Monday, July 23, 2007

Bridge To Terabithia

This movie is about 2 children who have a great fantasy and they live their fantasy in the forest in the back of their homes. Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) love drawing and his drawing is good,while the new student Leslie Burke (Anna Sophia Robb) is outgoing girl and always pushing Jess not to get serious all the time and they start to build their own fantasy and it comes true.

My takes: while this movie is not as medieval as I expect too but I love the story on this movie. This movie teaches us about friendship,great bonding family although the family is struggling with their economy,etc. What i like about this movie is that although both of them get bullied a lot but they can stay tough and make one of the bulliers become their friend. When i was watching this movie,something reminded me that "The best thing in life are free" and you should keep your dreams alive and well and not bury it because somebody thinks you're crazy or not facing real world. I like this quote in the movie: "Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing - Teddy Roosevelt. " and "Leslie Burke: Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open. " And i like the concept of music class too,i think it's very cool and so great,it should be put in my country curriculum and make it like this movie when the teacher is playing the instrument and with all the students singing a song. It's great.

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