Friday, January 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Galveston,Texas Audition

OMG I love tonight's audition episode. They should make every auditions episode to be like this.

- Phong Vu (I love it that there are so many crazy people in this world. He's just so crazy!! I can't believe there are some people like this on our earth. Delusional,weird,out of this world insane.)
- Skylar Laine (she sounds like Miranda Lambert,I hope her family can keep their store)
- Baylie Brown (yay!! Baylie is back!! I'm so rooting for her!! I love her voice. Oh god,I forgot 5 years ago Idol's stage on Hollywood week round was so cheap looking.)
- Kristine Osorio (why she gave birth to 3 children if her situation is like that??)
J Lo is so spot on tonight!! Randy and Steven were smoking crack!! I'm so upset that they said no to some pretty good auditioners.
- Cortez Shaw (he's very good looking,his voice is unique,not what I expected. I'm curious to see how he does in Hollywood round)
- Ramiro Garcia (Lakewood Church?? Joel Osteen church?? He's an inspiration)

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