Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Carrie Underwood; Ever Ever After; Ost. Enchanted
2. Carrie Underwood; So Small; Carnival Ride
3. Colbie Caillat; Bubbly; Coco
4. Paramore; CrushCrushCrush; Riot!!
5. Celine Dion; Taking Chances; Taking Chances
6. Sugababes; Change; Change
7. Paramore; Hallelujah; Riot!!
8. Yuna Ito; Urban Mermaid; Heart
9. Jordin Sparks; Tattoo; Jordin Sparks
10. Rascal Flatts; Take Me There; Still Feels Good

Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Top Ten Music List (The First Time Japan's Song Enters My List)

Artist; Song; Album
1. Delta Goodrem; In This Life; Delta
2. Yuna Ito; Urban Mermaid; Heart
3. Carrie Underwood; Ever Ever After; Ost. Enchanted
4. Carrie Underwood; So Small; Carnival Ride
5. Rascal Flatts; Take Me There; Still Feels Good
6. Colbie Caillat; Bubbly; Coco
7. Paramore; CrushCrushCrush; Riot!!
8. Jordin Sparks; Tattoo; Jordin Sparks
9. Celine Dion; Taking Chances; Taking Chances
10. Spice Girls; Headlines (Friendship Never Ends); Greatest Hits

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Extended Top Music List (So Many Albums Come Out,Make Me Broke)

Artist; Song; Album
1. Celine Dion; Taking Chances; Taking Chances
2. Carrie Underwood; So Small; Carnival Ride
3. Colbie Caillat; Bubbly; Coco
4. Delta Goodrem; In This Life; Delta
5. Jonas Brothers; S.O.S; Jonas Brothers
6. Daughtry; Over You; Daughtry
7. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; Your Guardian Angel; Don’t You Fake It
8. Rascal Flatts; Take Me There; Still Feels Good
9. Paramore; Crushcrushcrush; Riot!!
10. Taylor Swift; Our Song; Taylor Swift
11. Boys Like Girls; Hero/Heroine; The Great Escape
12. Spice Girls; Headlines (Friendship Never Ends); Greatest Hits

Big congratulation for Carrie Underwood and Daughtry's Triple American Music Awards. American Idol Rules!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Celine Dion Is Back (My Top Ten List)

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Carrie Underwood; So Small; Carnival Ride
2. Celine Dion; Taking Chances; Taking Chances
3. Colbie Caillat; Bubbly; Coco
4. Delta Goodrem; In This Life; Delta
5. LeAnn Rimes; Nothin’ Better To Do; Family
6. Jonas Brothers; S.O.S; Jonas Brothers
7. Sugababes; About You Now; Change
8. Melee; Built To Last; Devils & Angels
9. Backstreet Boys; Inconsolable; Unbreakable
10. Vanessa Carlton; Norita Fairytale; Heroes & Thieves

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top Ten Music List (Get Carrie's New Album "Carnival Ride" Right Now)

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Carrie Underwood; So Small; Carnival Ride
2. Delta Goodrem; In This Life; Delta
3. Jonas Brothers; S.O.S; Jonas Brothers
4. Sugababes; About You Now; Change
5. Backstreet Boys; Inconsolable; Unbreakable
6. Boys Like Girls; The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls
7. Colbie Calliat; Bubbly; Coco
8. Rascal Flatts; Take Me There; Still Feels Good
9. Ashley Tisdale; He Said She Said; Headstrong
10. Rihanna Feat. Neyo; Hate That I Love You; Good Girl Gone Bad

Monday, October 01, 2007

My Top Ten Music List (Great music everywhere)

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing
2. Delta Goodrem; In This Life; Delta
3. Boys Like Girls; The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls
4. Natalie Imbruglia; Glorious;
Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007
5. Paula DeAnda; Easy; Paula DeAnda
6. Backstreet Boys; Inconsolable; Unbreakable
7. Kat Deluna; Whine Up; 9 Lives
8. Paramore; Hallelujah; Riot!!
9. Sugababes; About You Now; Change
10. Reba McEntire Feat. Kelly Clarkson; Because Of You; Reba Duets

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Paula DeAnda; Easy; Paula DeAnda
2. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing
3. Delta Goodrem; In This Life; Delta
4. Boys Like Girls; The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls
5. Shayne Ward; If That’s Ok With You; Single
6. Natalie Imbruglia; Glorious;
Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007
7. Aly & AJ; Potential Break Up Song; Insomniatic
8. The Click Five; Jenny; Modern Minds And Pasttimes
9. Paramore; Misery Business; Riot!!
10. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess

Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Boys Like Girls; The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls
2. Paula DeAnda; Easy; Paula DeAnda
3. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing
4. Aly & AJ; Potential Break Up Song; Insomniatic
5. Katharine McPhee; Love Story; Katharine McPhee
6. Kat Deluna; Whine Up;9 Lives
7. Natalie Imbruglia; Glorious;
Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007
8. Plain White T’s; Hey There Delilah; Every Second Counts
9. The Click Five; Jenny; Modern Minds and Pasttimes
10. Paramore; Misery Business; Riot!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Movie Review: Quill

Quill is a labrador dog who works being guide dog for blind people. When Quill was born,the owner wanted to send her dogs to be a guide dogs. After repeated calling,at last the person agreed to train one of her dogs although he had said before that Quill's mother was ordinary dog. Then Quill was sent to puppy walkers (Isamu and Mitsuko Nii) until Quill's first birthday then Quill was brought into the training school. Soon he will be paired with Mitsuru Watanabe,a blind person Quill's trainer (Sawada) met; it's hard for Mitsuru to trust Quill,their relationship was a little bit rocky at the beginning but you will know after you watch the movie how their relationship will be blossom and so sweet.
This movie will make you cry,touch your heart and we will realize that a dog is definitely human's best friend.I recommend this movie for all of you to watch with your family and loved ones.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

1. Boys Like Girls; The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls
2. Paramore; Misery Business; Riot!!
3. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing
4. Aly & AJ; Potential Break Up Song; Insomniatic
5. The Click Five; Jenny; Modern Minds and Pasttimes
6. Paula DeAnda; Easy; Paula DeAnda
7. Brandi Carlile; The Story;The Story
8. Natalie Imbruglia; Glorious;
Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007
9. Katharine McPhee; Love Story; Katharine McPhee
10. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Boys Like Girls; The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls
2. Carrie Underwood; Before He Cheats; Some Hearts
3. Paramore; Misery Business; RIOT!
4. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess
5. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing

6. The Click Five; Jenny; Modern Minds and Pasttimes
7. Katharine McPhee; Love Story; Katharine McPhee
8. Aly & AJ; Potential Break Up Song; Insomniatic
9. Mario; How Do I Breathe; Go!
10. Kelly Clarkson; Never Again; My December

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bridge To Terabithia

This movie is about 2 children who have a great fantasy and they live their fantasy in the forest in the back of their homes. Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) love drawing and his drawing is good,while the new student Leslie Burke (Anna Sophia Robb) is outgoing girl and always pushing Jess not to get serious all the time and they start to build their own fantasy and it comes true.

My takes: while this movie is not as medieval as I expect too but I love the story on this movie. This movie teaches us about friendship,great bonding family although the family is struggling with their economy,etc. What i like about this movie is that although both of them get bullied a lot but they can stay tough and make one of the bulliers become their friend. When i was watching this movie,something reminded me that "The best thing in life are free" and you should keep your dreams alive and well and not bury it because somebody thinks you're crazy or not facing real world. I like this quote in the movie: "Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing - Teddy Roosevelt. " and "Leslie Burke: Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open. " And i like the concept of music class too,i think it's very cool and so great,it should be put in my country curriculum and make it like this movie when the teacher is playing the instrument and with all the students singing a song. It's great.

