Friday, January 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Pittsburgh Audition

I really love tonight's audition episode. So many talents!! Not a single bad audition!!

- Heejan Han has a great voice. But he got something special about him,his personality is endearing. I want to see how he's doing in Hollywood week.
- Reed Grimm sounds like Casey Abrams/Taylor Hicks. Probably will wow me away at Hollywood week.
- Creighton Fraker has interesting voice.
- Eben Franckowitz has decent voice,he should wait few more years to sharpen his skill. I still think Jacee Badeaux is better singer than this kid. We'll see.
- Travis Orlando's story breaks my heart. I was shocked when he said he dropped out from high school. WTH!! But after he shared how his mom left his dad,and his dad in dialysis right now. I definitely can understand his situation. Divorced parents can mess up any kids out there. I want to see him doing well. I hope he'll make it further this time.
- I think Erika Van Pelt has an amazing voice. Could be one of my faves so far.
- What the heck with that coal miner guy who referencing Shrek for that Hallelujah song. LOL
- Hallie Day blew me away. I love love her version of I Will Survive. Usually I always hate any version of that overdone song. But she put a different spin with it. She's definitely one of my faves right now.

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