Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. David Archuleta; A Little Too Not Over You; David Archuleta
2. Taylor Swift; Love Story; Fearless
3. Enya; Trains And Winter Rains; And Winter Came…
4. Lily Allen; The Fear; It’s Not Me, It’s You
5. Sarah McLachlan; U Want Me 2; Closer : The Best of Sarah McLachlan
6. Taylor Swift; Change; Fearless
7. Sugarland; Already Gone; Love On The Inside
8. Paramore; Decode; Ost. Twilight
9. Britney Spears; Womanizer; Circus
10. Hilary Duff; Reach Out; Best of Hilary Duff

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movie Review : Twilight

My friends asked me to see Twilight together this evening. This movie has been here for a week or so and I didn’t plan to see it because I don’t read the novel and I’m not interested after I saw the trailer of this movie. However,it turned out that this movie is great,it’s better than I expected,I love the combination of romance and little bit of action in this movie.

For all of you who don’t know a thing about Twilight. It’s basically from best seller trilogy novel about a teenage girl (Bella) and the vampire (Edward Cullen) who’s her love interest plus his unique vampire family. Edward and his family drink animal blood, they are different from ordinary vampire as they are able to stand in the sunlight. He’s protective over Bella and will do everything in order for Bella to be safe. In this movie,there are vampires outside of the family who hunt Bella and we will see the battle between those vampires and Edward’s family with Bella at stake. Not to forget the rivalry between the Cullens and the Quileute (the local tribe whose their ancestors were werewolf).

What I love in this movie is the baseball scene, the dialogue between Bella and her father, Bella friends who still close to her although she’s dating Edward who’s considered an outsider/the cool one.

I can’t wait for the sequel and this movie makes me wanna read the book. I really recommend everyone to see this movie.

ps: I'm bummed that I didn't see the first 5-10 minutes of this movie before the title because we're waiting for my friends who were very late and it turned out they couldn't make it to see this movie at all.

Link: The official movie site
Twilight movie on IMDB
Twilight movie on Wikipedia

Friday, December 05, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

David Archuleta Songs Preview from the CD

Click here

Go to that link and you can listen to all preview from the songs in David's upcoming debut CD.

Friday, October 31, 2008

My Top Ten Music List




1. Taylor Swift



2. Sarah McLachlan

U Want Me 2

Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan

3. David Archuleta


David Archuleta

4. Taylor Swift

Love Story


5. Kylie Minogue

The One


6. Sugarland

Already Gone

Love On The Inside

7. Carrie Underwood

Just A Dream

Carnival Ride

8. Britney Spears



9. Boys Like Girls


Boys Like Girls

10. Miley Cyrus

7 Things


Hilary Duff - Reach Out

Hilary Duff's New Single "Reach Out" from her new album "Best of Hilary Duff"

My opinion : Somehow I'm not feeling this song,and her image is getting raunchier,I don't like it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Should Check This Out : Poema

They just added me as their friends and I love their music. It has the same resemblence like Colbie Caillat's music tone.

Poema's Myspace

Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Big Planet is being recalled

Religious outcry sparks LittleBigRecall
New PlayStation game soundtrack unpopular with some Islamic groups
By Mike Smith

LittleBigPlanet, one of this year's most-anticipated PlayStation 3 releases, won't be arriving in stores next week as expected.
The "social platforming" game is already gathering rave reviews, but it hasn't proven popular with one Muslim group, which issued a complaint to the game's publisher Sony concerning one background music track. Performed by award-winning Malian musician Toumani Diabate, the song quotes two verses from the Qur'an. Many Muslims consider the mixing of music and scripture to be deeply offensive.

