Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 2: Blind Auditions

I think 2 hours is too long for audition episode. My takes on tonight:

- My jaw dropped for the longest time when I heard about Jamar was meth addict and is HIV positive,why didn't he say that on Idol?? He has had very rough background,even Gokey sobstory can't be compared to him. I'm glad he's still pursuing his dream.
- The Line is okay,I feel bad for Neal Middleton (why he picked that cheesy song?).
- Gwen Sebastian did a beautiful rendition of Stay. I hope Blake can pick the perfect song for her in the battle round. I applaud her decision to postpone having a child and focus on her passion for music.
- Kim Yarborough sang Tell Me Something Good. Pretty fierce!! I love it that she said people that told her she's too old etc,they depriving the world of something. Preach it!! I hope we can get the type of performance from her like any great black divas performances on Idol.
- Angie Johnson has amazing pipe.
- I want it so bad for the coaches to turned around for Dez Duron. I love it that he sang I Want It That Way. He's very good looking and charismatic. The show need an eye candy. Oh well!!
- Lindsey Paveo has unique voice.
- Jermaine Paul is too cocky for me. He rubbed me the wrong way. I really dislike him for now.
- By the time we reach Angel Taylor,I already bored to the max.

I think Christina got the strongest team so far. Don't know why Adam having difficulty getting any person to his team.

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