Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Top 24: Guys Performances

- The new Idol stage is so cheesy looking.
- I don't like this camera view from the judges left side.
- Reed Grimm - Moves Like Jagger
Not as trainwreck as I expected. I give him point for reworking this song into jazz version.
- Adam Brock - Think
Wow he's from wealthy suburbs and he has big house. I don't get why he's crying all the time like he's in a tough situation. This is an awful performance btw. Is Adam really straight?? He looks like a closeted man.
- Deandre Brackensick - Reasons
King of falsetto,impressive voice,just okay for me. Too much falsetto I think. Many women will be so mesmerized though because of his eyes and hair.
- Colton Dixon - Decode
Decode again????? Why?????? I'm not feeling it. I almost cringed like J Lo. Although I agree that this is pretty entertaining and very current. His vocal could be better. Please don't rehash another song again that you sang already last year,Colton!!!
- Jeremy Rosado - Gravity
Thank God he's not in pimp spot as the spoiler said. Easily the best performance so far. LOL at J Lo and Steven's faces.
- Aaron Marcellus - Never Can Say Goodbye
Urgh why this old song?? He's one of the best technical singer from the guys but his song choice underwhelmed me. Crazy note at the end though.
- Chase Likens - Storm Warning
Great song choice. I always love someone who picks current song. However,he delivered a mediocre performance. Bye bye fodder!!
- Creighton Fraker - True Colors
Good performance. He sang better before though. The judges have been too nice tonight. It's killing me.
- Phillips Phillips - In The Air Tonight
He's very likable and good looking but I can't stand his voice. This performance is so somber and weird. He scared me at the end.
- Eben Franckewitz - Set Fire To The Rain
Oh Eben!!!! The band overpowered him,he tried to catch up with the band but he failed. The whole performance is so amateur looking and very weak. I wish the bandzilla tone down their sound a bit. I feel so bad for this kid. He clearly way over his head. People everywhere will hate this performance.
- Heejun Han - Angels
I can't get rid of David Archuleta's version from my head. Heejun fell short of that.
- Joshua Ledet - You Pulled Me Through
Amazing!!! Although sometimes his voice can be irritating for my ears but this clearly the best performance of the night. By a healthy margin!!!
- Jermaine Jones - Dance With My Father
What's the point of this??? Because the judges took a pity on him???

My Rank:
1. Joshua Ledet
2. Jeremy Rosado
3. Colton Dixon
4. Creighton Fraker
5. Chase Likens
6. Reed Grimm
7. Deandre Brackensick
8. Jermaine Jones
9. Heejun Han
10. Phillips Phillips
11. Aaron Marcellus
12. Adam Brock
13. Eben Franckewitz

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 5: Blind Auditions

Tonight's episode was so dragging,I was really bored to death. Almost in tears. Plus,The Lorax commercials really wasn't funny at all. Really annoying.

- Whitney Myer sang a refreshing take of No One. I hate that song because it's been sung a lot,but she gave it completely new twist to the sound that it sounded like a new song.
- I don't know why they didn't turn around for David Dunn. He's sounded pretty good. I applaud him for following his heart and pursue music,with controlling father like that,it's very hard to stray away from what you told to do with your life. Besides,anyone working for oil company must've left their moral at the door since company like that destroys environment and very profit greedy that they don't care with the cost of life etc in oil rich nations.
- The Shield Brothers is a mess.
- Cheesa sounded like cheap imitation of Beyonce.
- I don't care about Preston Shannon.
- Lex Land underwhelmed me with her vocal and ouch at her pitch. By this point,I went up to my bed and watched from there laying down (because it's getting way too boring).
- Cameron Novack is a vampire. He scared me!!!
- Orlando Napier used to be in jail. Oh gawd!!! Since he already atoned for his past,I think I'm gonna let this slide. He has good voice.
- Lee Koch is more interesting when he baked rather than when he's singing.
- Wade is awful.
- Adley Stump is generic country singer,I didn't get anything special whatsoever in her.
- Sera Hill is blah.