Link :

Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

I've seen it few hours ago and here's my review:

Story :After Harry Potter met Voldemort last year,most of the people think that Harry and Dumbledore are liar ,because of that Ministry of Magic send Prof. Dolores Umbridge to Hogwarts School to be a new Defense Against Dark Arts Teacher and monitoring the school inside. While Harry's school life is very miserable right now, Voldemort is trying to find a way to get "weapon" inside Department of Mystery. And The Order of the Phoenix are trying as hard as they can to prevent that happening.

My takes: I'm about to vent so hard here. I've never thought that the director could screw up the storyline more horrible than HP:Goblet of Fire but i was wrong. At the very beginning of the movie,you will be shocked that the movie already jumped to the 2nd or 3rd chapter of the book. This movie's pace was so fast,it looked like bullet train's speed. I didn't feel any connection to Ron,Hermione,most of the teachers and the Order of the Phoenix's characters. They almost seemed like a cameo to me because of their limited screentimes. Sometimes i felt akwkward moment or blank moment that really eerie. I was shocked why they twist the storyline,mix the timeline,and did a badly done editing.

The good thing is I loved Umbridge's character played by Imelda Staunton.She's really terrific.The graphic was as usual flawless.I loved Bellatrix's character,i hope she appeared longer. I haven't finished reading the book yet,still 5 chapters to go but i think the battle at the end was great,it's the best scene on this movie.

I really hope that they bring back the 1st and 2nd movie's director because he follow the book almost completely and didn't destroy the essense of the story. I didn't feel any benefit in producing the movie which only to show the graphics of it,the visual of the new movie and left the rests of the elements out of the window. How can I get the visual interpretation that they cut in the movie besides in the HP's video game?? [sob]

Where?? Mundungus ; Firenze ; Prof. Grubbly Plank ; Quidditch ; Rita Skeeter ; The Quibbler ; classroom's interaction like in the 1st movie ; tension between teachers and Prof. Umbridge ; Prefek ; etc

My Top Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Carrie Underwood; Before He Cheats; Some Hearts
2. Paramore; Misery Business; RIOT!
3. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess
4. Mario; How Do I Breathe; Go!
5. Dean Geyer; If You Don’t Mean It; Rush
6. Amy McDonald; Mr Rock and Roll; This Is The Life
7. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing
8. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; Face Down; Don’t You Fake It
9. The Click Five; Jenny; Modern Minds and Pasttimes
10. Hilary Duff; Stranger; Dignity
11. Kelly Rowland Feat. Eve; Like This; Ms. Kelly
12. Amy Winehouse; Rehab; Back To Black

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Paramore; Misery Business; RIOT!
2. Carrie Underwood; Before He Cheats; Some Hearts
3. Sugarland; Everyday America; Enjoy The Ride
4. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess
5. Avril Lavigne; When You’re Gone; The Best Damn Thing
6. Hilary Duff; Stranger; Dignity
7. Rihanna; Umbrella; Good Girl Gone Bad
8. Daddy Yankee Feat. Fergie; Impacto (Remix); El Cartel: The Big Boss
9. Daughtry ;Home; Daughtry
10. Katharine McPhee; Over It; Katharine McPhee

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Top Ten Music List (Yay!!Sugarland back with new single)

Artist; Song; Album
1. Sugarland; Everyday America; Enjoy The Ride
2. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess
3. Hilary Duff; Stranger; Dignity
4. Daughtry; Home; Daughtry
5. Daddy Yankee Feat. Fergie; Impacto (Remix); El Cartel:The Big Boss
6. Rihanna; Umbrella; Good Girl Gone Bad
7. Enrique Iglesias; Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song); Insomniac
8. Vanessa Hudgens; Say OK; V
9. Michael Buble; Everything; Call Me Irresponsible
10. Maroon 5; Makes Me Wonder; It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fantastic Four:Rise of The Silver Surfer

I watched Fantastic Four this afternoon. It was great. The silver surfer is so cool and Galactus's image is mind boggling. I was hoping Galactus appeared like the one that i thought but he's only appeared like a dark cloud. I'm glad that i haven't read any of the review yet because i wanted to see this movie without any spoiler. I didn't know about Silver Surfer's motives,etc before watching this movie. And that made the experience of watching this movie enjoyable. I could relax and waiting in suspension about what might have happened next rather than knowing what might have happened if i read the reviews.

The story of this movie started when entity named Silver Surfer went into the earth and wreaking havoc and caused many anomalities in earth like sudden climate change (into cold) and big weird holes all over the world. As Reed Richards and Sue prepared their wedding,Reed had to investigate what happened with all anomilities in the earth. It became more confusing with stupid military on their way and demanding stupid things and not pay respect to Fantastic Four that have saved the earth on the first movie. Later,they found out about Silver Surfer and his motives to prepare the way for Galactus to destroy earth and eat this planet for his survival. Silver Surfer had to do that in sake of his planet and his loved ones. What happens with earth?? How's Reed and Sue weddings turns out?? The change in Human Torch's DNA,etc. You must see this movie to find out all that. ^_^

Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Ten Music List

1. Fergie; Big Girls Don’t Cry; The Dutchess
2. Rihanna; Umbrella; Good Girl Gone Bad
3. Daughtry; Home; Daughtry
4. Michael Buble; Everything; Call Me Irresponsible
5. Daddy Yankee Feat. Fergie; Impacto; El Cartel: The Big Boss
6. Maroon 5; Makes Me Wonder; It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
7. Fall Out Boy; Thnks Fr Th Mmrs; Infinity On High
8. Martina McBride; Anyway; Waking Up Laughing
9. Kelly Clarkson; Never Again; My December
10. Katharine McPhee; Over It; Katharine McPhee

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Daughtry; Home; Daughtry
2. Fergie; Big Girl Don’t Cry; Dutchess
3. Rihanna; Umbrella; Good Girl Gone Bad
4. Martina McBride; Anyway; Waking Up Laughing
5. Maroon 5; Makes Me Wonder; It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
6. Katharine McPhee; Over It; Katharine McPhee
7. Dolores O’Riordan; Ordinary Day; Are You Listening?
8. Vanessa Hudgens; Say OK; V
9. Carrie Underwood; Wasted; Some Hearts
10. Kelly Clarkson; Never Again; My December