Full story at

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. David Archuleta; Crush; David Archuleta
2. Celine Dion; My Love; Taking Chances
3. Carrie Underwood; Just A Dream; Carnival Ride
4. Reba McEntire Feat. Kenny Chesney; Every Other Weekend; Reba Duets
5. Michelle Williams; We Break The Dawn; Unexpected
6. Taylor Swift; Change; Fearless
7. Puddle Of Mudd; We Don’t Have To Look Back Now; Famous
8. Boys Like Girls; Thunder; Boys Like Girls
9. Sugarland; Already Gone; Love On The Inside
10. Jordin Sparks; One Step At A Time; Jordin Sparks

Taylor Swift - Change

Very inspiring video and a great song. This song debuted on US Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

I don't know why they don't play the video in here (MTV Asia or Channel V) or if they let us see it,it's only just 5 seconds.This video is pretty tame compared to hip-hop videos that being bombarded at us by the music station.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Movie Review : Step Up 2 The Streets

My house got a blackout and I still have free ticket to the movie,so I used it tonight LOL

This movie is about Andie West (Briana Evigan) who has a dream to become street dancer. She doesn't like school and she wants only to do her passion. Her guardian,Sarah who got to take care of her because Andie's mom (Sarah's best friend) died of cancer,definitely doesn't want Andie to get involve in street dance and wants her to do the right thing like everybody else. Due to incident in subway,Sarah's had enough of it and wants to send Andie to Texas to live with her aunt.

Fortunately,in the dance club The Dragon,Tyler (Channing Tatum) meets her and persuade her to go to Maryland School of the Arts. At first she refuses but after having dance battle with him,and lost,she has no other way but going to MSA.

MSA is a school that has its contrast with street dance especially with the school director,Blake Collins who hates that kind of thing and prefer more subtle way of dance like ballet. His younger brother Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman) is more like Andie,a street dancer himself and together they make street dance group in hope to battle 410 (Andie's dance group before,the strongest group at that area)

My opinion about the film: it's above my expectation,I love the street dancing,love Andie and Chase's MSA group although in some part I sniff sudden chessiness like abrupt change of character in some people. In the end,you've got to see this movie. Especially if you love hip-hop,etc. Me hate hip-hop but I still can enjoy the movie :P

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

David Archuleta Video Blog

Can't wait for his album.^^

Quick note about me: I've already installed unlimited broadband internet,so you can expect me to post more often ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Politic: Health Care - Comparing Barack Obama's Plan and John McCain's Plan

I got this from CWG's blog:

A wonderfully informative pair of articles comparing the health care proposals of John McCain and Barack Obama appeared Sept. 16 in The Wall Street Journal. A news/analysis story written by reporter Laura Meckler, and an opinion piece of the paper's Op Ed page by David M. Cutler, J. Bradford DeLong, and Ann Marie Marciarille, made the following points:
* Barack Obama's plan would bring more currently uninsured people into the American health care system. Far more. In round figures, 34 million newly covered citizens vs.a net increase of only about 1 million under the McCain health care proposals.

* John McCain's health care plan would cost less - but not a great deal less - than Barack Obama's: $1.3 trillion over ten years vs. the $1.6 trillion price tag for the Democrat's plan over the same period.

* Barack Obama would bring far more government regulation of big health insurance companies - requiring, for instance, insurance companies to provide coverage to everyone (including those with existing conditions), and at consistent prices, according to the news/analysis article reports. Large employers would be required to cover every worker, or pay a fine. Benefits would be more generous than they are now, across the board, as private companies would become required to match a government health care plan that Obama would create, offering an option to consumers now able to purchase only private plans. The result: private plans would increase theirbenefits to match those offered by the government plan, in order to compete.

* Under the McCain plan, "Those already sick are completely out of luck," the Op Ed piece says, since insurance companies would be "free to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions."

* John McCain would reduce both state and federal regulation of big insurance companies, the news/analysis story says. In addition, Sen. McCain "proposes a big tax hike as the solution to our health care crisis," the Journal's Op Ed piece notes. "His plan would raise taxes on workers who receive health benefits, with the idea of encouraging employers to drop coverage. A study by the University of Michigan shows that the McCain tax hike on insurance "will lead employers to drop coverage for over 20 million Americans," the opinion piece says. What would happen to these people?, the article asks, and then answers its own question: "Mr. McCain would give them a small tax credit...and then tell to navigate the individual insurance market on their own." The tax credits would be "way too small," the article on the Op Ed page says, covering less than half the cost of policies today, and "far below the 75% that most employers offering coverage contribute."

