Friday, January 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Galveston,Texas Audition

OMG I love tonight's audition episode. They should make every auditions episode to be like this.

- Phong Vu (I love it that there are so many crazy people in this world. He's just so crazy!! I can't believe there are some people like this on our earth. Delusional,weird,out of this world insane.)
- Skylar Laine (she sounds like Miranda Lambert,I hope her family can keep their store)
- Baylie Brown (yay!! Baylie is back!! I'm so rooting for her!! I love her voice. Oh god,I forgot 5 years ago Idol's stage on Hollywood week round was so cheap looking.)
- Kristine Osorio (why she gave birth to 3 children if her situation is like that??)
J Lo is so spot on tonight!! Randy and Steven were smoking crack!! I'm so upset that they said no to some pretty good auditioners.
- Cortez Shaw (he's very good looking,his voice is unique,not what I expected. I'm curious to see how he does in Hollywood round)
- Ramiro Garcia (Lakewood Church?? Joel Osteen church?? He's an inspiration)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Aspen,Colorado Audition

Who's agree with me that tonight's audition was very boring!! Probably could give last year LA's audition a run for the money.

Honestly,no one stands out. Nothing great came out tonight,even the rejects were so annoying. Watching all of them gave me headache.

The only one worth mentioning is Haley Smith. I love the flower child aura about her. I wish I can become carefree person like her.

Nigel should stop with fake act like the last Cyclops or Kraken or whatever.

Kris Allen & Carrie Underwood's New Single in February

Yay!! I'm so excited!! Finally!! I really needed this good news!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11 San Diego Audition

Tonight's audition seemed so flat to me!! Nothing memorable!!

- Ashley Robles (a token asian girl,probably she will be like Ramiele Malubay).
- Jayrah Gibson (really good voice,let's see how he does in Hollywood week).
- Kyle Crews (the most enjoyable voice from any guy contestants I've seen,but his fraternity background annoys me).
- Jane Carrey (her voice is so thin,needs development,but I applaud her for working on her own path).

So many girls seems interchangeable to me. Can't recognize any of them.

Friday, January 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Pittsburgh Audition

I really love tonight's audition episode. So many talents!! Not a single bad audition!!

- Heejan Han has a great voice. But he got something special about him,his personality is endearing. I want to see how he's doing in Hollywood week.
- Reed Grimm sounds like Casey Abrams/Taylor Hicks. Probably will wow me away at Hollywood week.
- Creighton Fraker has interesting voice.
- Eben Franckowitz has decent voice,he should wait few more years to sharpen his skill. I still think Jacee Badeaux is better singer than this kid. We'll see.
- Travis Orlando's story breaks my heart. I was shocked when he said he dropped out from high school. WTH!! But after he shared how his mom left his dad,and his dad in dialysis right now. I definitely can understand his situation. Divorced parents can mess up any kids out there. I want to see him doing well. I hope he'll make it further this time.
- I think Erika Van Pelt has an amazing voice. Could be one of my faves so far.
- What the heck with that coal miner guy who referencing Shrek for that Hallelujah song. LOL
- Hallie Day blew me away. I love love her version of I Will Survive. Usually I always hate any version of that overdone song. But she put a different spin with it. She's definitely one of my faves right now.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Savannah,Georgia Audition

2 hours was too long for me. I think I've seen enough commercials for this year's quota. I'm so happy when J Lo pushed Colton Dixon to audition. Was he seriously thinking not auditioning?? He looks a bit different this year,almost as if Idol make-up team polished his face a bit. I think his Permanent rendition is okay. I feel so bad for Schyler,she looks a bit pissed off that her brother always hogging the spotlight. LOL

I didn't see what so special in David Leathers,I want to see what made him won that competition against Scotty. Stephanie Renae sang a decent version of Inside Your Heaven. Lauren Mink is pretty good. J Lo is jealous with Brittany Kerr. They already pimped Phillips Phillips to the max tonight. Can we give him the crown already?? Awww I love his dad. I wish I had a dad like him. Very supportive of his son.

For the rejects: I feel so bad for that West African dude. Is he real??? Can't even sing one note that guy. Joshua is creepy,I don't know if he's faking that attitude or not.