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Finale on American Idol

It begins. First was Blake duet with Jordin. What an amazing and solid performance. Their vocal were fantastic. The thing that makes me love big finale is that usually the contestants is loose and perform so well.
- Gwen performed on her tour. I assumed it was pre-taped.Probably.
Waiting for Melinda and Lakisha
-This is getting better. Kelly Clarkson's performance was amazing. I begin to like this single from her.
-OMG!!The old chicken woman back!!It's beyond me that she would've let them ridicule her.
- Smokey Robinson performed with Top 6 Guys. He also sang "Tears of A Clown". This was like divine intervention to me. I had a listening test at EF. And the native teacher played that song for us. What a weird coincidence.
-Wow!Blake's beatboxing with Doug E. Fresh really neat there. Although i don't really like this genre,but I enjoyed it.
-I could die happily right now. Gladys Knight & Top 6 Girls performance were superb. Melinda & Lakisha were so comfortable today and Oh boy!! They're really my frontrunner this year. Although Jordin's vocal was fantastic but Melinda & Lakisha passion in singing outsang her from my opinion.
-Oh my..!! Tony Bennett was so fantastic. He's really the King of Jazz. His voice still great and it was a fantastic performance.
- I really felt sorry for Jonathan & Kenneth. That was so rude.
- I was speechless watching Melinda duet with The Winans. This performance was so amazing. Melinda was glowing. It's so fantastic. It's a shame that she's not in the finale.
- Carrie Underwood's vocal was flawless. Her album already the biggest selling album of any Idol winners. I believe she'll reach 8 platinum or even more soon. Fantastic.
-Welcome to the universe of Sanjaya. He rules our world.
I'm still waiting individual performances of every contestants. I hope it will come. 30 minutes again till the end result.
- Green Day performed. Taylor Hicks performed.
- Jordin duet with Ruben Studdard.
Is Britney Spears or Katharine McPhee gonna perform tonight? Approximately 20 minutes left. The second part of tonight show wasn't impress me at all.
- Bette Midler performed. She will replace Celine Dion on Caesar Palace.
15 minutes left. I guess after this the result then.
- American Idol winners & finalists tribute to Sgt. Pepper was great. Too bad not enough times to show each contestants singing though because i wish that would've happened like last season.
- Congratz for Jordin Sparks. I knew that she'll win this.

Overall I think tonight's big finale was great.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Top 2 Performances Tonight

Let's hope that incredible performances will be happening tonight.

1. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name (i prefer his first performance of this song few weeks ago.Tonight his voice wasn't as good as then. And it's getting old.It's hard to do showstopper performance twice)

2. Jordin Sparks - Fighter (definitely not a stellar performance but I thought it was very good. The song is recent.I liked her performance)

1. Blake Lewis - She Will Be Loved (good vocal but I agreed with Simon. This is finale and this song definitely not suited forFinale. He should've picked better song)

2. Jordin Sparks - Broken Wing (this is the best performance yet.Still hoping for incredible performance though)

One last song for each contestant.Oh!!How I wish Melinda didn't get eliminated last week.She definitely would've brought the house down tonight if she was in the Finale

1. Blake Lewis - This Is My Now (he seemed uncomfortable singing this coronation song. I liked this one the most but I didn't feel any connection. His eyes were wandering around the room. And I felt that maybe he was ashamed to sing this song)

wow,the audience tonight were crazier than ever before.So loud!!!

2. Jordin Sparks - This Is My Now (This is the performance that will make Jordin win this thing tomorrow. I dunno how the voters are battling it out tonight. Btw where were the choir and the confetti??I miss those T_T)

..........WOW!!!! Daughtry performed. This performance certainly made my day. It was way better than all of the contestants performance tonight.

I hope tomorrow's Finale will be better than last year.I cross my finger for that.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Biggest Shocking Elimination This Season

I'm still upset right now and can't believe it that it's real but folks,Melinda Doolittle went home.Yeah,that's right.I dunno why that could be happening.But maybe her fans didn't vote hard enough or Blake fans getting crazy and vote harder.For me,Melinda really deserved to be in the Finale because she has been really consistent.And I doubt that somebody will do what she did in the seasons ahead.I really hope that she record an amazing album and get many platinum.
Weird thing is when Ryan said that after the commercial,Melinda goes home.I began to feel afraid that it's so weird that maybe it'll come true.And it did. (sob)

I really will hold a higher standard for Jordin and Blake next week.And I hope they will make me proud.After all Jordin is one of my Top 3 Girls and Blake was one of my Top 3 Guys and yesterday he amazed me by his performance.

The rest of tonight:
-Elliot Yamin so amazing.His vocal was masterclass.And i really like the song he sang.I hope his album will be released in here.
-I loved Maroon 5's performance.They're so good with this one.
-I feel so sad for Simon that two seasons in a row,his wish didn't came true.Melinda went home for this season and Chris Daughtry went home last season.I read that the producers want Jordin to win.It will be interesting if Simon put up a fight with the producer lol :P

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

1. Rihanna;Umbrella;A Good Girl Gone Bad
2. Daughtry;Home;Daughtry
3. Martina McBride;Anyway;Waking Up Laughing
4. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee
5. Maroon 5;Makes Me Wonder;It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
6. Vanessa Hudgens;Say OK;V
7. Dolores O’Riordan;Ordinary Day;Are You Listening?
8. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts
9. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity
10. Fall Out Boy;Thnks Fr Th Mmrs;Infinity On High

Top 3 Performances on American Idol tonight

First round is songs picked by the judges:
1. Jordin Sparks (good vocal throughout the performance but boring at this time of stage.I expected more from her)

2. Blake Lewis (I hated it.Bad song pick from Paula.Hated the vocal too)

3. Melinda Doolittle (that was great.It's one of her best performance.She won this round)

I thought Clive Davis picked the songs again.But it turned out that the producers picked the songs.Let's see their picks:

1. Jordin Sparks (that was better than the first and it was a great ending)

2. Blake Lewis (way better than the first.Loved it so much.One of his best performances.Definitely that was within his comfort zone and he did that great)

3. Melinda Doolittle ( solid performance on this rock song.Great stage presence)

It's tie for 2nd round.

3rd round is contestants picks:

1. Jordin Sparks (this song decides her future tomorrow.So good)

2. Blake Lewis (he was very good today.I enjoyed his performances tonight except Roxanne)

3. Melinda Doolittle (better than her first rendition of this song back then.She definitely would be in the finale)

Overall: 1st>>Melinda Doolittle
2nd&3rd (tie/cannot decide)>>Blake & Jordin (Blake improved so much tonight)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hilary Duff's New Album "Dignity"

I bought the deluxe edition yesterday at Pakuwon Supermall. In Mega Disc music store. It is import from Singapore and because in Disc Tarra the CD hasn't been released yet so i bought the deluxe edition.Why?? Because it's contain DVD (At Home With Hilary Duff + All of her video clip). It's so expensive though (Rp 165,000 / approximately $20). Her music became heavily dance music now,i'm not a fan of it.Maybe after i listen to it few times,i'll like it.Who knows @_@

Friday, May 11, 2007

We Will Miss You Lakisha

It's inevitable that Lakisha went home tonight. I almost cry when they played Lakisha's journey clip. She's so good. Too bad she made some bad song choices at this moment. If she had picked great song choices,then she might have stayed. I hope she have great career ahead. I don't know how the record company market her but i think she'll do well.

About tonight:
- I'm so sad that i can't see Idol Live Tour. I hope i can get green card this year so i can see next season's Idol Tour.
- Loved Pink's performance,one of the best.
- Barry Gibbs's performance was weird and creepy. He sang the lines so fast and didn't hit the notes that he supposed to hit. Btw what's that??See through t-shirt.Eww. @_@
- I think someone should have sang "Chain Reaction". It would have been so great if someone sang that.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Top 4 Performance (with Barry Gibbs)

1st songs:

1. Melinda Doolittle (it was pretty good performance,could have been better though)

2. Blake Lewis (at first i didn't like it but in the middle i started to feel the beat and i thought it was good. Very original & unique indeed)

3. Lakisha Jones (why she didn't sing the falsetto ones??She left that part for the background singers to sing it. It was okay)

4. Jordin Sparks (that was amazing. For me Jordin won the first round way ahead the others.Good song choice)

2nd songs:

1. Melinda Doolittle (that's the way to sing it. She knocked this one out of the park. It was great)

2. Blake Lewis (i don't know which song that i liked best. This performance had a good vocal but it felt little bit bland. Maybe i prefer his first performance somewhat)

3. Lakisha Jones (too bad she seemed shouting at some parts and lost her voice at the end (hoarse). I loved the song though. I thought it was great choice of song. I LOVED her smooth vocal at the beginning,if she didn't shout it,this would become the best song of the night)

4. Jordin Sparks (i thought it was great although i agreed a bit with the judges)

Overall: 1st place>> Jordin Sparks
2nd place>>Melinda Doolittle
3rd place>>Lakisha Jones
4th place>>Blake Lewis

Definitely not a good week,probably the worst theme of the season.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

I have watched it this afternoon and it was so awesome. Although i already bored with the over-played trailer on TV but when i watched this movie,all that was gone. This movie has good storyline,great enemies,good drama and great fighting and special effects. I was excited because we have 3 enemies in this movie: Venom,Sandman and New Goblin.

