Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Daughtry; Home; Daughtry
2. Fergie; Big Girl Don’t Cry; Dutchess
3. Rihanna; Umbrella; Good Girl Gone Bad
4. Martina McBride; Anyway; Waking Up Laughing
5. Maroon 5; Makes Me Wonder; It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
6. Katharine McPhee; Over It; Katharine McPhee
7. Dolores O’Riordan; Ordinary Day; Are You Listening?
8. Vanessa Hudgens; Say OK; V
9. Carrie Underwood; Wasted; Some Hearts
10. Kelly Clarkson; Never Again; My December

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Finale on American Idol

It begins. First was Blake duet with Jordin. What an amazing and solid performance. Their vocal were fantastic. The thing that makes me love big finale is that usually the contestants is loose and perform so well.
- Gwen performed on her tour. I assumed it was pre-taped.Probably.
Waiting for Melinda and Lakisha
-This is getting better. Kelly Clarkson's performance was amazing. I begin to like this single from her.
-OMG!!The old chicken woman back!!It's beyond me that she would've let them ridicule her.
- Smokey Robinson performed with Top 6 Guys. He also sang "Tears of A Clown". This was like divine intervention to me. I had a listening test at EF. And the native teacher played that song for us. What a weird coincidence.
-Wow!Blake's beatboxing with Doug E. Fresh really neat there. Although i don't really like this genre,but I enjoyed it.
-I could die happily right now. Gladys Knight & Top 6 Girls performance were superb. Melinda & Lakisha were so comfortable today and Oh boy!! They're really my frontrunner this year. Although Jordin's vocal was fantastic but Melinda & Lakisha passion in singing outsang her from my opinion.
-Oh my..!! Tony Bennett was so fantastic. He's really the King of Jazz. His voice still great and it was a fantastic performance.
- I really felt sorry for Jonathan & Kenneth. That was so rude.
- I was speechless watching Melinda duet with The Winans. This performance was so amazing. Melinda was glowing. It's so fantastic. It's a shame that she's not in the finale.
- Carrie Underwood's vocal was flawless. Her album already the biggest selling album of any Idol winners. I believe she'll reach 8 platinum or even more soon. Fantastic.
-Welcome to the universe of Sanjaya. He rules our world.
I'm still waiting individual performances of every contestants. I hope it will come. 30 minutes again till the end result.
- Green Day performed. Taylor Hicks performed.
- Jordin duet with Ruben Studdard.
Is Britney Spears or Katharine McPhee gonna perform tonight? Approximately 20 minutes left. The second part of tonight show wasn't impress me at all.
- Bette Midler performed. She will replace Celine Dion on Caesar Palace.
15 minutes left. I guess after this the result then.
- American Idol winners & finalists tribute to Sgt. Pepper was great. Too bad not enough times to show each contestants singing though because i wish that would've happened like last season.
- Congratz for Jordin Sparks. I knew that she'll win this.

Overall I think tonight's big finale was great.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Top 2 Performances Tonight

Let's hope that incredible performances will be happening tonight.

1. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name (i prefer his first performance of this song few weeks ago.Tonight his voice wasn't as good as then. And it's getting old.It's hard to do showstopper performance twice)

2. Jordin Sparks - Fighter (definitely not a stellar performance but I thought it was very good. The song is recent.I liked her performance)

1. Blake Lewis - She Will Be Loved (good vocal but I agreed with Simon. This is finale and this song definitely not suited forFinale. He should've picked better song)

2. Jordin Sparks - Broken Wing (this is the best performance yet.Still hoping for incredible performance though)

One last song for each contestant.Oh!!How I wish Melinda didn't get eliminated last week.She definitely would've brought the house down tonight if she was in the Finale

1. Blake Lewis - This Is My Now (he seemed uncomfortable singing this coronation song. I liked this one the most but I didn't feel any connection. His eyes were wandering around the room. And I felt that maybe he was ashamed to sing this song)

wow,the audience tonight were crazier than ever before.So loud!!!

2. Jordin Sparks - This Is My Now (This is the performance that will make Jordin win this thing tomorrow. I dunno how the voters are battling it out tonight. Btw where were the choir and the confetti??I miss those T_T)

..........WOW!!!! Daughtry performed. This performance certainly made my day. It was way better than all of the contestants performance tonight.

