Alexis hasn't showed her real knockout voice yet,I really want to hear her sing like what she sang in the introduction clip,when she's with her dad and sang "i can feel the rain...". That was fantastic voice,I want to hear that. But oh well.....she's already gone home)
- Allison Iraheta (love love love this recording,very rock country with raw voice. You can dance with this song LOL that's how good/fun it is)
- Anoop Desai (oh woah,million times way better than the live performance. It feels like Anoop is right here in my room singing it in front of me. His vocal is so smooth,tender,very suitable for this type of song. Must buy!!)
- Danny Gokey (WTF!!!He isn't singing the first verse,it's talking.It's like a child humming the song.BIG FAIL AGAIN!!! He's humming the second verse too and blast the chorus. One of the worst recording this week.I'm horrified by this recording. I'm not even liking the last part,if he'll be the winner of this season,Idol will definitely jump the shark the last time.)
- Lil Rounds (not bad!!I like her studio version. It's very enjoyable.)
- Megan Joy Corkrey (hmm I'm on the fence with this recording. The melody is better than the live performance but Megan's voice is still the same)
- Michael Sarver (karaoke at best)
- Matt Giraud (very different from Carrie's version which I love to death. It's my theme song of 2007 but I think Matt did a great job in his recording. I don't know that he has so many layer within his voice.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Result Show

Ryan said it's gonna be shocking result. I wonder who it is.

Group performance was meh.

Aww,I love the farewell dinner for Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez

I feel so bad for Michael Sarver that his daughter said that to him. That must be very hard!!

Allison & Michael are in bottom 3.

Very nice performance from Brad Paisley singing "Then".

Alexis is in bottom 3. Whew,Dial Idol is spot on tonight!!

Allison is safe. Yay!!

Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis perform "I Told You So".That was so fantastic. Although Randy Travis's singing face scared the hell out of me.

Oh woah,are they gonna save Alexis if she's eliminated??This early in competition??

Michael is safe,Alexis sings for her life. And Simon said they decided that they will let her go home. OMG!!WTH!! Shocking!!I can't believe it.

I'm still shaking my head that Alexis who's considered almost frontrunner went home tonight. OMG!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Performances (Grand Ole Opry Week)

Was tonight an amazing night or a letdown???Let's see:

- Michael Sarver (what a mess!!Wasn't a disaster but a pretty bad performance. It didn't show his vocal strength at all and looked like an encore of Kristy Lee Cook's "8 Days A Week")
- Allison Iraheta (it's good but it's generic on the other hand. I didn't pick up any energy like what she's usually convey in her performance. But I still heart her)
- Kris Allen (OMG!! This was his best performance to date. So tender and lovely. I was almost crying watching his performance and the best of all,Simon said what I had predicted. Yay!!) ps: I posted yesterday on IDF that I want Simon to say that Kris might have a chance to win the competition or something like that.
- Lil Rounds (I still haven't quite get it why she's considered one of the frontrunner. Where is your vocal strength,Lil??? That was mediocre)
- Adam Lambert (oh woah,it somehow felt like Middle Eastern Week. I'll give him an A+ for arrangement & uniqueness. I think it's the most unique performance on Idol so far. Very bizarre. I like it)
- Scott MacIntyre (nice performance,I need him to step up though. I'm wondering why I haven't seen anything great from Scott. It's just the same week after week like some rendition on hotel's lounge)
- Alexis Grace (I felt like in a medieval funeral. It's so gloomy and nothing special at all. I prefer Brooke White's version last year. I'm really disappointed with Alexis. I thought she could blow me away this week but oh well......)
- Danny Gokey (BIG FAIL!!! He sang sporadically,he couldn't continue singing the notes to higher falsetto,so he did it again and again. Stop and continue,stop and continue like starting a mownlawer. I didn't feel any connection at all)
- Anoop Desai (Anoop's back!! Although I think he could've done better but that was a great performance)
- Megan Corkrey (I thought from rehearsal with Randy Travis that she's gonna do it in jazz but it didn't turn out that way at all. The melody is so old country for me. It's killing me although the performance is good)
- Matt Giraud (I gave my opinion on a song choice on IDF that I want Kris or someone to sing "So Small" and Matt fulfilled my request. And he killed it!! Yay!!)

Tonight was all over the place overall. The frontrunner got killed by the darkhorse. And what is that?? All the contestants talked back to the judges.