* Barack Obama's plan would require that Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals and doctors be based on patient outcomes (for example, lower cholesterol readings, etc.) rather than simply paying, regardless of outcomes, for procedures performed or services offered. Currently, the Op Ed piece notes, "insurers make money by dumping sick patients, not by keeping people healthy." Basing payments to hospitals and doctors on patient outcomes is a radical notion, to say the least.

* John McCain's plan contains no such provision.

For more information about the two candidates' health care plans, reference the Sept 16 edition of The Wall Street Journal. Be sure to look up both the news/analysis article on page A21 and the Op Ed piece on page A25.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Puddle Of Mudd; We Don’t Have To Look Back Now; Famous
2. David Archuleta; Crush; [Single]
3. Various Artists; Just Stand Up; [Single]
4. Delta Goodrem; I Can’t Break It To My Heart; Delta
5. Daughtry; What About Now; Daughtry
6. Jordin Sparks; One Step At A Time; Jordin Sparks
7. Miley Cyrus; 7 Things; Breakout
8. Rihanna; Disturbia; Good Girl Gone Bad:Reloaded
9. Jason Mraz; I’m Yours; We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things
10. Jonas Brothers; Burning Up; A Little Bit Longer

Monday, September 08, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Sugarland; All I Want To Do; Love On The Inside
2. Rascal Flatts; Everyday; Still Feels Good
3. Jordin Sparks; One Step At A Time; Jordin Sparks
4. Miley Cyrus; 7 Things; Breakout
5. Jonas Brothers; Burning Up; A Little Bit Longer
6. Michelle Williams; We Break The Dawn; Unexpected
7. Miranda Cosgrove; Leave It All To Me;
iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show
8. Chris Brown; Forever; Exclusive : Forever Edition
9. Metro Station; Shake It; Metro Station
10. Pussycat Dolls; When I Grow Up; Doll Domination

David Archuleta's Crush Debuts #2 On Billboard Hot 100

Congratulations David Archuleta and all Archie Angels and Archuleta's fans everywhere. We finally did it!!I'm so proud of you all and so happy and excited right now!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Movie Review: The Mummy : Tomb of Dragon Emperor

Last night I went with my friends to see this movie. The film begins with the story of Emperor Han (Jet Li) who just annihilated his enemy which in result makes him the ruler of China and wants what he doesn’t have which is immortality. Thus he orders his followers to find a witch who knows the secret of immortality. And comes Zi Juan (Michelle Yeoh),she and General Ming look for the mantra together in the old library somewhere and because of their time together,General Ming falls in love with Zi Juan. While Emperor Han before that already commanded to General Ming that nobody cannot touch Zi Juan. When Zi Juan reads the immortality spell in front of Emperor Han, he claims to feel the power and brings Zi Juan to the balcony where Zi Juan shockingly sees below the balcony that General Ming is being tied in his hands and legs and about to be ripped apart by horses. It turns out Emperor Han knows about their affair and just after General Ming is prosecuted,the Emperor stabs Zi Juan. Luckily she escapes and the mantra that she read earlier on,it’s not the immortality spell,it’s the curse spell for the Emperor and all his army. They all become stone.

At the present times,Alex, the son of Rick O’Connell with Professor Roger Wilson join together to find the tomb of the Emperor. After digging for a while,they finally find it and you can see the rest of the story when you watch this movie LOL

I think this movie is pretty good, I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t jumping off of my chair either. What I love in this movie is when the Yeti appears on Himalayas mountain to help Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and the others to fight Emperor Han’s soldiers. While the battle between Emperor Han with his army versus General Ming with the zombie peasants in the end not as colossal as I expected to be. Although the sudden transformation of Emperor Han to any kind of beast is pretty neat.

While we’re waiting for more blockbuster movies,you can see this movie if you don’t have anything else to see. But watch out for the first half of the film because it might make you bored. Why?? Because we only get to see the full action in the later part of the film.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David Archuleta - Pittsburgh Video Blog

Awww,David!!!All of your pictures are so good,you should post it all over the internet for your fans.It brings joy to us and will make your female fans especially on wake up all night.LOL

David Archuleta - Toronto,Canada Video Blog

I laughed a bit when he said that posing in front of camera of his laptop is pretty awkward.LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rascal Flatts - Everyday

Very inspiring video! Love the lyrics!!

