Friday, February 10, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week Group Round

I think tonight's group round episode was bland and very boring. There's nothing memorable dramatic scene at all. Unless,you count the pucking and the sickness. Thank God for Heejun Han for saving the night with his dry joke.

- I don't care about that cop girl.
- Phillips Phillips seemed unable to lead. I think he's very overrated. I don't see him going that far in the competition.
- WTF was that cowboy kid doing?? No wonder Heejun got irritated.
- I feel bad for Amy Brumfield for being sick. I would have a massive meltdown if I had to compete on group round myself and being sick at the same time.
- I feel bad for some of the contestants who caught the flu bug.
- Symone Black's father is the craziest stage dad I know. Creepy!!
- Heejun Han FTW!!! I want him in Top 24!!
- This is the first time we have non singing group round episode ever.
- I'm pretty worried that this season would be dragging. I'm not invested in any particular contestant. That worried me.

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