Thursday, February 09, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Rounds Day 1

I love love Hollywood rounds. They always show us amazing talents,great voices,fantastic performances.

- Johnny Keyser did a pretty good version of Dreaming
- I LOVE Heejun Han. He's so funny. I wish he pick different song though.
- Baylie Brown still amazing.
- Jen Hirsh is pretty effin fantastic!!! I want to see more of her.
- Lauren Gray sang the same song. Urgh.
- Phillips Phillips was underwhelming.
- Reed Grimm vastly becoming one of my favorite. I love this guy's personality.
- Travis Orlando getting cut again made me sad. I felt really bad for him. Maybe he needs to improve on his performance. It just didn't have enough oomph in it.
- Everybody associated Adam Brock with Gokey but I don't share the same feeling with them.
- Jane Carrey is good!! I could see her be a strong contender if she wait a few years.
- David Leathers Jr sang the crap out of that Celine Dion's song. Bravo!!
- Jessica Phillips continue to impress me with her heartfelt performance.
- Erika Van Pelt maintains her lead in my fave list.
- Why they only showed Aaron Marcellus's high note??
- I didn't feel Jeremy Rosado's performance at all. Very flat!!
- Symone Black fell of stage closed this episode.

ps: I saw Scott Dangerfield faces many times in the end of the episode. I hope they show him tomorrow.

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