No one excites me with their performance,with their professional credentials they should've made my jaw drop with their performance. But unfortunately that didn't happen. I don't get what makes this show exciting,it's way too boring to me. I don't care with almost all of the contestants,their career will suffer the same fate like Javier or Dia. There's no point in winning this show. The Lorax commercials annoyed me,tired of movie promotion being shoved down my face. I'm considering not watching the next season.

Monday, February 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - My Rank of Top 24

I rank them based on their vocal,their personality,whether I care about them or not,if they get eliminated whether I will be sad for them or not,and so many factors. One could sing great but I don't feel anything at that person. The other person might not have a strong vocal but if his/her personality made me care and invested with that person then I'll rank him/her higher.

1. Erika Van Pelt (I love her great voice,every performance from her captivated me. I still need to see more personality from her though,to make me more invested in her)
2. Elise Testone (great Las Vegas performance and Sing For Your Life's performance. I love her tone. She's neck in neck with Erika at this point)
3. Jessica Sanchez (she really lives up to the hype. Superb Las Vegas performance,fantastic rendition of The Prayer,the best SFYL performance from any Top 24.)
4. Jen Hirsh (beautiful voice,but she bombed at her last performance,thus her position right now in my list. Could be rising again easily though)
5. Colton Dixon (good looking guy,I love some of his performances,although he should stop singing Daughtry or David Cook songs. Major turn off if he shoving his faith down my throat)
6. Heejun Han (mostly because he's funny,he has pretty good voice though)
7. Eben Franckewitz (cute,likable,has potential)
8. Chelsea Sorrell (pretty country voice,her I Told You So performance was so amazing that I bumped her this high)
9. Hollie Cavanagh (solid vocal,very likable personality,she's sweet)
10. Reed Grimm (great jazz voice,can be annoying sometimes)
11. Deandre Brackensick (amazing falsetto,needs to see more of his performance to be sure)
12. Phillips Phillips (i hate his voice but he's very charming and I love his bromance with Heejun)
13. Baylie Brown (beautiful voice,but I didn't get anything from her,I felt nothing watching her performance. At this point,she needs to show me her personality more)
14. Hallie Day (amazing audition,her snippet of Tell Him stood out for me)
15. Skylar Laine (very feisty,some of her performance were good)
16. Jeremy Rosado (his I Know You Won't performance was so great,I bumped him this high)
17. Haley Johnsen (amazing last note at Las Vegas,needs to see more)
18. Shannon Magrane (pretty good performances so far,but I love the others way more than her)
19. Aaron Marcellus (just okay)
20. Adam Brock (can't stand him)
21. Creighton Fraker (over the top)
22. Brielle Von Hugel (bitchy edit)
23. Chase Likens (hmmm)
24. Joshua Ledet (irritating voice although I know he sings great. Just not for my ears)

Friday, February 24, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - Top 24 Revealed (Part 2) + A Twist

Tonight was little bit predictable.

- Adam Brock is in. I don't see Danny Gokey resemblance,although I'm an anti Gokey.
- Jeremy Rosado killed that song. I Know You Won't by Carrie Underwood is a beautiful song. He did a justice to that song. Although I don't think he will go that far in competition. He's likable though,but his voice is rather bland to my ears.
- Shannon Magrane is that type of girl from wealthy family and educated background. She can sing definitely!! We'll see what happens with her in the live show. She needs time to loosen up her stiffness.
- I'm so bummed that they cut Scott Dangerfield. Although I agree with Jennifer Lopez,that we haven't seen performance from him as strong as his audition last year. His last performance was okay for me. I still think he's one of the best male vocalist I heard in Idol though. Please go back next year,Scott!!
- Skyler Laine could disrupt whatever plans Nigel had for Top 12. She's feisty and a lot of southern voters will like her.
- Why they didn't show any performance of Hallie Day,Chase Likens and Aaron Marcellus??? Are they cannon fodder??
- Deandre Brackensick sang like an angel. So many people love this guy looks,with his beautiful voice he could go far indeed.
- I feel so sad for Jermaine Jones,although he doesn't cut it with the amazing talents of this year.
- Finally they aired Hollie Cavanagh's performance. I don't know what's up with that. Are TPTB setting her up as cannon fodder or hidden contender (dark horse)???
- David Leathers Jr is basically Michael Jackson in a kid body. Eben Franckewitz still need years to improve his vocal capability,etc but he's cute and probably the token cute boy for this year's quota. I'm okay with this decision. I like Eben!! That kid is very charming.

