Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 20 (Girls Performance - 70's Themes)

Amazingly,I was shocked that the girls sucked so bad tonight. It probably one of the worst night for the girls team of the entire season of Idol that I've watched. It even gave me difficulty to round up my picks:

1. Carly Smithson (I loved her performance,it looked like a pro performance,wait..... well she's already a pro performer.I agreed with Simon that if she get a great song for her,it will be a showstopper performance)
2. Brooke White (she's in her zone,that was great performance and I enjoyed it pretty much)
3. Alexandrea Lushington (although she could sing better songs but I was definitely enjoying this performance,she's definitely got a 90's vibe going on in her,I love her way of singing)
4. Ramiele Malubay (for me this performance was more enjoyable than last week because it was so much fun)
5. Amanda Overmyer (I didn't enjoy her lower register but I liked her performance,it stood out after all)
6. Syesha Mercado (she didn't sing her lower register as much as I wanted but overall I thought her performance was good)
7. Kristy Lee Cook (why she always opens her legs like that when she's singing??It bothers me,added with the fact that her voice is mediocre and she's doing weird and awkward gestures everytime she sings,although it's improvement from last week)
8. Alaina Whitaker (her voice is so good although in this performance she hit the high note badly...ouch it makes me crawl hearing the high notes)
9. Kady Malloy (she didn't hit the notes that supposed to be hit,she also sang in mediocrity,it's pretty awful,it's all over the place for me)
10. Asia'h Epperson (I couldn't stand her,she's butchering my fave artist Celine Dion. No way i can listen to this horrible performance again,it was so excruciating that I almost dying hearing her destroying every notes and threw out last glory notes that looked like a bull throws up all foods inside it's body)

My picks today definitely in shambles because it's very hard to give ranking to most of their performances because of the awfullness. I don't know who'll go home tomorrow,my picks on the Office Pool is Kady and Alexandrea because they're not popular as the others. I hope that next week they can get a good song for their voice and skills,it will be a great show if every one of them find that song.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Top 20 (Guys Performance - 70's Themes)

Improvement from last week,some of the guys really stepped it up this time. Wonder how the girls beat the guys tomorrow....... Anyway I'm reviewing my overall picks based on performance + how good the sound is on winamp. Here it goes:

1. David Archuleta (perfect voice,definitely showstopper performance. I was so in awe watching this performance,really beautiful,touching every hearts that watching this. I agree that this performance should be included in All Top Performances on Idol)
2. David Hernandez (he gave a revenge performance tonight,great vocal,some attitude,amazing performance)
3. Michael Johns (I love this song,although something lack on his vocal but overall I liked it,it was pretty good)
4. Chikezie Eze (great vocal,he gave it some attitude,I liked it although he should tone down his talking back to the judges)
5. David Cook (loved his rock voice and he picked a really good song.I enjoyed it more and more after I heard it again on winamp) Btw did you see David's looks when David Archuleta about to perform and when everyone were screaming??It looked like he pissed off about David Archuleta's popularity hahaha :P
6. Jason Castro (I like the way he sing with his guitar although it's risky because people will get bored with it if he doesn't give a great vocal performance. I disagree with the judges,I liked his performance and he picked good song)
7. Danny Noriega (way better than last week,his subtle voice was pretty good although I'm still getting used to his sassy attitude hahaha)
8. Robbie Carrico (better than last week but once again it didn't stand out much compared to other contestants)
9. Jason Yeager (what a mediocre performance,it's all over the place for me,and after I heard it again on winamp,I was definitely not impressed)
10. Luke Menard (awful!!!I was horrified and couldn't stand this performance. I don't know if this is a theatrical performance but definitely not my thing)

Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol Top 24 Results Show

Cannon fodder contestants got eliminated tonight. No surprise at all,although I prefer some of them to stay longer.

Eliminated Contestants:
- Garrett Haley (his voice is very good,too bad he went home too soon. Well,he got into the Top 24 while he was taking vacation and auditioning in San Diego. Nothing to lose)
- Amy Davis (bye bye,even VFTW and your hot pics all over the internet cannot save you)
- Joanne Borgella (I thought she stay longer because she got more airtime than the other ones but her performance definitely didn't bring enough people to vote for her)
- Colton Berry (his parents's looks were so scary,it looked menacing,too bad his journey cut short)

One thing to learn from all this,perform on Top 24 as if you'll die tomorrow. Come on guys,some of you got no airtime at all and you performed very mediocre performance,don't you want to give your best performance to people who watch or maybe record company who watch you??

