Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

I've seen it few hours ago and here's my review:

Story :After Harry Potter met Voldemort last year,most of the people think that Harry and Dumbledore are liar ,because of that Ministry of Magic send Prof. Dolores Umbridge to Hogwarts School to be a new Defense Against Dark Arts Teacher and monitoring the school inside. While Harry's school life is very miserable right now, Voldemort is trying to find a way to get "weapon" inside Department of Mystery. And The Order of the Phoenix are trying as hard as they can to prevent that happening.

My takes: I'm about to vent so hard here. I've never thought that the director could screw up the storyline more horrible than HP:Goblet of Fire but i was wrong. At the very beginning of the movie,you will be shocked that the movie already jumped to the 2nd or 3rd chapter of the book. This movie's pace was so fast,it looked like bullet train's speed. I didn't feel any connection to Ron,Hermione,most of the teachers and the Order of the Phoenix's characters. They almost seemed like a cameo to me because of their limited screentimes. Sometimes i felt akwkward moment or blank moment that really eerie. I was shocked why they twist the storyline,mix the timeline,and did a badly done editing.

The good thing is I loved Umbridge's character played by Imelda Staunton.She's really terrific.The graphic was as usual flawless.I loved Bellatrix's character,i hope she appeared longer. I haven't finished reading the book yet,still 5 chapters to go but i think the battle at the end was great,it's the best scene on this movie.

I really hope that they bring back the 1st and 2nd movie's director because he follow the book almost completely and didn't destroy the essense of the story. I didn't feel any benefit in producing the movie which only to show the graphics of it,the visual of the new movie and left the rests of the elements out of the window. How can I get the visual interpretation that they cut in the movie besides in the HP's video game?? [sob]

Where?? Mundungus ; Firenze ; Prof. Grubbly Plank ; Quidditch ; Rita Skeeter ; The Quibbler ; classroom's interaction like in the 1st movie ; tension between teachers and Prof. Umbridge ; Prefek ; etc

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