My ranking:
1. Kris Allen
2. Adam Lambert
3. Matt Giraud
4. Anoop Desai
5. Scott MacIntyre
6. Allison Iraheta
7. Megan Corkrey
8. Michael Sarver
9. Danny Gokey
10. Lil Rounds
11. Alexis Grace

Tomorrow Carrie Underwood gonna sing on the Result Show. I can't wait for that.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Review of American Idol Season 8 Top 13 iTunes songs

Fortunately I'm able to download all of them and I'll review one by one:

- Kris Allen (almost the same with the live version one,he reminds me of Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion,where the singer's voice at live and recording is the same. It's very good,rather than singer who sucks at live performance)
- Alexis Grace (the more I listen to Alexis's voice,the more and more I'm seduced by it. It's so lovely and the recording is great)
- Scott MacIntyre (I think it's the worst recording out of Top 13. It's bland,lack of energy,very boring,plain. He needs to step it up his voice recording if he wants to make it as a singer)
- Matt Giraud (his voice sounds fantastic on recording)
- Michael Sarver (OMG!!!His voice is so flawless in here. It's the best recording out of all Top 13. I think he's ready for recording career although I know that he's not a strong vocalist)
- Adam Lambert (the recording is less screechy but less energy too. Talk about dilemma,huh. Sigh)
- Megan Corkrey (she puts in the same corkiness like in the live version)
- Lil Rounds (a good recording,almost same with the live version)
- Danny Gokey (pretty good vocal,he should be careful about his growl)
- Jasmine Murray (she's very suitable for recording business,her voice sounds very lovely on the song. If someone markets her well,I believe she'll be successful singer)
- Jorge Nunez (oh woah,it's so good. He can sing definitely!! His voice sounds very good on the recording and full of passion)
- Allison Iraheta (pretty sultry rock voice in this one)
- Anoop Desai (the same karaoke like the live version)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Results

What is the twist??? It's the judges save. I think if Chris Daughtry didn't get eliminated,we wouldn't see Katharine's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" performance and that will be a huge bummer. Afterall,Chris Daughtry has a great career because he finished 4th,so why bother with the twist??? I prefer the judges pick the song for contestants rather than this silly new rule.

Btw the mansion is so cool!! Are we gonna see the live feed from inside?? That way all of us won't have our lives anymore and we will watch our favorites 24/7 LOL

The group song is good. They sing Michael Jackson's medley.

OMG!!Kris Allen is safe. Yihaaaa!!!

Jasmine went home. I'm thinking that they might have had wasted the spot on Jasmine. She couldn't do anything since 2 people are going home tonight. While the rest of the contestants have humongous fanbase,she's been criticized to death by so many people on the net. I feel sorry for her. I'm sure she'll do great in the future,she has a big potential. We all can see that in her very strong Hollywood rounds performances.

Nice song from Kanye West.

Oh shit!!Anoop don't go,pleaseeee!!He surely can blow us away,I promise. It's just that he hasn't picked a great song yet and the judges confuse him by wanting him to be hip or to be soulful.

I LOVE Kelly Clarkson's performance. That song is very catchy.

Jorge Nunez goes home and Anoop is safe. Huff. I'm glad.

American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Performances (Michael Jackson's Themes)

I write this after I watched for the 2nd times:

- Lil Rounds (I disagree with the whole judges but Simon. It's good,not great. The second half of the song is better. I still don't get the hype about her. She's currently the weakest black divas on Idol I've known since I watched the show on Season 4)
- Scott MacIntyre (in the beginning it's great,I get a goosebumps but it starts going downhill after that. The band's sounds overwhelm Scott's voice. It's no good,I'm not enjoying the rest of his performance) ...after 2nd times watching,it's pretty neat but still too overwhelmed by the background sound
- Danny Gokey (a very good performance,I enjoy it so much. The beginning of the song is rather plain but through the end it picks up momentum and overall it really impress me. Great job)
- Michael Sarver (oh woah!!He's showing no sign of tanking tonight. It's arguably the best performance so far. He imbues his performance with tenacity,passion and everything he got. His voice really sounds good on this one.)
- Jasmine Murray (a little bit bland I think and too much repetitive on the chorus. It's like "I'll Be There" almost the entire times of her performance and the high notes is pretty pitchy sometimes)
- Kris Allen (pretty good performance,I love his guitar playing movement. Though I need to see more,cause I know he still got plenty of ammunition to show it to us in the weeks ahead. I hope Kris will make it through)
- Allison Iraheta (I'm sorry,Allison. That's atrocious. I don't like the song,the melody is awful,everything is horrible. I feel that I want to kill myself while I'm listening to this performance. It's like the scene of 1 million car crashes.)
- Anoop Desai (beat it already,it's trainwreck. I don't like his song choice at all. I'm waiting for someone to make me jump off my chair).....after 2nd watching,he's really cool though in his stage presence
- Jorge Nunez (it's not that bad but it's very boring. It's like he feels not right with his song choice,maybe the producers screwed his song choice)
- Megan Corkrey ( a breath of fresh air,although it's utterly out of the planet and bizarre performance but I like it. It's very unique and fun)
- Adam Lambert (Fabulous!!Fabulous indeed!! The best of the night. Extremely entertaining,fantastic,way above my expectation,I'm clapping the entire performance because I'm so excited. It's so good!!)....2nd watching,I love it more and more
- Matt Giraud (pretty good performance following a hugely popular Adam's performance. He could've done better though in my opinion,still I prefer him to sing it only with his voice and his piano. No need for the background band. It's really annoying and too overwhelm)
- Alexis Grace (way better than her last performance,one of the best of the night,it's like a mistress from other galaxy come to give us a visit and made our day)