WTF with that sudden twist???? The only guy I want to see are either David Leathers or Johnny Keyser. Please don't bring Jermaine or cowboy back!!!

The girls are SUPER STRONG this year!!! I don't remember the last time the Top 12 girls are this strong. Usually there's at least one or more girls that I don't like or hate. But this years I love all of them,or at least like some of them. Different case with the guys though,I like some of them,I hate some of them. Next week's elimination will be brutal for me. There will be bloodbath for the girls. I hope they will pick the best song for them.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - Top 24 Revealed (Part 1)

Lots of strong girls this season,made me feel like Season 6 all over again. I'm excited!!!

- Jen Hirsh's last performance was the weakest performance of her. But I'm happy that she's in Top 24.
- Usually a guy like Creighton Fraker doesn't get a lot of mileage from Idol. Dunno why this season they showed a lot of airtime of his performance and advanced him to Top 24. He's a very good singer but he tends to wander into over the top territory. His voice will irk me in the live show.
- I'm so bummed that Lauren Gray got eliminated. She has very unique voice. Maybe because her lack of confidence,they decided not to let her into Top 24. Well,she better compete again next year!!
- Finally,they showed Joshua Ledet's audition. Awful!!!! I'm shocked that they let him through to hollywood based on that performance. Thank God,he stands out in hollywood week. Although I must say I really hate his voice,really screechy,reminds me of Jacob Lusk,but Jacob at least has pretty tone when he's not oversinging.
- I'm surprised that they didn't show Haley Johnsen's last performance. Looks like she's being set up as cannon fodder. I hope she proves them wrong!! She has pretty good voice.
- Neco Starr's performance is mediocre. He's out.
- Oh god,I love Elise Testone so much. The more I watched or listened to her performance,the more I like her. I'm blown away by her vocal capability and her unique raspy tone.
- Reed Grimm could be interesting in the live show. I hope he can maintain the balance between the craziness and his pure jazz talent. He reminds me of Casey Abrams and Taylor Hicks.
- Erika Van Pelt has been one of my fave so far. Her last performance is godawful though. I agree with J Lo that the song didn't suit her. I hope she will pick the right song in the live show. Maybe they played Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone song because Erika looked like Kelly tonight. Her dress and her hair tonight really made her Kelly Clarkson look alike.
- OMG HOLY SHIT!!! Chelsea Sorrell's performance impressed me so much,despite she's forgetting the lyrics and all that. One of the prettiest country voice that I heard so far.
- When we began this season,I was excited for Baylie Brown. But after a lot of strong girls appeared,she begins to go down on my list. Also,her personality seems a bit stiff and cold. Her voice is pretty but I almost don't care anymore for her. Weird!!
- Richie Law the cowboy is gone!! Bye bye jackass!! WTH with his Ring of Fire performance.
- Heejun Han is so funny. He knocked that last performance out of the park. I was like jaw dropped. How amazing that performance was. I didn't know Heejun could sing like that. Really shattered my expectation of him. Awww at his bromance with Phillips Phillips.
- At last,they showed the full performance of Jessica Sanchez. Truly one of the best performance this season. She really lives up to the hype. I'm very impressed with her. That performance was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! SO GOODDDDDDDDDD!!!
- Phillips Phillips sure hit the G spot of women everywhere with his last performance. I can see him go deep in the competition because of his good looks and WGWG status. Idol fanbase love contestant like him.
- I cringed when Colton Dixon sang Fix You to his sister. But I admit,this was his best performance so far this season. I'm surprised that his audition last year,he sang What About Now by Daughtry again. Oh god,he's addicted to Daughtry's catalogue!! It made my day though that after his elimination last year,he went back and this year finally he's in Top 24. Like my prediction and suggestion last year. I'm proud of him!!
- Brielle Von Hugel sang an interesting version of Killing Me Softly. She looks a bit bitchy to me. We'll see how she fare in the live show.
- Adam Brock is so flaming. Is he really straight??? I have to give it to him,he sang the heck out of that song. But we have to wait for his fate tomorrow.

