Friday, February 03, 2012

American Idol Season 11 St.Louis,Missouri Audition

I love tonight's audition. It seems TPTB sometimes listen to our complain and fix this episode. Lots of real contender tonight:

- Johnny Keyser (this dude has beautiful voice,great vocal. Maybe one of the strongest vocal I've seen from this season.)
- Rachelle Lamb (wow she really sounds like Faith Hill. Although her backstory is similar to yesterday's Brittany)
- Reis Kloeckener (smooth voice,I can relate with his background. He needs to open his eyes when he's singing though. But I really love the smoothness of his voice.)
- Ethan Jones (pretty unique voice coming from this man. I love the break,gritty and all that in his voice.)
- Lauren Gray (fantastic vocal like Adele. We'll see if she blow us away in Hollywood rounds)

I can't wait for Hollywood week. Gonna be fun!!

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