This movie storyline consist of Peter Parker's difficulty relationship with Mary Jane because he doesn't understand what MJ's feeling and since Spiderman's popularity is way to the roof and MJ is struggling with her career,the news about the killer of Uncle Ben (which is Sandman),the new photographer at Daily Bugle who threathen Peter's career. I think this movie way better than all the previous ones. The drama on this movie is great,it's like watching a drama in tv series but added with great fighting of the superhero and villain. And once again we will see some wise words from Aunt May. And cameo (Stan Lee) appears in front of big screen across the TRL studio :P

The good thing about the trailer is that they don't show Venom at all or maybe not much. So we can enjoy all the fighting and all the scenes in this movie,if they had shown it maybe this movie will be ruined.

Next summer movie blockbuster than i can't wait to see is Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Music Chart after Idol Gives Back

Il Divo and Josh Groban album had an increase sales,Rascal Flatts's too.
Carrie's "I'll Stand By You" at #6 on Billboard Hot 100 (big congratulations for her)

Bitter Sweet Results Show

I called it bitter sweet because i'm so sad that Chris Richardson was eliminated & i'm glad that Lakisha still survive another weeks & Phil eliminated. Although i liked his last 3 performances but if i had to eliminate someone,i pick him or Blake. It's so creepy that Phil sang "i'm going down in the blaze of glory" & indeed he really went home. And if i were Chris,i would be bummed that Cake (Blake & Chris fans) mostly would pick Blake over Chris if they had to choose between two of them.

-Ryan said no filler tonight.Yeah,right!!But at least i was excited that they played Idol Gives Back recap.I could see Celine again.Yay!!
-About Robin Thicke,wow that guy can sing although i didn't like him. He sings in falsetto constantly
-Woah,i didn't like Bon Jovi's performance at all.Sorry.

I hope Chris R use this momentum to record a great album.And i'm sure i will like it.This is the first time that someone who didn't impress me at all at his audition could make me like him so much after the top 24 performance. Chris R might be the best male singer that i like since season 4. I like his performances and his audio constantly in heavy rotation on my winamp.

Top 6 (Again!!) Performances with Jon Bon Jovi as Mentor

1. Phil Stacey (wow,i never thought he could do well in rock genre. It was a great performance. I'm amazed that he has impressed me 3 times in a row. Good job,Phil.) My #3 Pick

2. Jordin (i really disagreed with the judges. It was pretty good and fun performance. Even i thought it was one of her memorable performance because the song really catchy and i believe i'll play that performance lots of times on my winamp) #4

At this point,i really enjoyed the theme.Never thought that rock theme could be this great. Next is Lakisha,hope she's great with this one.

3. Lakisha Jones (OMG!!!Lakisha came with a vengeance.She really knocked this one out of the park. It was so good. This performance reminded me of her "I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" performance. I'm so glad & happy right now that she has made her fans wish come true which is wish her to do a great performance) My #1 Pick

4. Blake Lewis ( Talk about braveness & Blakeness!! He's really had a gut to take that risk. I thought it was pretty good performance & i applauded him for doing that. Did you see that he perform like a mad man??) #5

5. Chris Richardson (i didn't like this performance. I think rock music didn't suit for Chris's style. It was so-so. Maybe it was his worst performance so far) Bottom Pick

6. Melinda Doolittle (really tonight was rocking.Again,i never thought rock theme could be one of the best theme throughout the season. Melinda really rocked on. It was amazing) My #2 Pick

Prediction tomorrow : Phil and Chris R going home

Friday, May 04, 2007

Again,My CPU down since Tuesday night

I couldn't believe it,it made me mad. Thanks God,nothing happened. In fact,my friend who fix my CPU said that it's not down,he can turn the CPU on at his computer.Weird,huh??I dunno what cause this one ><

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Idol Gives Back & Result Tonight

It was so exciting tonight and amazing. I still little bit shocked over Celine Dion & Elvis's performance. It looked so real,i thought it would be Elvis impersonator (not the real one).Although i know that it was heavily edited and the quality of the pictures was being minimized to make it the same with Elvis's quality back then. Do you see Sanjaya in the back??They surely forgot to edit him out.

Btw i think Carrie Underwood's "I'll Stand By You" was so amazing.Her vocal was perfect.It was much better than Gina Glocksen's vocal. Although i really wanted her to perform live.

Rascal Flatts's performance was great.I was happy that they sang the song that i hoped they would sing in this show.

Kelly Clarkson's vocal was fantastic too. She's really wonderful and fantastic singer. Anyway,i think she looks curvier,isn't she!! Can't wait for her album and single.

The shocking thing tonight was no one eliminated. Yap,no one!! So two people will go home next week because of this (which is i'm not happy for if that two people are my fave). Although before they announced that all of them were safe,my jaw dropped when i thought Jordin was eliminated because Chris R was safe. My brother laughed at me and said that it was shocking if that happened considering my jaw dropped lol :P

One thing that i'm wondering about is where Borat,Mr.Bean,Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter),Pink and Gwen Stefani??? Maybe they didn't have the time to show it all. I think it's too much commercial and talking. Let's hope that the finale will be better than this considering today all that performance (especially Celine Dion) made my day because it's been long times since i've seen her perform. Please release your album as soon as possible,Celine. Can't wait for your album and your comeback.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Music List

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Martina McBride;Anyway;Waking Up Laughing;-;1;1
2. Daughtry;Home;Daughtry;-;2;1
3. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;1;1;5
4. Fall Out Boy;Thnks Fr Th Mmrs;Infinity On High;-;4;1
5. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;4;1;8
6. Dolores O’Riordan;Ordinary Day;Are You Listening?;-;6;1
7. Vanessa Hudgens;Say OK;V;5;5;2
8. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;7;4;6
9. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;3;1;5
10. Joss Stone;Tell Me Bout ItI;ntroducing Joss Stone;2;2;3
11. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;9;6;4
12. Norah Jones;Sinkin’ Soon;Not Too Late;-;12;1
13. Beyonce & Shakira;Beautiful Lie;B’Day Deluxe Edition;-;13;1
14. Ciara;Like A Boy;Ciara: The Evolution;-;14;1

Top 6 Performance Tonight (Inspirational Songs)

If there was a coach this week,it would have been more interesting. Too bad there's none. Btw hope they get major record breaking vote tomorrow. It's all for the benefit (Idol Gives Back).