An interesting tidbits from this year are:
- A lot of cannon fodder didn't get their fair share of airtime this season compared to last season's fair amount of airtime for all contestants.
- The judges seemed to stack up the Top 24 with strong girls to make the girls win this season. Let's hope America don't fuck this up by voting out all the girls first.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 4: Blind Auditions

I think this is the strongest episode to date. Lots of great voices tonight.

- Ducky isn't that bad,but no one turned around for him.
- Jonathas has great voice,he really sounds like Usher. Plus,he got the moves too. Very charming guy. I bet lots of people will find him likable and pretty hot. Somehow,I'm rooting for this guy.
- Monique Benabou is pretty okay at the beginning,her performance really picked up the steam in the end. Very energetic girl and so bubbly. I like her personality.
- Naia Kete has great unique voice. One of the best voice so far. Watching her crying makes me emotional too. I'm so happy for her!!
- Erick Macek is bland.
- Charlotte Sometimes has voice like Adele,Duffy,etc. Not my cup of tea. Really!! I don't know why all 4 of them turned around for her.
- Tony Vincent has thin voice and I'm shocked that with his background he underwhelmed me with his performance. Pretty weak vocal!!
- Anthony Evans is the son of preacher man. His vocal is awful. Almost like sheep or goat to me.
- Someone who's a germaphobe will find this guy's sandwich making a yucky thing. He's using his hand with no plastic or glove to cover it. His voice is okay. I feel really bad for his family. No one should go bankrupt because of medical bill. Universal health care for all,stat!!!!
- Dylan Chambers' stage movement is so awkward,he's waving and all that. This gay boy needs more time in his belt in order to impress those coaches.
- Justin Hopkins is another bland contestant.
- Nicolle Galyon's performance is fairly solid. Awww at her little brother.
- Jordan Rager is so cute!!
- I feel really bad for Eric Tipton. I thought he was pretty great.
- Mathai is amazing. Really unique,her phrasing stands out,very confident on the stage. Star indeed!!! Her parents should support her,instead of forcing her to go to medical school.

All in all pretty great episode. The commercials bored me to death. The chemistry between the coaches are still amazing as always. I won't get bored watching the jabbing between them.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scott Dangerfield Performed Close To Me (Original Song)

While we're waiting for next week show,let's enjoy this original song from Scott Dangerfield & Crash County music. OMG this song is so good!!! I can't imagine how great it will be when they record this song. Scott is definitely the best male vocalist this season. Atrocity if he doesn't make it to Top 24. Finger crossed.

My top picks post Hollywood & Las Vegas Week of American Idol Season 11

1. Heejun Han (mainly because of his funny personality).
2. Scott Dangerfield (really love his vocal since last year's audition).
3. Erika Van Pelt (strong vocal,I can hear a bit of Melinda Doolittle in her voice).
4. Jen Hirsh (beautiful voice).
5. Elise Testone (got huge bump because of her Las Vegas group performance).
6. Colton Dixon (really loved him last year but sometimes his vocal can be shaky and I can't stand evangelical Christian).
7. Hallie Day (unique voice,always stands out everytime they showed her singing).
8. Reed Grimm (pretty good jazzy voice but his personality could be a turn off big time).
9. Hollie Cavanagh (based on last year's performances).
10. Baylie Brown (beautiful voice but her personality seems a bit cold to me).
11. Eben Franckewitz (very likable,I'm beginning to like this kid. Also very level headed kid).
12. Jessica Sanchez (great Las Vegas performance. Let's see if her hype turns out to be right).
13. Cortez Shaw (based on his unique audition and likable personality).

