Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol Top 24 Results Show

Cannon fodder contestants got eliminated tonight. No surprise at all,although I prefer some of them to stay longer.

Eliminated Contestants:
- Garrett Haley (his voice is very good,too bad he went home too soon. Well,he got into the Top 24 while he was taking vacation and auditioning in San Diego. Nothing to lose)
- Amy Davis (bye bye,even VFTW and your hot pics all over the internet cannot save you)
- Joanne Borgella (I thought she stay longer because she got more airtime than the other ones but her performance definitely didn't bring enough people to vote for her)
- Colton Berry (his parents's looks were so scary,it looked menacing,too bad his journey cut short)

One thing to learn from all this,perform on Top 24 as if you'll die tomorrow. Come on guys,some of you got no airtime at all and you performed very mediocre performance,don't you want to give your best performance to people who watch or maybe record company who watch you??

Paula's video is great,btw what was the elimination song on the end??I don't know the singer and the title of the song.

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