1. Chris Richardson ( i thought that was pretty good performance.I liked the song too)
2. Melinda Doolittle (it seemed rush for me but in the end of the song,she appeared so heavenly.That was great) My #2 Pick
3. Blake Lewis (it was okay,i didn't like the humming-kinda sound. I think it was big flop performance compares to last week) Bottom Pick
4. Lakisha Jones (wow,she sang Idol winner song again. Not afraid of the result tomorrow?? Although i thought it was pretty good,i liked Fantasia's rendition better) Danger of leaving
5. Phil Stacey (it was great and amazing performance. I never thought he brought it again this week. I loved his tone tonight)
6. Jordin Sparks (that was fantastic vocal,i got chills when i watched her) My #1 Pick

I couldn't pick the bottom tonight,it's hard to choose. Blake definitely my bottom but another 2,maybe Lakisha or Chris or :P

Last Week Top 7 Results Show (Malakar's Ride Has Ended)

I wrote it in my note after i watched the results show

I was so relieved tonight. What i've been afraid of wasn't happening which is Lakisha being eliminated. Instead the boy wonder, Sanjaya got eliminated tonight. It began with Ryan staring at Sanjaya for the second times after last week. Maybe some people already realized from that point on that Sanjaya might get eliminated tonight. But still I was afraid that moment because I remembered that the type of singer like Lakisha doesn't last long. Remember last year's Mandisa?
I'm glad that i always check out all idol news and reading some forum because i can know what's going on in the show after the show and the buzz in the media.That's why tonight i can understand why they did all "set-the-record-straight-about-Simon-disrespecting-Virginia-Tech-victims"
Unexpectedly Fergie performed tonight (pre-taped *add notes). I loved that song. Weirdly,when i shuffle my winamp,that song always being played so many times. Although i expected other artist to perform, but I enjoyed Fergie's performance tonight.
About Melinda,i had known that they would make somebody choose side. They should have said that Melinda cannot choose to be in the middle,to make things more interesting. At first, i rejoiced that Lakisha & Blake at the same side because it might be safe side because of Blake in there (he constantly in 2nd vote getter). Shockingly,that was the bottom 3. My heart all pumped up and totally terrified at that moment.
Next Martina McBride performed "Anyway". I've been looking forward to this performance. And it was so amazing. The song really touched me and i will definitely buy her album no matter what. I even tempted to buy her previous album because the clip last night about her music career was really good. Meaning the songs "When The God Fearin Women Get The Blues" & "Independence Day". Btw her daughter was so funny tonight.
At last the elimination time. Blake safe. Made me more terrified. "Sanjaya,you're going home". YAY!!!!!! Lakisha survived,can't wait for her performance next week.
My brother asked whether Sanjaya will have a good career. I think if he get the right record company to market him in pre-teens girls market. It might be successful. Good luck for him. He really the symbol of American Idol this season. Never imagined Sundance,Sabrina,Stephanie,Gina,Chris Sligh went before him.
Surely,everybody who survived tonight will go crazy because they can meet so many legends & great artists next week.
I'm really excited that Celine Dion will perform next week

Stressful Week

I couldn't turn on my CPU/Motherboard last thursday. I just got it back today and my friend who checked the CPU told me that it was full of dust.So nothing serious happening inside the CPU. Thanks God,i thought something burning or like that. Because i couldn't online for almost a week,i have to catch up to a lot of things like blog,email,Idol news,etc. I always got depressed when something happens to my computer because i'm afraid the data will lost or i have to install all the programs or i cannot catch up of all the news,email,etc or missing out some important things.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Top 7 Performance (Country Week with Martina McBride)

1. Phil Stacey (wow,he was so great.It's his best performance so far.I liked his voice in this performance,no more horrifying sound,this is the kind of performance that i can listen too anyday of the week.Good job,Phil.I never thought that coming) My #3 Pick

2. Jordin Sparks (that was superb.Her voice is so amazing.She seems to always hit the high notes with no difficulty at all.That was a great performance)

3. Sanjaya Malakar (if he gave it more power to his voice,it might be a great performance.Too bad he sang it like usual,in his smooth voice.I think this song needs a bigger and powerful voice though to make it great) Bottom Picks

4. Lakisha Jones (i agreed with the judges.She seemed to had a difficulty when she was singing this song.Her breath couldn't cope with the song and she stopped few times in some notes. It was weird really and shouty.I think it was her worst performance so far) *notes:after i heard it on my winamp,it even worse,i'm afraid for her tomorrow.Hope she doesn't get eliminated* Bottom Picks

5. Chris Richardson (i enjoyed that performance,but i thought his voice little bit overwhelmed by the bands.I thought it was good choice of song though.) *wow,he brave enough to talk back to Simon.I think Simon was so mad because the contestants more likely to talk back to the judges this year because they know that they don't have to be a winner to have a success in music industry.Look at Chris Daughtry*

6. Melinda Doolittle (it was one of her best performance.She brought back the fun Melinda that appeared back then at the Top 24 performance) My #2 Pick

7. Blake Lewis (i think it was the best performance of the night.I liked the song choice.His voice was great.It's awesome) My #1 Pick

Hmm,i dunno if i can call tonight one of the best night on AI this year. But definitely tonight was below my expectations. Even last year country week was much better than this.
Btw i thought Martina's advice was great though.And i'm looking forward to her performance tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top 8 Results

I'm so glad no shocking elimination happened tonight (example: Lakisha get the boot,etc).Haley Scarnato went home tonight,and i'm sure she will become big.She can go to Hollywood Records or record company that affiliates with Disney and get music contract because her voice suited for that.And i think she can do well in pop genre.

Btw because of 1 hour result show,i thought it seemed waste too much times on joke,etc. Even Akon performance didn't suit the theme this week or maybe it compatible because the melody of "Don't Matter" sound kinda beachy and carribean-ish ly. I bet Akon's performance was already taped before (i read it few weeks ago that when Gwen Stefani's performed on the show,they taped Akon's "Don't Matter" performance and Robin Thicke performance to put it in the show to come)

Can't wait for Country Week with Martina McBride next week.Oh yeah,i'm so excited and really going nuts now because Ryan Seacrest said on the show that Celine Dion gonna perform in Idol Gives Back.YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hilary Duff's Dignity's Sales

It is in number 3 position in HitsDailyDouble chart and it sold more than 144k. Congratz for her.

Here's the link:

Top 8 Week Performances (Latin Theme with Jennifer Lopez)

1. Melinda Doolittle (i thought it was sultry,smooth,soft and pretty good performance.Not great though.I expect her to blow us in the weeks to come,because in the recent weeks she has been performing "pretty good" and i expect "greatness"from her)

2. Lakisha Jones (i really enjoyed her performance.It was very sexy and great.I agreed with her and applauded her that she's stepped out from her comfort zone.I dunno why the judges trashed her) My #2 Pick

3. Chris Richardson (wow,that was great performance.I never thought that he could become such a great frontrunner.Two thumbs up for Chris) My #3 Pick

4. Haley Scarnato (i really liked her performance.It was fun and the beat was so good.Although i agreed with the judges that she's been trying to put on less clothes each week.However this one was one of her best performance i thought)

5. Phil Stacey (he ended his performance great.Although i always get scared by his voice,but i think his voice tonight was pretty good.Still little bit sound boring though) Bottom Picks

6. Jordin Sparks (it was an okay performance for me) Bottom Picks

7. Blake Lewis (one of the best tonight,very great performance,good choice of song)

8. Sanjaya Malakar (OMG!!That was so great!!I never thought he wanted to get serious this time and brought the house down.So proud of him tonight.) My #1 Pick