I hope tomorrow's Finale will be better than last year.I cross my finger for that.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Biggest Shocking Elimination This Season

I'm still upset right now and can't believe it that it's real but folks,Melinda Doolittle went home.Yeah,that's right.I dunno why that could be happening.But maybe her fans didn't vote hard enough or Blake fans getting crazy and vote harder.For me,Melinda really deserved to be in the Finale because she has been really consistent.And I doubt that somebody will do what she did in the seasons ahead.I really hope that she record an amazing album and get many platinum.
Weird thing is when Ryan said that after the commercial,Melinda goes home.I began to feel afraid that it's so weird that maybe it'll come true.And it did. (sob)

I really will hold a higher standard for Jordin and Blake next week.And I hope they will make me proud.After all Jordin is one of my Top 3 Girls and Blake was one of my Top 3 Guys and yesterday he amazed me by his performance.

The rest of tonight:
-Elliot Yamin so amazing.His vocal was masterclass.And i really like the song he sang.I hope his album will be released in here.
-I loved Maroon 5's performance.They're so good with this one.
-I feel so sad for Simon that two seasons in a row,his wish didn't came true.Melinda went home for this season and Chris Daughtry went home last season.I read that the producers want Jordin to win.It will be interesting if Simon put up a fight with the producer lol :P

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

1. Rihanna;Umbrella;A Good Girl Gone Bad
2. Daughtry;Home;Daughtry
3. Martina McBride;Anyway;Waking Up Laughing
4. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee
5. Maroon 5;Makes Me Wonder;It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
6. Vanessa Hudgens;Say OK;V
7. Dolores O’Riordan;Ordinary Day;Are You Listening?
8. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts
9. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity
10. Fall Out Boy;Thnks Fr Th Mmrs;Infinity On High

Top 3 Performances on American Idol tonight

First round is songs picked by the judges:
1. Jordin Sparks (good vocal throughout the performance but boring at this time of stage.I expected more from her)

2. Blake Lewis (I hated it.Bad song pick from Paula.Hated the vocal too)

3. Melinda Doolittle (that was great.It's one of her best performance.She won this round)

I thought Clive Davis picked the songs again.But it turned out that the producers picked the songs.Let's see their picks:

1. Jordin Sparks (that was better than the first and it was a great ending)

2. Blake Lewis (way better than the first.Loved it so much.One of his best performances.Definitely that was within his comfort zone and he did that great)

3. Melinda Doolittle ( solid performance on this rock song.Great stage presence)

It's tie for 2nd round.

3rd round is contestants picks:

1. Jordin Sparks (this song decides her future tomorrow.So good)

2. Blake Lewis (he was very good today.I enjoyed his performances tonight except Roxanne)

3. Melinda Doolittle (better than her first rendition of this song back then.She definitely would be in the finale)

Overall: 1st>>Melinda Doolittle
2nd&3rd (tie/cannot decide)>>Blake & Jordin (Blake improved so much tonight)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hilary Duff's New Album "Dignity"

I bought the deluxe edition yesterday at Pakuwon Supermall. In Mega Disc music store. It is import from Singapore and because in Disc Tarra the CD hasn't been released yet so i bought the deluxe edition.Why?? Because it's contain DVD (At Home With Hilary Duff + All of her video clip). It's so expensive though (Rp 165,000 / approximately $20). Her music became heavily dance music now,i'm not a fan of it.Maybe after i listen to it few times,i'll like it.Who knows @_@

Friday, May 11, 2007

We Will Miss You Lakisha

It's inevitable that Lakisha went home tonight. I almost cry when they played Lakisha's journey clip. She's so good. Too bad she made some bad song choices at this moment. If she had picked great song choices,then she might have stayed. I hope she have great career ahead. I don't know how the record company market her but i think she'll do well.

About tonight:
- I'm so sad that i can't see Idol Live Tour. I hope i can get green card this year so i can see next season's Idol Tour.
- Loved Pink's performance,one of the best.
- Barry Gibbs's performance was weird and creepy. He sang the lines so fast and didn't hit the notes that he supposed to hit. Btw what's that??See through t-shirt.Eww. @_@
- I think someone should have sang "Chain Reaction". It would have been so great if someone sang that.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Top 4 Performance (with Barry Gibbs)

1st songs:

1. Melinda Doolittle (it was pretty good performance,could have been better though)

2. Blake Lewis (at first i didn't like it but in the middle i started to feel the beat and i thought it was good. Very original & unique indeed)

3. Lakisha Jones (why she didn't sing the falsetto ones??She left that part for the background singers to sing it. It was okay)

4. Jordin Sparks (that was amazing. For me Jordin won the first round way ahead the others.Good song choice)

2nd songs:

1. Melinda Doolittle (that's the way to sing it. She knocked this one out of the park. It was great)

2. Blake Lewis (i don't know which song that i liked best. This performance had a good vocal but it felt little bit bland. Maybe i prefer his first performance somewhat)