Lots of contestants this season that I can see myself hating them because either their personality annoys me or their voice is unbearable or some other reasons. Example: Adam Brock,Phillips Phillips,Richie Law. Personality is a big factor for me,every Idol alumni that I supported every years all have amazing personality as a person despite their vocal capability etc.

Friday, February 17, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Las Vegas Week

Tonight's episode was AMAZING!!!! This is how you do it,Nigel!! Lots of great singing,they showed a lot of my favorites.

- I was super excited that they showed Colton Dixon early tonight. I really loved him last year. Pretty crushed when I watched him getting eliminated. His group did a solid performance tonight. Skyler Laine seems like a honky tonk redneck girl.
- Gabi Carrubba's group singing Rockin Robin was pretty amazing. Ariel Sprague showed a lot of her vocal capability,David Leathers Jr is good as always,Gabi sang well,but I couldn't warm up to Jeremy Rosado.
- Great Balls of Fire's performance was superb!! Adam Brock killed this song on the piano. Erika Van Pelt continued to impress me more and more,Angie Zeiderman was good,Shelby Tweten though was terrible. I love their choreography!!
- Schyler Dixon and Brielle Von Hugel's group was a mess. I didn't like their harmony.
- Oh wow,I always thought Ashley Robles as Jessica Sanchez everytime I saw her face in hollywood week. They really look alike!!
- I'm a bit upset that they didn't show Janelle Arthur at all this year and cut her!! Sigh. Her audition last year was one of the best audition I've seen.
- Night Has A Thousand Eyes' jazzy performance was probably the best performance tonight. Reed Grimm really sang it well and his charm made me really confused. Sometimes I like him,sometimes he can annoys me. Elise Testone is killing this song dead!!!!! Flawless vocal!!! Superb!!! Haley Johnsen did very good. Eben Franckewitz is so cute!!!! The scene when he tried to open his jacket was very cool!! It looked even cooler yesterday on the Las Vegas teaser at the end of yesterday's show. I wish his singing could be a bit solid tonight. Seemed rather off to me.
- Can't stand cowboy Richie Law. He's so annoying and douchedbag!! Jermaine Jones sang the best he could on this song. But it was so boring and dreary to me.
- Ohhh at last they showed us Jessica Sanchez. What??? She's 16???????? She looks older than that. Pretty amazing singing from her. Considering she has the biggest fanbase on IDF. Deandre Brackensick still wow me with his runs. Candace Glover could hold her ground as well in the singing department.
- Day 1 is over,on to the Day 2.
- Urgh at Elvis songs,I'm sick of hearing this songs.
- OMG yay!!!! Finally,they showed us Scott Dangerfield. I've been waiting for this day since his fantastic audition last year. The performance as a whole was generic,I can't stand Jailhouse Rock but Scott's vocal is still amazing as always. Love it!!
- Joshua Ledet still showed us his great vocal.
- Britnee Kellogg really looks like Britney Spears clone!!! Awful performance. Jessica Phillips's attitude is turning me off big time!!! I knew it!! That's why I've been wary of her!!
- LOL at Peggi Blu. Lauren Gray needs to show me more versatility in her performance. Wendy Taylor was pretty amazing!!
- OMG Heejun cracks me up with him scared at Peggi Blue. LOVE IT!!!! Neco Starr is very good. Jairon was good,Heejun's vocal was okay tonight,Phillips Phillips' eyes made me fall in love with his performance. Oh wait!! His vocal still annoys the heck out of me!! So I will be annoyed if he makes it through to the live show!! Mjsbigblog said it perfectly,that his vocal sounds like gargles rocks.
- Jen Hirsh,Aaron Marcellus still sang amazing. I just blanked out everytime I see Creighton Fraker perform,his voice already annoys me. I feel so bad for Nick Boddington,he wasn't that bad really.
- Uh oh,they gonna cut some more. I'm surprised that they cut Gabi Carrubba from that group. Colton Dixon looked demented when they cut his sister. Awwww at their brotherly love. Because I'm not emotionally invested at all,I don't have problems with the cut tonight except for Janelle Arthur.
- Can't wait for next week. I expect great performances from them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week Part 3

Oh lawd!!! Tonight's episode made me worry about this season. Even with the performances,group rounds this season is definitely the most godawful ever!!! Also,no one impressed me on day 3 performances. I'm afraid this will be a LONG season for me. Sigh.

