Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 4: Blind Auditions

I think this is the strongest episode to date. Lots of great voices tonight.

- Ducky isn't that bad,but no one turned around for him.
- Jonathas has great voice,he really sounds like Usher. Plus,he got the moves too. Very charming guy. I bet lots of people will find him likable and pretty hot. Somehow,I'm rooting for this guy.
- Monique Benabou is pretty okay at the beginning,her performance really picked up the steam in the end. Very energetic girl and so bubbly. I like her personality.
- Naia Kete has great unique voice. One of the best voice so far. Watching her crying makes me emotional too. I'm so happy for her!!
- Erick Macek is bland.
- Charlotte Sometimes has voice like Adele,Duffy,etc. Not my cup of tea. Really!! I don't know why all 4 of them turned around for her.
- Tony Vincent has thin voice and I'm shocked that with his background he underwhelmed me with his performance. Pretty weak vocal!!
- Anthony Evans is the son of preacher man. His vocal is awful. Almost like sheep or goat to me.
- Someone who's a germaphobe will find this guy's sandwich making a yucky thing. He's using his hand with no plastic or glove to cover it. His voice is okay. I feel really bad for his family. No one should go bankrupt because of medical bill. Universal health care for all,stat!!!!
- Dylan Chambers' stage movement is so awkward,he's waving and all that. This gay boy needs more time in his belt in order to impress those coaches.
- Justin Hopkins is another bland contestant.
- Nicolle Galyon's performance is fairly solid. Awww at her little brother.
- Jordan Rager is so cute!!
- I feel really bad for Eric Tipton. I thought he was pretty great.
- Mathai is amazing. Really unique,her phrasing stands out,very confident on the stage. Star indeed!!! Her parents should support her,instead of forcing her to go to medical school.

All in all pretty great episode. The commercials bored me to death. The chemistry between the coaches are still amazing as always. I won't get bored watching the jabbing between them.

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