Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Top 24 (Girls Performance - 60's Themes)

Definitely lackluster and way letdown. I expected the girls to knock it out of the park but I was completely disappointed although I saw that tonight was the revenge of the cannon fodder,some of the girls who got none or little airtime performed well.

My Top 3 Pick:
1. Alaina Whitaker (reminded me of Carrie Underwood,she performed really well and I liked the way she sang the song)
2. Carly Smithson (I was in awe of her vocal,however I expected her to perform better song than this,I know she can sing every songs really really great)
3. Amanda Overmyer (loved it!!She really rocked it although I prefered her to sing more of the song because most of the time i heard more of the band)

My Bottom 3 Pick:
- Brooke White (I expected more of her,I didn't get this at all,when I heard it again on winamp,i hated it)
- Joanne Borgella (really weird,i couldn't pinpoint where the weird part was .....maybe her vocal or something)
- Amy Davis (gave me a bad goosebumps,I didn't prefer this at all because it's really slow and boring,she might get eliminated tomorrow)

- Alexandrea Lushington (she brought Lauryn Hill's kind of flavor and this performance certainly threw me back to the 90's; the decade that I loved most)
- Kady Malloy (she performed pretty good although I thought her vocal wasn't that great. I completely prefer the Britney Spears of her)
- Kristy Lee Cook (loved the song but the performance kind of robotic and matador-ish)
- Asia'h Epperson (great performance but I'm not a fan of her kind of nasally tone)
- Syesha Mercado (what a great vocal but didn't wow me too much)

This season was definitely a letdown compared to previous seasons,I'm so upset right now because many of them are pro and had a record deal compared to contestants who were really amateur in previous seasons. I expect a back to back great showstopper performance next week.

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