- The Bettys wasting no time to give us a trainwreck group performance. Even with practicing all night long,Jennifer Malsh couldn't deliver a decent vocal.
- Groovesauce performed one of the best harmony on group rounds. Jen Hirsh is amazing.
- 679's performance is okay. Joshua Ledet sang pretty amazing,Brielle is okay,I'm surprised that they cut Kyle Crews considering he had amazing audition.
- The tent girl,Amy Brumfield continued to claim another victim. The other girl on her group fell sick. Mathanee oversang his part.
- Those Girls and That Guy murdered Stuck Like Glue. What a boring performance!! Bye bye cop girl!!
- Hollywood 5 did a very good rendition of Mercy. Holy shit,Eben Franckewitz can SING!!!
- Area 451's group is a mess. I feel bad for Imani for fainting multiple times. A lot of people criticized Johnny Keyser because he continued to sing even after Imani fainted. LOL
- Reis Kloeckener got cut. Sigh.
- Heejun Han saved MIT's performance. His performance blew me away,Jairon is awful,Richie Law is annoying and can't sing,I don't get what's so special about Phillips Phillips. LOL at Heejun for apologizing to cowboy because he badmouthed him on the camera.
- That concludes group rounds,on to day 3 of hollywood week.
- After Joshua Ledet impressed me a bit on his group performance,he way oversang on this one. Very sharp and pitchy on the higher notes. If he wants to be the next Jacob Lusk,he won't.
- Colton Dixon sang the very exact same song like last year's which is What About Now. Why?? Not as impressive to me as last year's performance though.
- Phillips Phillips is officialy the worst WGWG on this show. His voice really irritated me. His mannerism although made me cringe. Oh god!!! I hope people will vote based on talents on the live show and not looks.
- Jen Hirsh blew the rooftop with her stunning performance. WOW!!!! She's definitely the best performer tonight.
- Creighton Fraker is okay. I'm already sick of this What A Wonderful Word song.
- This is definitely Shannon Magrane's best performance. But if I want to see a better performance,I would call Ayla Brown from Season 5. She has way better voice than Shannon. I mentioned Ayla because they're almost look alike. Stiff,tall,very educated and suburbs girl type.
- WTF happened with Reed Grimm??? Why he called his mom?? I don't get it. Very underwhelming performance. No one can sing Georgia On My Mind better than Casey Abrams or Kendra Chantelle from last season.
- Considering Skyler Laine is sick,she did a very good job singing this country song.
- Rachelle Lamb's performance is very forgettable.
- I couldn't careless of Adam Brock's performance.
- I saw Scott Dangerfield in Room 1. Why they didn't show him at all??????? It just boggles my mind. His audition was one of the best audition from last season.
- I saw Janelle Arthur got through to Vegas too. Yay!!!

Overall tonight,the most awful group rounds ever and the weakest hollywood week ever that I can remember. Never I got bored like this on Hollywood Week which usually had some of the very best performances on Idol. Tomorrow,I can't wait for Peggi Blu,that crazy vocal coach. Yay!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 3: Blind Auditions

Pretty underwhelming episode for me tonight. I just can't with audition episodes on any singing show. Makes me very bored watching it,dunno why. Either the talents are underwhelming or my standard became too high after watching years of American Idol.