Paula's video is great,btw what was the elimination song on the end??I don't know the singer and the title of the song.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Top 24 (Girls Performance - 60's Themes)

Definitely lackluster and way letdown. I expected the girls to knock it out of the park but I was completely disappointed although I saw that tonight was the revenge of the cannon fodder,some of the girls who got none or little airtime performed well.

My Top 3 Pick:
1. Alaina Whitaker (reminded me of Carrie Underwood,she performed really well and I liked the way she sang the song)
2. Carly Smithson (I was in awe of her vocal,however I expected her to perform better song than this,I know she can sing every songs really really great)
3. Amanda Overmyer (loved it!!She really rocked it although I prefered her to sing more of the song because most of the time i heard more of the band)

My Bottom 3 Pick:
- Brooke White (I expected more of her,I didn't get this at all,when I heard it again on winamp,i hated it)
- Joanne Borgella (really weird,i couldn't pinpoint where the weird part was .....maybe her vocal or something)
- Amy Davis (gave me a bad goosebumps,I didn't prefer this at all because it's really slow and boring,she might get eliminated tomorrow)

- Alexandrea Lushington (she brought Lauryn Hill's kind of flavor and this performance certainly threw me back to the 90's; the decade that I loved most)
- Kady Malloy (she performed pretty good although I thought her vocal wasn't that great. I completely prefer the Britney Spears of her)
- Kristy Lee Cook (loved the song but the performance kind of robotic and matador-ish)
- Asia'h Epperson (great performance but I'm not a fan of her kind of nasally tone)
- Syesha Mercado (what a great vocal but didn't wow me too much)

This season was definitely a letdown compared to previous seasons,I'm so upset right now because many of them are pro and had a record deal compared to contestants who were really amateur in previous seasons. I expect a back to back great showstopper performance next week.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Top 24 (Guys Performance - 60's Themes)

A little bit bummer if i have to say,there are some pretty good performance but overall there's none great showstopper performance.

My Top 3 Pick:
1. David Archuleta (his voice was pretty good,I love the tempo of the song and he's very likable)
2. Michael Johns (this performance kinda reminded me of Johnny Cash,his raspy voice nailed the song)
3. David Hernandez (a little bit stiff but i like his performance,his vocal was very good)

My Bottom 3 Pick:
- Danny Noriega (I hate this Elvis song,it's been played over and over again and I expect more of him)
- Chickezie Eze (very awkward and I sensed that he was very nervous)
- Robbie Carrico (it's very so so performance)

- Luke Menard (pretty good performance although jazzy blues type of performance is very dangerous for contestant who didn't get enough airtime)
- Garrett Haley (i love his vocal,it's very unique and very pop,i hope he'll sing better song next week)
- Jason Yeager (love this performance but once again i'm afraid he didn't stand out much to survive this week elimination)
- Jason Castro (Cheyenne's boyfriend (??),his performance was good and he's definitely a performer but oh my... he's so nervous on stage hahahaha)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song ;Album
1. Carrie Underwood ;All American Girl ;Carnival Ride
2. Colbie Caillat ;Realize ;Coco
3. Celine Dion & Yuna Ito ;A World To Believe In ;Taking Chances
4. Kylie Minogue ;Wow ;X
5.Taylor Swift ;Our Song ;Taylor Swift
6. Carrie Underwood ;Ever Ever After ;Ost. Enchanted
7. Sara Bareilles ;Love Song ;Little Voice
8. Paramore ;CrushCrushCrush ;Riot!!
9. Jonas Brothers ;S.O.S ;Jonas Brothers
10. Britney Spears ;Piece Of Me ;Blackout

Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idol Picked The Top 24

I definitely agree with Ryan's statement few months ago that this season group is the best looking and very talented group ever. Here's my Top Pick:

Top Pick Guys:
1. David Archuleta
2. David Hernandez
3. Danny Noriega

Top Pick Girls:
1. Carly Smithson
2. Amanda Overmyer
3. Brooke White

I might change my top pick if some of them perform bad performance next week. Though my first favourite for guys and girls is definitely locked 100% ^^ I'm curious about some of the contestants who got eliminated because like the country boy (forgot his name),i'm wondering he must've been so good at his Hollywood performance that he made it to Top 50. I hope this will be a great season,i'm bummed though that they won't invite any famous singer to be a mentor hahaha because some of them i definitely loved (previous seasons).