Monday, February 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - My Rank of Top 24

I rank them based on their vocal,their personality,whether I care about them or not,if they get eliminated whether I will be sad for them or not,and so many factors. One could sing great but I don't feel anything at that person. The other person might not have a strong vocal but if his/her personality made me care and invested with that person then I'll rank him/her higher.

1. Erika Van Pelt (I love her great voice,every performance from her captivated me. I still need to see more personality from her though,to make me more invested in her)
2. Elise Testone (great Las Vegas performance and Sing For Your Life's performance. I love her tone. She's neck in neck with Erika at this point)
3. Jessica Sanchez (she really lives up to the hype. Superb Las Vegas performance,fantastic rendition of The Prayer,the best SFYL performance from any Top 24.)
4. Jen Hirsh (beautiful voice,but she bombed at her last performance,thus her position right now in my list. Could be rising again easily though)
5. Colton Dixon (good looking guy,I love some of his performances,although he should stop singing Daughtry or David Cook songs. Major turn off if he shoving his faith down my throat)
6. Heejun Han (mostly because he's funny,he has pretty good voice though)
7. Eben Franckewitz (cute,likable,has potential)
8. Chelsea Sorrell (pretty country voice,her I Told You So performance was so amazing that I bumped her this high)
9. Hollie Cavanagh (solid vocal,very likable personality,she's sweet)
10. Reed Grimm (great jazz voice,can be annoying sometimes)
11. Deandre Brackensick (amazing falsetto,needs to see more of his performance to be sure)
12. Phillips Phillips (i hate his voice but he's very charming and I love his bromance with Heejun)
13. Baylie Brown (beautiful voice,but I didn't get anything from her,I felt nothing watching her performance. At this point,she needs to show me her personality more)
14. Hallie Day (amazing audition,her snippet of Tell Him stood out for me)
15. Skylar Laine (very feisty,some of her performance were good)
16. Jeremy Rosado (his I Know You Won't performance was so great,I bumped him this high)
17. Haley Johnsen (amazing last note at Las Vegas,needs to see more)
18. Shannon Magrane (pretty good performances so far,but I love the others way more than her)
19. Aaron Marcellus (just okay)
20. Adam Brock (can't stand him)
21. Creighton Fraker (over the top)
22. Brielle Von Hugel (bitchy edit)
23. Chase Likens (hmmm)
24. Joshua Ledet (irritating voice although I know he sings great. Just not for my ears)

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