Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week Part 3

Oh lawd!!! Tonight's episode made me worry about this season. Even with the performances,group rounds this season is definitely the most godawful ever!!! Also,no one impressed me on day 3 performances. I'm afraid this will be a LONG season for me. Sigh.

- The Bettys wasting no time to give us a trainwreck group performance. Even with practicing all night long,Jennifer Malsh couldn't deliver a decent vocal.
- Groovesauce performed one of the best harmony on group rounds. Jen Hirsh is amazing.
- 679's performance is okay. Joshua Ledet sang pretty amazing,Brielle is okay,I'm surprised that they cut Kyle Crews considering he had amazing audition.
- The tent girl,Amy Brumfield continued to claim another victim. The other girl on her group fell sick. Mathanee oversang his part.
- Those Girls and That Guy murdered Stuck Like Glue. What a boring performance!! Bye bye cop girl!!
- Hollywood 5 did a very good rendition of Mercy. Holy shit,Eben Franckewitz can SING!!!
- Area 451's group is a mess. I feel bad for Imani for fainting multiple times. A lot of people criticized Johnny Keyser because he continued to sing even after Imani fainted. LOL
- Reis Kloeckener got cut. Sigh.
- Heejun Han saved MIT's performance. His performance blew me away,Jairon is awful,Richie Law is annoying and can't sing,I don't get what's so special about Phillips Phillips. LOL at Heejun for apologizing to cowboy because he badmouthed him on the camera.
- That concludes group rounds,on to day 3 of hollywood week.
- After Joshua Ledet impressed me a bit on his group performance,he way oversang on this one. Very sharp and pitchy on the higher notes. If he wants to be the next Jacob Lusk,he won't.
- Colton Dixon sang the very exact same song like last year's which is What About Now. Why?? Not as impressive to me as last year's performance though.
- Phillips Phillips is officialy the worst WGWG on this show. His voice really irritated me. His mannerism although made me cringe. Oh god!!! I hope people will vote based on talents on the live show and not looks.
- Jen Hirsh blew the rooftop with her stunning performance. WOW!!!! She's definitely the best performer tonight.
- Creighton Fraker is okay. I'm already sick of this What A Wonderful Word song.
- This is definitely Shannon Magrane's best performance. But if I want to see a better performance,I would call Ayla Brown from Season 5. She has way better voice than Shannon. I mentioned Ayla because they're almost look alike. Stiff,tall,very educated and suburbs girl type.
- WTF happened with Reed Grimm??? Why he called his mom?? I don't get it. Very underwhelming performance. No one can sing Georgia On My Mind better than Casey Abrams or Kendra Chantelle from last season.
- Considering Skyler Laine is sick,she did a very good job singing this country song.
- Rachelle Lamb's performance is very forgettable.
- I couldn't careless of Adam Brock's performance.
- I saw Scott Dangerfield in Room 1. Why they didn't show him at all??????? It just boggles my mind. His audition was one of the best audition from last season.
- I saw Janelle Arthur got through to Vegas too. Yay!!!

Overall tonight,the most awful group rounds ever and the weakest hollywood week ever that I can remember. Never I got bored like this on Hollywood Week which usually had some of the very best performances on Idol. Tomorrow,I can't wait for Peggi Blu,that crazy vocal coach. Yay!!

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