As i thought from the first time i heard there was gonna be a Latin night.It would become a disaster.Luckily,it's not too bad.Yes,it's not great night,but overall it's pretty good.I've difficulty to pick my bottom.Because i still think Haley was good,Blake so great,and Melinda so sultry.So i only pick bottom 2 this week.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


what the..........!!!How come Gina Glocksen went home tonight,she deserved to stay another weeks because overall she has had very good performances.I think Phil or Haley should've gone home instead of her.I can't stand Phil's voice and i always terrified when Haley performs,not because i can't stand her,but i'm afraid she's gonna lose it.Both of them better performs great next week.@_@

Btw too bad Tony Bennett couldn't perform.I really expected him to perform and wanted to know his performance because i haven't seen him perform before.With Michael Buble performing today,his album pre-order sales might increase a lot.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Top 9 Performance Tonight with Tony Bennett

1. Blake Lewis (in the beginning i thought his tempo was way too fast but in the end he finished it well.Pretty good i thought)
2. Phil Stacey (he didn't sell the performance well enough.At last the judges had same opinion with me about his lack of connection on this performance.Although he said that tonight was the night that he's been waiting for,but he delivered a disappointed performance) Bottom 3 Pick
3. Melinda Doolittle (the first half was so-so but she built a great momentum with the song and killed it in the end.She's so great.I agree with the judges that there won't be any negative input for her if she delivers great performance every week.Way to go,Melinda)
4. Chris Richardson (he had fun while he was performing.And i agree with the judges again tonight,that was great performance.Fun,hip,young,likeable.I think it was one of his best performance so far) Top #3 Pick
5. Jordin Sparks (what an amazing vocal she had,although i agree that it was old fashioned,but i loved that style.I think she became a strong contender each and each week.Two thumbs up for her) Top #2 Pick
6. Gina Glocksen (i think it was okay for me.I applauded her though that although she's a rocker chick but she really can deliver jazz/swing performance) Bottom 3 Pick
7. Sanjaya Malakar (it was pretty good,i enjoyed the dancing with Paula.I really hope though that he go out from his comfortable zone in the week to come) Bottom 3 Pick
8. Haley Scarnato (that was pretty good,i thought she could done it better than that.Her performance seemed too much go around the stage for me,and i slightly didn't feel the essence of the song)
9. Lakisha Jones (that was fantastic,i loved it very much.My pick of the best performance of the night) My #1 Pick

Overall although last season's theme like this much better because of the effect and the feeling in the stage.But tonight was very good theme and performances for me.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I loved Elliott Yamin's Debut Single

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;2;1;4
2. Joss Stone;Tell Me ‘Bout It;Introducing Joss Stone;8;2;2
3. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;3;1;4
4. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;4;1;7
5. Vanessa Hudgens;Say OK;V;-;5;1
6. Elliott Yamin;Wait For You;Elliott Yamin;-;6;1
7. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;5;4;5
8. Rascal Flatts;Stand;Me & My Gang;1;1;2
9. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;7;6;3
10. Relient K;Must Have Done Something Right;Five Score and Seven Years Ago;9;8;4

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Top 10 Results Tonight

Yep,at last Chris Sligh went home tonight. I thought his performance was bland and dull and so off tempo and he has been going downhill since the Top 24. And considering that he might be the one who said that he got the competition in the bag,said Sundance.Bye bye Chris.I like your band's music but i'm not into your performance in this competition.Good luck.

Besides Chris Sligh,other contestants who in Bottom 3 are Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato.

I can't wait for next week theme.Tony Bennett's will be great night for me.Let's hope so.^^

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Top 10 Performance Tonight (with Gwen Stefani)

1. Lakisha Jones (i think her performance was okay.She looked like a Japanese anime dominatrix girl though hehehe ^^ I really wanted her to perform longer.I thought that performance duration was too short).
2. Chris Sligh (wow that was really horrible.The tempo was really off.It was one of his worst performance i think) Bottom 3
Why I kinda see this coming??@_@ Pop theme which is i really like usually turned out to be horrible in American Idol.Maybe the time of performance was so short since they cut the show into 1 hour only or else.I dunno
3. Gina Glocksen (thx God for her.I think her performance was pretty good and i agree with the judges that that was tonight best performance so far) My #3 Pick
4. Sanjaya Malakar (oh my........ his hair became crazier each week hahahaha.I thought his performance was okay.I laughed out a lot because of his hair when his was performing though.I think the judges really have surrender and careless about Sanjaya's existence in this competition)
5. Haley Scarnato (once again,the performance was too short.I thought she were singing great.But i agreed that it was a bit forgettable.But overall i liked her performance)
6. Phil Stacey (i thought his performance was pretty good.It might be one of his best performance although his voice was kinda scary) Bottom 3
7. Melinda Doolittle (although it wasn't one of her best performance but as usual she performed great.And i always get excited when she performs) My #2 Pick
8. Blake Lewis ( i liked his tender voice and i was relieved he didn't go crazy like usual with his style) Bottom 3
9. Jordin Sparks (at the beginning i almost hated her performance but in the end she ended it great.I liked it.I was shocked though when i read that she gonna performed this song in the spoiler,i'm glad she did good)
10. Chris Richardson (wow that was the best performance tonight.Loved it) My #1 Pick

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Top Music List

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Rascal Flatts;Stand;Me & My Gang;-;1;1
2. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;2;1;3
3. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;1;1;3
4. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;3;1;6
5. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;7;4;4
6. RBD;Tu Amor;Rebels;Reenter;1;5
7. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;6;6;2
8. Joss Stone;Tell Me ‘Bout It;Introducing Joss Stone;-;8;1
9. Relient K;Must Have Done Something Right;Five Score And Seven Years Ago;9;8;3
10. The Wreckers;Leave The Pieces;Stand Still Look Pretty;-;10;1

I put The Wreckers in although it's not new single,it's because i saw their video clip again last night.I hope MTV play their "My Oh My" single.Because i haven't seen it. T_T

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh No!!!!Stephanie went home!!!

I was so shocked that they didn't pick bottom 3 but bottom 2.With Stephanie and Chris Richardson at the bottom.I couldn't believe it that Chris in bottom 2,i thought his fanbase is huge but maybe they didn't vote hard yesterday.

Oh yeah i thought the performance of Peter Noone and Lulu was okay.I thought Lulu's vocal was little bit screeching (maybe bcuz of age).And i thought Peter's performance was so-so,although i really enjoyed his performanceship (sp??).

In the end,goodbye for Stephanie Edwards,i really enjoyed her performance so far and good luck for her.I'm sure she will become great singer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Top 11 Performance Tonight (British Invasion Theme)

I'm doing different review this week,still dunno if i do this kind of review next week too.I thought British Invasion theme not suited for my taste.I was getting pumped up when Lakisha performed,before that it was really little bit boring and sucked compared to last year Top 11. Btw here it is my review:

1. Haley Scarnato (her performance was pretty good,i liked that she had fun with that song,although i prefer last week performance because her vocal was amazing.Overall,i hope she stay for another week since she was first performer i'm afraid that she will get voted off tomorrow -_- )
2. Chris Richardson (wow,his vocal was amazing,he's really become my pick for guy contender this year)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i thought her performance was pretty good although i agreed with the judges that in the middle it got little bit pitchy.However,i really miss Stephanie's Top 24 performance *sob* I want her to do that kind of performance) Bottom Pick
4. Blake Lewis (No No No No for me,although i thought his arrangement was really good but it's difficult for me to listen to his performance.It felt screechy for me and annoying,i dunno but that's my opinion.One thing funny was his looks when he said "come to daddy" was like some pimp searching for a girl @_@) Bottom Pick
5. Lakisha Jones (YAY!!! First performance that stole my heart,i was really so excited when i saw her performance.Go go go Lakisha) My #2 Pick
6. Phil Stacey (i thought it was his performance yet,i liked that he rocked that song)
7. Jordin Sparks (OMG.The best performance tonight.Really heartfelt and i thought she stepped up her game really big for this.Fantastic!!!) My #1 Pick
8. Sanjaya Malakar (hehehe he never ceased to amazed me.I was shocked that his voice became that rough,i agree with the judges that this one his performance yet.Btw what's up with that crying girl anyway??Why she was crying from the beginning till the end of the show.??)
9. Gina Glocksen (it was rocking but it was pitchy all over the place and stumbled too in some part,i didn't feel it) Bottom Pick
10. Chris Sligh (i think it was okay)
11. Melinda Doolittle (again,great performance from Melinda.I hope she pick fun song next week,it's been already back to back slow ballad song week to week) My #3 Pick

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I watched 300 this afternoon

That was great movie and above my expectations.In fact before this movie was released,I didn't plan to watch it on theater (maybe rent it) but after watching the trailer,my younger brother wanted to see this movie and so did I.:P I liked that the movie had so many battle scenes especially fighting many kinds of enemy like Persian army,elite army,magic army,rhino,elephant,etc. The battle formation of the Spartan army reminded me of Asterix's Roman army's defend formation hahaha. Btw i hope they would have been prolong the ending.I want to see that big spartan + greece army crush persian army $_$

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tonight Top 12 Results

It went as I expected with Brandon went home.Yay!!^^ I think he has disappointed many people because he has performed so mediocre each weeks. It really ridiculous seeing that he was backup singer for Christina Aguilera,Anastasia,etc and yet he couldn't deliver great performance.

Bottom 3 tonight:
Phil Stacey (I think he need to step up his game next week)
Sanjaya Malakar (yes,he's safe.I still have almost-vanish hope in my heart)
Brandon Rogers (the end of the road.Good luck!!)

Btw i liked Diana Ross's performance tonight.Her song was better than I expected.Oh yeah yesterday my mom said when she saw AI that she knew her face but forgot her :P

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Carrie Underwood Sales

Yeah,her sales moved up 30% because of her last week performance on American Idol ^^ Go Go Go Carrie

Top 12 Performance with Guest Coach Diana Ross

I think tonight was little bit interesting in the way that it was such a letdown compare to Top 12 last year. The girls performance killed it though,the boys as i thought was suck. I still upset that they didn't change the 6 boys 6 girls rule.They should change it into all girls/most girls and no boys rule. Also i thought Diana Ross didn't critic their vocal lesson enough. I think some good advise is needed for some bad contestants.

Top 3 Performance:
1. Melinda Doolittle (what a great performance,it even made me cried for a little.Because she sang it with her heart and the emotion of the lyrics came across to audience especially to me.I hope she win this thing)
2. Lakisha Jones (her performance gave me goosebumps.I think it was her best performance yet,the weird thing was she said that it was the first time she heard of the song,but she brought the house down.Way to go,Kiki)
3. I'm torn between Blake,Stephanie,Chris and Jordin.Blake gave a great arrangement to the song,Stephanie as usual sang it amazingly,i liked Chris performance so much and Jordin's vocal was awesome

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Brandon Rogers (please go home tomorrow,he haven't brought his A game yet.I really can't understand why he always delivered mediocre performances.sigh)
2. Sanjaya Malakar (oh no,why he sang that song,i think guys not suited to sing that song IMHO.As usual he didn't give power to his voice/performance)
3. Chris Sligh (the arrangement was great but i felt that he sang it normally,as if he wasn't having any emotion when he sang that song)

Overall it was below my expectations,i thought it will be good night.It turned out to be a night which the boys ruined the great show showered with great girls performance.

There were so many great music this week

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;3;1;2
2. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;1;1;2
3. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;7;1;5
4. Hilary Duff;Play With Fire;Dignity;2;2;2
5. Dixie Chicks;Landslide;Home;-;5;1
6. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;-;6;1
7. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;4;4;3
8. Jennifer Lopez;Que Hiciste;Como Ama una Mujer;-;8;1
9. Relient K;Must Have Done Something Right;Five Score and Seven Years Ago;8;8;2
10. Sugarland;Want To;Enjoy The Ride;5 ;1 ;3

Friday, March 09, 2007

American Idol Results Show Tonight

I didn't expect that Antonella and Sundance which VFTW voted went home tonight,i thought they will be save and go on through next week.Btw i was so excited that Haley made it through because she deserved it,i loved her performance although she's not one of my faves but i enjoyed her performance.And i liked her pick of songs although everyone hate her.I was little bummed though that Sabrina got eliminated,too bad some of the guys who really suck made it through,i would have replace Sabrina with Brandon or Phil if i get the :P and Jared went home although i wasn't shocked but i thought he deserved to go on through especially with his little airtimes and he has got this far with his good performances rather than Brandon's so-so performances or Phil's ghostly/goosebumpsly performances. Anyway,Sanjaya please bring the house down next week,i already disappointed with you so much and i hope you bring it on next week.

*the red words=eliminated contestants (good luck for all of you in reaching your dreams)

My Top Ten Music List

So many great singles coming out lately.Even I haven't got the time to update my playlist.Sorry lol :P Here it is:

Artist; Song; Album; Last Position; Highest Position; Times In
1. Katharine McPhee; Over It; Katharine McPhee; -; 1; 1
2. Hilary Duff; Play With Fire; Dignity; -; 2; 1
3. Avril Lavigne; Girlfriend; The Best Damn Thing; -; 3; 1
4. Hilary Duff; With Love; Dignity; 7; 4; 2
5. Sugarland; Want To; Enjoy The Ride; 1; 1; 2
6. Dixie Chicks; Cowboy Take Me Away; Fly; -; 6; 1
7. Carrie Underwood; Wasted; Some Hearts; 3; 1; 4
8. Relient K; Must Have Done Something Right; Five Score and Seven Years Ago; -; 8; 1
9. Simon Webbe; Coming Around Again ; Grace; -; 9;1
10. RBD; Tu Amor; Rebels; 2; 1; 4

I put old Dixie Chicks in there because i just saw the video clip on Channel V and i loved it ^^

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tonight Girl Performances

Not as good as the Top 24 Performances,and i thought it's a little bit all over the place for me.Dunno,maybe that was my opinion.

Top 3:
1. Haley Scarnato (i don't care what other people say,but i like her performance.I thought that would be perfect for my rotation on winamp.I felt sad though for Haley because the judges criticized her so hard.Too bad she's in amazing diva pack)
2. Melinda Doolittle (i hope the song would have been longer,all that i've heard was the rendition of the words,and when i was starting to get excited,the song ended *sigh*,but overall i like Melinda's performances)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i think she's getting in my heart and become my faves.)