3. Lakisha Jones (too bad she seemed shouting at some parts and lost her voice at the end (hoarse). I loved the song though. I thought it was great choice of song. I LOVED her smooth vocal at the beginning,if she didn't shout it,this would become the best song of the night)

4. Jordin Sparks (i thought it was great although i agreed a bit with the judges)

Overall: 1st place>> Jordin Sparks
2nd place>>Melinda Doolittle
3rd place>>Lakisha Jones
4th place>>Blake Lewis

Definitely not a good week,probably the worst theme of the season.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

I have watched it this afternoon and it was so awesome. Although i already bored with the over-played trailer on TV but when i watched this movie,all that was gone. This movie has good storyline,great enemies,good drama and great fighting and special effects. I was excited because we have 3 enemies in this movie: Venom,Sandman and New Goblin.

This movie storyline consist of Peter Parker's difficulty relationship with Mary Jane because he doesn't understand what MJ's feeling and since Spiderman's popularity is way to the roof and MJ is struggling with her career,the news about the killer of Uncle Ben (which is Sandman),the new photographer at Daily Bugle who threathen Peter's career. I think this movie way better than all the previous ones. The drama on this movie is great,it's like watching a drama in tv series but added with great fighting of the superhero and villain. And once again we will see some wise words from Aunt May. And cameo (Stan Lee) appears in front of big screen across the TRL studio :P

The good thing about the trailer is that they don't show Venom at all or maybe not much. So we can enjoy all the fighting and all the scenes in this movie,if they had shown it maybe this movie will be ruined.

Next summer movie blockbuster than i can't wait to see is Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Music Chart after Idol Gives Back

Il Divo and Josh Groban album had an increase sales,Rascal Flatts's too.
Carrie's "I'll Stand By You" at #6 on Billboard Hot 100 (big congratulations for her)

Bitter Sweet Results Show

I called it bitter sweet because i'm so sad that Chris Richardson was eliminated & i'm glad that Lakisha still survive another weeks & Phil eliminated. Although i liked his last 3 performances but if i had to eliminate someone,i pick him or Blake. It's so creepy that Phil sang "i'm going down in the blaze of glory" & indeed he really went home. And if i were Chris,i would be bummed that Cake (Blake & Chris fans) mostly would pick Blake over Chris if they had to choose between two of them.

-Ryan said no filler tonight.Yeah,right!!But at least i was excited that they played Idol Gives Back recap.I could see Celine again.Yay!!
-About Robin Thicke,wow that guy can sing although i didn't like him. He sings in falsetto constantly
-Woah,i didn't like Bon Jovi's performance at all.Sorry.

I hope Chris R use this momentum to record a great album.And i'm sure i will like it.This is the first time that someone who didn't impress me at all at his audition could make me like him so much after the top 24 performance. Chris R might be the best male singer that i like since season 4. I like his performances and his audio constantly in heavy rotation on my winamp.

Top 6 (Again!!) Performances with Jon Bon Jovi as Mentor

1. Phil Stacey (wow,i never thought he could do well in rock genre. It was a great performance. I'm amazed that he has impressed me 3 times in a row. Good job,Phil.) My #3 Pick

2. Jordin (i really disagreed with the judges. It was pretty good and fun performance. Even i thought it was one of her memorable performance because the song really catchy and i believe i'll play that performance lots of times on my winamp) #4

At this point,i really enjoyed the theme.Never thought that rock theme could be this great. Next is Lakisha,hope she's great with this one.

3. Lakisha Jones (OMG!!!Lakisha came with a vengeance.She really knocked this one out of the park. It was so good. This performance reminded me of her "I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" performance. I'm so glad & happy right now that she has made her fans wish come true which is wish her to do a great performance) My #1 Pick

4. Blake Lewis ( Talk about braveness & Blakeness!! He's really had a gut to take that risk. I thought it was pretty good performance & i applauded him for doing that. Did you see that he perform like a mad man??) #5

5. Chris Richardson (i didn't like this performance. I think rock music didn't suit for Chris's style. It was so-so. Maybe it was his worst performance so far) Bottom Pick

6. Melinda Doolittle (really tonight was rocking.Again,i never thought rock theme could be one of the best theme throughout the season. Melinda really rocked on. It was amazing) My #2 Pick

Prediction tomorrow : Phil and Chris R going home

Friday, May 04, 2007

Again,My CPU down since Tuesday night

I couldn't believe it,it made me mad. Thanks God,nothing happened. In fact,my friend who fix my CPU said that it's not down,he can turn the CPU on at his computer.Weird,huh??I dunno what cause this one ><