My ranking:
1. Adam Lambert
2. Danny Gokey
3. Alexis Grace
4. Michael Sarver
5. Kris Allen
6. Megan Corkrey
7. Matt Giraud
8. Jasmine Murray
9. Scott MacIntyre
10. Lil Rounds
11. Anoop Desai
12. Jorge Nunez
13. Allison Iraheta

The 1st time I watched the show,I hated it but the 2nd times I begin to enjoy it and get used to Michael Jackson's song. Overall it's pretty good night.

Prediction of going home tomorrow: Jorge Nunez,Michael Sarver,Jasmine Murray (don't know which two)

Friday, March 06, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Wild Card Round

Here we go,is the wild card round gonna be mind blowing??Let's see...

- Jesse Langseth (amazing performance although the tune isn't as good as last week but oh my... she looks fierce. It's like this performance is for Watchmen soundtrack. Fierce!!Fierce!!)
- Matt Giraud (OMG!!!That's fantastic. It's super duper great. This night already produces 2 great performances so far)
- Megan Corkrey (I said yes yes!!You're the one for me!! Another showstopper performance back to back. I'm coming around to be her fan again. Yay,Megan!!)
- Von Smith (the showstopper train unfortunately has to end. The beginning of Von's performance is horrible. His lower register is too low and isn't in tune with the band. Though in the end,he salvages it,but too bad he already ruined his chance)
- Jasmine Murray (Holy crap!!!OMG Zeus!!I have goosebumps throughout the performance. It's one of the best,if not,the best performance in this entire 3 weeks. It's so heartfelt,she gives it her all and she stay in her strong vocal area)
- Ricky Braddy (an uptempo song that will kill many people's performance instantly but it's not applied to Ricky. It's fun,great,and excellent. I love his voice. It's so unique)
- Tatiana Del Toro (same song with 2 weeks ago but I think she sounds better in this one. I'm confuse whether I want her to be crazy to entertain me or I want her to impress me with each songs,because she has an amazing vocal range and sultry voice)
- Anoop Desai (oh wow....why he sings this song?? It's a tricky one and I don't know he's that hip but it's still pretty good performance. I'm nervous though because of his song choice)

It's time to decide the 3 who will go through:

Jasmine Murray (Yes!!Yes!!I hope she'll do an excellent job next week and so on. Prove your strength,girl!!)

Megan Corkrey (yes!!She's needed for the variety of the show)

Between Matt Giraud or Anoop Desai (oh no!!!) and Matt Giraud goes through (yes!!but I'm sad for Anoop) but wait a minute,Simon says that they decide this year it will be Top 13. Anoop's in.

OMG!!!This is the best year ever.

Can't wait for next week.I heard it's gonna be Michael Jackson week. Yuck!!

Added: My ranking of wild card's performance:
1. Jasmine Murray
2. Matt Giraud
3. Ricky Braddy
4. Tatiana Del Toro
5. Anoop Desai
6. Jesse Langseth
7. Megan Corkrey
8. Von Smith

Thursday, March 05, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Group 3 Elimination and Wild Card Announced

The group song is pretty good. They sing "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry. They put Scott in sofa all the time though,to make sure he's not falling down off stage.