- I already knew Sarah Golden is a female when they didn't show her face. In fact,I bet the person probably is a lesbian. I was right!! Her voice is okay though.
- I'm tired of voices like Elley Duhey. She has similar voice with the likes of Duffy,Amy Winehouse,Adele. Probably not my cup of tea.
- Pip did a pretty good job singing House of The Rising Sun. Haley fans probably will hate this guy though.
- Can we banned I Want You Back please?? I'm tired hearing this song again and again. That's why I didn't care of Erin Willett. Wish the best for her dad though.
- David Grace is mediocre.
- Katrina Parker has amazing voice. She's the best auditioners tonight for me. I hope she goes far.
- Geoff McBride is boring.
- Erin Martin has VERY UNIQUE voice!!! She's very charming and likable. I think she will go deep in this competition. Eewwww at Cee Lo. Puzzled because of his cat.
- James Massone is okay. I think he has limited range,his personality somewhat weird to me.
- Winter Rae just sang pretty straight forward version of that Rihanna song. She should've taken it higher.
- Chris Cauley sang Bruno Mars' Grenade,thus made me bored and didn't care about him.
- I loved Jordis Unga back when she competed on Rockstar INXS. Why his father wore pajama?? Anyway,I think she did a fairly good job singing that song although I expected more from her.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kris Allen Performed Leave You Alone on The Mint

I like this song too. OMG this 2nd album will be perfect for roadtrip.

Kris Allen Performed Out Alive on The Mint

The first half was meh,but the second half is very good!!

Kris Allen Performed Better With You on The Mint

I love this song.

Kris Allen Performed Mash Up of We Found Love/Firework/Just Dance on The Mint

Kris Allen did a mash-up of Rihanna's We Found Love/Katy Perry's Firework/Lady Gaga's Just Dance on The Mint last night. LOL at him for forgetting the words of Firework. I love his banter. So funny!!

American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week Group Round

I think tonight's group round episode was bland and very boring. There's nothing memorable dramatic scene at all. Unless,you count the pucking and the sickness. Thank God for Heejun Han for saving the night with his dry joke.

- I don't care about that cop girl.
- Phillips Phillips seemed unable to lead. I think he's very overrated. I don't see him going that far in the competition.
- WTF was that cowboy kid doing?? No wonder Heejun got irritated.
- I feel bad for Amy Brumfield for being sick. I would have a massive meltdown if I had to compete on group round myself and being sick at the same time.
- I feel bad for some of the contestants who caught the flu bug.
- Symone Black's father is the craziest stage dad I know. Creepy!!
- Heejun Han FTW!!! I want him in Top 24!!
- This is the first time we have non singing group round episode ever.
- I'm pretty worried that this season would be dragging. I'm not invested in any particular contestant. That worried me.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Rounds Day 1

I love love Hollywood rounds. They always show us amazing talents,great voices,fantastic performances.

- Johnny Keyser did a pretty good version of Dreaming
- I LOVE Heejun Han. He's so funny. I wish he pick different song though.
- Baylie Brown still amazing.
- Jen Hirsh is pretty effin fantastic!!! I want to see more of her.
- Lauren Gray sang the same song. Urgh.
- Phillips Phillips was underwhelming.
- Reed Grimm vastly becoming one of my favorite. I love this guy's personality.
- Travis Orlando getting cut again made me sad. I felt really bad for him. Maybe he needs to improve on his performance. It just didn't have enough oomph in it.
- Everybody associated Adam Brock with Gokey but I don't share the same feeling with them.
- Jane Carrey is good!! I could see her be a strong contender if she wait a few years.
- David Leathers Jr sang the crap out of that Celine Dion's song. Bravo!!
- Jessica Phillips continue to impress me with her heartfelt performance.
- Erika Van Pelt maintains her lead in my fave list.
- Why they only showed Aaron Marcellus's high note??
- I didn't feel Jeremy Rosado's performance at all. Very flat!!
- Symone Black fell of stage closed this episode.

ps: I saw Scott Dangerfield faces many times in the end of the episode. I hope they show him tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 2: Blind Auditions

I think 2 hours is too long for audition episode. My takes on tonight:

- My jaw dropped for the longest time when I heard about Jamar was meth addict and is HIV positive,why didn't he say that on Idol?? He has had very rough background,even Gokey sobstory can't be compared to him. I'm glad he's still pursuing his dream.
- The Line is okay,I feel bad for Neal Middleton (why he picked that cheesy song?).
- Gwen Sebastian did a beautiful rendition of Stay. I hope Blake can pick the perfect song for her in the battle round. I applaud her decision to postpone having a child and focus on her passion for music.
- Kim Yarborough sang Tell Me Something Good. Pretty fierce!! I love it that she said people that told her she's too old etc,they depriving the world of something. Preach it!! I hope we can get the type of performance from her like any great black divas performances on Idol.
- Angie Johnson has amazing pipe.
- I want it so bad for the coaches to turned around for Dez Duron. I love it that he sang I Want It That Way. He's very good looking and charismatic. The show need an eye candy. Oh well!!
- Lindsey Paveo has unique voice.
- Jermaine Paul is too cocky for me. He rubbed me the wrong way. I really dislike him for now.
- By the time we reach Angel Taylor,I already bored to the max.

I think Christina got the strongest team so far. Don't know why Adam having difficulty getting any person to his team.

David Archuleta - Nandito Ako (HQ Video) Performed in Talentadong Pinoy

I'm amazed that David can learn Tagalog in short amount of time. He looks like a star in Phillipines. People in that country are very lucky having David acting in their soap opera. I wish I can see that episode in youtube.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Premiere

I love The Voice tonight!! It exceeded my expectation. The coaches were playful with each other and it's so funny,I laughed so many times. Definitely not as boring as American Idol auditions.

- Raelynn performed Hell on Heels by Miranda Lambert
I thought her voice still has weak spot on some parts. Not that impressed with her.
- Jesse Campbell performed Song For You

I think he has fantastic voice. Wow at the coaches turned around so fast!!!! Why he picked Christina???
- I feel bad for Daniel Rosa. He could improve for sure!!
- Juliette Sims performed Oh Darling

Adam clearly knows how to sell something. Too bad this girl didn't pick him. LOL at the look on his face. Christina can be annoying sometimes with her rambling. Yuck at Cee Lo saying she turned him on.
- Chris Mann performed Because We Believe

I don't know what they will do with him. I expect trainwreck in battle round if Christina pick the wrong song choice.
- Tony Luca performed Trouble
Great voice!! People will cry WGWG because of this dude!! Wow at Christina didn't recognize him.

I saw Jamar (Danny Gokey's best friend) in the teaser for tomorrow. I hope someone will surprise me and can make me a fan.

Friday, February 03, 2012

American Idol Season 11 St.Louis,Missouri Audition

I love tonight's audition. It seems TPTB sometimes listen to our complain and fix this episode. Lots of real contender tonight:

- Johnny Keyser (this dude has beautiful voice,great vocal. Maybe one of the strongest vocal I've seen from this season.)
- Rachelle Lamb (wow she really sounds like Faith Hill. Although her backstory is similar to yesterday's Brittany)
- Reis Kloeckener (smooth voice,I can relate with his background. He needs to open his eyes when he's singing though. But I really love the smoothness of his voice.)
- Ethan Jones (pretty unique voice coming from this man. I love the break,gritty and all that in his voice.)
- Lauren Gray (fantastic vocal like Adele. We'll see if she blow us away in Hollywood rounds)

I can't wait for Hollywood week. Gonna be fun!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Portland,Oregon Audition

Oh god!! Another dragging show tonight!! It was so boring. I think this is the worst audition period ever. Rarely we had any real stand out moment.

Brittany Zika opened the show with her tender voice. I love her voice. She should keep her glasses and hat because it makes her unique. I love Sara Bareilles. Jermaine Jones looks scary but he's not what appears to be (according to a post on VFTW). Too many blonde this year. I can't differentiate between any of them. Jessica Phillips has a touching story. But I don't think she will go that far. Unless,she blow me away on Hollywood round.

Can Hollywood rounds come already?? I can't stand one more audition episode.