Bottom 3 (not so bad though):
1. Sabrina Sloan (i thought the song was too plain and didn't have melody in it.All that i've heard was only her singing of bad song.Although her voice is amazing)
2. Antonella Barba (the best performances of her so far,but her facial expression distracted me.I think this kinda song suited her,but too bad i should pick my bottom 3)
3. Jordin Sparks (i liked her first performance on the Top 24 and i expected more from her.But i think that was pretty good performance,once again too bad i should pick my bottom 3)

I think my bottom 3 for girls is way too good.My top 3 for guys even much worse than my bottom 3 for girls.The guys is stunk.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Uh Oh Bad Night Again For The Guys Performance

I didn't feel excited at all tonight,almost all the performance was really suck.The good ones even not so good,just normal or standard i thought.I'm so upset about the worst quality of the guys this year,last year was much more better.I really hope the producers abandon the usual rules and let only a few guys into the top 12 (not 6 of them,maybe 3 or 4)

Good(not Top) 3:
1. Chris Richardson (i thought the arrangement was a little bit weird,but i liked his performance and the song.Chris R definitely became my fave because of his constant good or great performances.I've never expected that from him)
2. Chris Sligh (i loved his vocal,i think he has great range and great voice.I liked his song's choice although it's not so great)
3. Jared Cotter (Elliot done it better,Jared seemed to forced the way he sang,one thing that very funny is he always tries so hard to get votes from the ladies,etc hehehe)

Bottom 3:
1. Sundance Head (i didn't like this song although his performance is okay for me,i thought the song didn't give me excitement at all)
2. Blake Lewis (i wasn't diggin it.It's too hip-hop and reggae to me.And i was expecting a song that show his vocal range.)
3. Phil Stacey (his beginning was very weird and gave me goosebumps,it seemed he struggled singing that song and he always counts on the big notes)
3.Sanjaya Malakar (i always hope he sings all songs with little bit power in it,but he really dissapointed me,in the beginning he was one of my faves,but now he sliding to bottom.Although tonight's performance was better than last week and the week before)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Top 20 Results tonight

I think tonight could be one of the saddest night in AI elimination because with most of the contestants crying,the eliminated ones weren't able to sing the song because they were emotional,etc.I know it's so hard being the eliminated ones,thinking that their journey have ended or wondering where to go next or what to do next.I hope the best for every contestants who got eliminated tonight.

-Nick Pedro (keep on going,you have a sweet voice,i think you can do well)
-Alaina Alexander (train your vocal and stage presence more,and don't give up on your dreams)
-AJ Tabaldo (you proved that you've done really well in this competition,way to go and good luck,i'm sure you have bright future)
-Leslie Hunt (that was shockingly fun that you left a comment like that,good luck for your future,you have a market for your kind of voice)

btw i think Kellie Pickler's performance tonight was a little bit weak,the way she stand still for her entire performance.And everybody on the forum said she had boob jobs etc @_@ i thought she dress way too sexy lol :P different from when she still a finalist on AI.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Top 20 Girls Performance Tonight

It's a little bit all over the place tonight,with some girls had great performance and some girls had bad week.But the things that i like is so many songs that i knew tonight.And i still think the girls group this season is the most talented one so far.

Top 3 Performance:
1. Melinda Doolittle (OMG,this girl definitely should make an album and sing until forever.I think her purpose born in this world it's to sing.Her voice is amazing.I felt so relaxed and so excited when i watched her performance)
2. Stephanie Edwards (this girl always stepped up her games,i think she did a great performance)
3. Lakisha Jones (although she did it more mellow,i still think it was great.Hope she bring it on like last week though,diva singer should sing diva-song) lol :P

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Leslie Hunt (what the...... @_@ it felt weird to me,and i already hated the song,i think the song already been sung for hundred times)
2. Alaina Alexander (i thought she forced her singing,but i thought she did better performance than last week)
3. Antonella Barba (much more better than last week,she shouldn't picked Celine Dion's song though if she can't sing it great,it's pity to watch her hesitated to sing the high notes which i feel she can't do it because of her limited vocal range.I think her audition was much more better than all her performance so far)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Cable TV had a technical disturbance this evening

I really got a panic attack and tried to call the provider hundred times,but they always been busy.I got even crazier when i found out through their websites that all the people complaining about the Call Center that always busy all the times. OMG . I even tried to fix the machine since i thought maybe my cable tv machine was in problem because few days ago i suspected something bad went on and back then my tv cable wasn't working for few hours because the machine was dirty and had lot of dust @_@

Btw about Top 20 Guys Performance tonight: ( i watched the 2nd rerun of AI)

Top 3:
1. Chris Richardson (I loved his upbeat performance,in fact i thought his performance was better than last week which i loved it too)
2. Blake Lewis (although i don't like Jamiroquai,i like Blake's take of his song.I thought it's very smart of him to put his beatboxing at very exact moment too)
3. Nick Pedro (two thumbs up for greater performance than last week.I liked his voice)

Bottom 3:
1. Sanjaya Malakar (my oh my!!Now i'm understand why many AI blogger don't want teenager to go through Top 24,it's because they don't have enough experience.Sanjaya has very good voice,but he still shy and it's weird watching his performance.But i think it's better than last week)
2. Brandon Rogers (same dull performance,how a great backup singer like him who sang backup for Christina Aguilera performed so dull is beyond me.If he going home tomorrow,that's fine with me)
3. Chris Sligh (i think Taylor Hicks's performance on this song was better than Chris)

Overall i thought guys performance this week was much better than last week,but still couldn't defeat the girls performance last week which was super fantastic ^^

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Top 24 Results Yesterday

Whew i almost didn't believe that Antonella still wondering around next week. I'm so sad that Amy Krebs and Nicole Tranquillo being eliminated yesterday,i wanted to see more of their performance especially Nicole.Anyway good luck for both of them.

And i couldn't believe that Paul Kim and Rudy Cardenas eliminated despite their abundant airtimes. Well i didn't like their performance anyway but good luck for them both too.

About my personal life: so many dvd that i haven't seen (dvd that i bought) T_T i hope i can see it all,since i always buy again and again if there is any great titles lol :P

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1.Sugarland;Want To;Enjoy The Ride; -; 1; 1
2. RBD;Tu Amor; Rebels; 2; 1; 3
3. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts; 1; 1; 3
4. Sugarland;Settlin’;Enjoy The Ride; 4; 4; 3
5. Jesse McCartney;Just So You Know; Right Where YouWant Me; 3; 3;3
6. All Saints;Chick Fit;Studio 1; 6; 6; 3
7. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity; -; 7; 1
8. Sarah McLachlan;Ordinary Miracle;Ost. Charlotte’s Web; 5; 5; 3
9. Beyonce;Listen;Ost. Dreamgirls; 10; 9; 2
10. Nelly Furtado;Say It Right;;Loose; 7; 7; 3

The Girls Performance Tonight on American Idol

I was so excited watching the girls performance tonight,it was really really great and amazing. It was the best night,even by watching the performance could relieve my stress hahaha. The worst girl tonight could beat most of the boys yesterday because the boys yesterday were so terrible. Here is my top pick and my bottom pick for tonight:

Top 3 Performance:
1. Lakisha Jones (when i heard that she would sing Jennifer Hudson's song i felt that it would be great performance and it really did. It was so super fantastic from the early notes)
2. Melinda Doolittle (i would loved if she sing all the way through the night because she is really great performer and i could feel her performance)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i was so shocked that she was really great,she should have been got more airtimes in the beginning of the show) ; i really like Sabrina Sloan too (it's neck to neck with Stephanie in my opinion)

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Antonella Barba (she should go home tomorrow,it was so messy although she better than most of the boys performance yesterday,but she didn't hit all the notes in the song. Even my younger brother said to me that her performance was the worst performance tonight. Once again she should be eliminated.)
2. Alaina Alexander (i think she forced it a little bit,in this great night,her performance is overwhelmed by the others)
3. Nicole Tranquillo or Leslie Hunt (although they were pretty good although weird but once again i should pick the bottom 3)