Lil Rounds is through first. She hasn't impressed me yet like other black divas alumni in previous seasons. Usually I'm big fan of singer like her but this time it's not,maybe she's not that great.

Scott MacIntyre is through because mostly sympathy votes. I'm not rude,it's just that if it's based on vocal. Many other contestants are way better than him.

Jorge is through. And Ryan announces Wild Card:

Randy Jackson picks Von Smith (oh no!!!!)
Kara Dioguardi picks Jasmine Murray (Yes!!!I hope she doesn't disappoint)
Paula Abdul picks Ricky Braddy (yes!!)
Simon Cowell picks Megan Corkrey (yes!!)
Randy picks Tatiana (yes!!for entertainment. I hope she brings the crazy out tomorrow)
Kara picks Matt Giraud (yes!!)
Paula picks Jesse Langseth (I think she can impress me more)
Simon picks Anoop Desai (woot!!woot!!)

I hope tomorrow will be a great show.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Group 3 Performances

I don't know what happened tonight. It's was awful trainwreck crap. This is the first time I wasn't caring for the 2 hours show because how bad it was. It's like a dump of shit combined with meteor shower and it all exploded in your face. Sigh. To think that I had lower expectation and this group might impress me somehow and it wasn't. Let's review:

- Von Smith (his lower notes are a little bit overwhelmed by the background music but at least it's a pleasant and not shrieky performance. I think he has the skill to blow us away but definitely with the right song)
- Taylor Vaifanua (I ain't got your back anymore,Taylor. She used to be one of my favorite but this performance is so horrificly bad. Her stage's movement is awkward,I don't like the song and I can't find anything to like on this performance. Doomed!!)
- Alex Wagner Trugman (the growls is too much for me. The vocal is all over the place and I hate it. I thought he'd suprised me and it turns out it's not)
- Arianna Afsar (I don't like the arrangement,it's very weird,it looks like she's singing in different tempo with the band but at least I love the song. She gave it all vocally though. Maybe if she sang it in acapella it would be so much better.)
- Ju'not Joyner (although I'm not a fan of his smoky voice but I give him the compliment "the best performance so far". Love the arrangement and he can control his voice. I'm impressed)
- Kristen McNamara (she sings Give Me One Reason in an entirely different arrangement compared to Jordin Sparks version 2 years ago. I love it, it's great. Her vocal range is amazing although she seems sick tonight.)
- Nathaniel Marshall (when he tunes the performance up into dancing beat,it becomes super horrible but in the end it's not that bad. Please sing a serious song like what you did with Disturbia in Hollywood,Nate!! That was a better performance than this messy one)
- Felicia Barton (she wowed me tonight!! It's a breath of fresh air. This is one of the best performances of the night.)
- Scott MacIntyre (he's really connecting to the song and it's a breathtakingly nice performance.)
- Kendall Beard (pretty good performance but she could've picked a better country song)
- Jorge Nunez (David Archuleta sang this one better but I'll say that Jorge has the pipes and conviction when he sings tonight and it's pretty good performance)
- Lil Rounds (I'm a little bit disappointed. She performs below my expectation. I thought this performance could save the whole crapfest tonight and it fails to deliver. It's a generic good performance. Oh my...)

1. Ju'not Joyner
2. Scott MacIntyre
3. Kristen McNamara
4. Felicia Barton
5. Jorge Nunez
6. Kendall Beard
7. Von Smith
8. Lil Rounds
9. Arianna Afsar
10. Nathaniel Marshall
11. Alex Wagner Trugman
12. Taylor Vaifanua

Jason Castro Performs Love Uncompromised on Idol Wrap Up

Pretty good song.

Monday, March 02, 2009

David Archuleta Can't Eat Sweets

He's video blogging from Allentown,PA. He's eating healthy food to maintain his great performances.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some shocking fact about Mishavonna Henson's mom

It's in the later part of this Jason Yeager's video blog. Very interesting indeed!!

David Archuleta Performs I'm Yours

David Archuleta Performs Zero Gravity at Virginia Beach

This song is pretty good!!!It should be a game or anime soundtrack,it has a sound that suitable for that segment.Especially the flute and all.

David Archuleta Sings Somebody Out There at Sayreville,New Jersey

I love this song. Too bad it's not on his album which being released in my country.

David Archuleta Sings One by U2,U Gotta Be by Desree and Love Song by Sara Bareilles at Sayreville,New Jersey

OMG!!!What an amazing performance.Thank you for "mymusiclovin" who uploaded the video.