My Top Ten Music List

Artist; Song; Album
1. Jordin Sparks; One Step At A Time; Jordin Sparks
2. Michelle Williams; We Break The Dawn; Unexpected
3. Rascal Flatts; Everyday; Still Feels Good
4. Metro Station; Shake It; Metro Station
5. Miley Cyrus; 7 Things; Breakout
6. Sugarland; All I Want To Do; Love On The Inside
7. Katy Perry; I Kissed A Girl; One Of The Boys
8. Boys Like Girls; Thunder; Boys Like Girls
9. Rihanna; Take A Bow; Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded
10. Chris Brown; Forever; Exclusive: Forever Edition

Movie Review : The Dark Knight

Story: Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon and the new district attorney Harvey Dent have plan to catch all mafia in Gotham while Joker offers his help to kill Batman only if the mob pay him half of their asset. He tells them that they better accept this offer or Batman might catch them all and they got nothing left. There are some mafias who don’t trust Joker and there are some who accept Joker’s offer. In the meantime,there are little trust inside the police headquarters because Joker has an insane follower everywhere.
This afternoon at last I watched this movie. As you all know in this movie Joker is the main enemy but there are 2 other enemies although one of them appears a little while (Scarecrow) and the other one appears in the later part of this movie.

Everybody have been waiting for this movie mainly because of buzz around Heath Ledger’s Oscar worthy acting playing Joker in this movie. Well,it’s true. I’ve never seen an enemy so scary and so undefeatable like him. Heath’s fantastic and flawless acting scares so many people to the bone ,even I cringed many times when I was watching this movie. It seems there’s almost no hope for Gotham citizen when Joker is running rampant in the city.

The sound of the movie is unbelievable (you might want to leave your grandparents home) and the special effects are stunning (all the bombing and car crashing in the street). Despite that I think this movie is little bit too long and the plot line is too complicated to comprehend (there are so many plot after plot, only people who used to watch a crime or an action movie might comprehend every details of the action and the purpose and meaning in that plot). There was a boy sit restlessly beside me,I guess maybe he didn’t understand the plot in this movie.

I think I can agree that this movie might be very disturbing for some people. Because of Heath Ledger’s out of this world acting, the Joker that we know from previous movies or in the cartoon is fall short from the Joker in this movie. It’s definitely in different league. The Joker in this movie is like combination of Batman nemesis + pick one horror character from the scariest horror movies you’ve seen,resulting in a haunting and nightmare-ish Joker.
Should you bring your children to watch this movie?? Maybe yes,maybe no. If your children already mature beyond their age,then I think they can watch this movie despite the dark tone in it and the violence. If your children only want to watch this movie because of “Batman” in it,then maybe you should accompany your children.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

David Archuleta - Crazy

A video that everyone have been waiting for. David Archuleta sing "Crazy",it's the Gnarls Barkley's song that he did in Hollywood Round on American Idol and made the judges jaw dropped to the floor and stunned so many people including Josiah Leming. Too bad we didn't see that clip from the Hollywood Round.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Album Review : Sara Bareilles "Little Voice"

1. Love Song (9/10) : this song is very catchy and will never make you bored. I’ve already heard it million times but I never got tired of listening to this song. This song propelled her to the top (#4 on Billboard Hot 100 Songs) and made her famous.
2. Vegas (7/10) : pretty good low-tempo song which tells her story of wanting to move to different city.
3. Bottle It Up (8,5/10) : at first when I saw this 2nd single on video clip,I didn’t like it but now I love it so much,this song will definitely grow on you. She said that she wrote this song before she had a contract and imagined what it felt like if she would get a contract that day. Love the lyric : “I’d do it for love”.
4. One Sweet Love (8,5/10) : the combination of her vocal with the background vocalists is priceless and I love the rhythm of this song. Somehow I feel the same vibe like Jason Mraz’s hit song “The Remedy”.
5. Come Round Soon (6/10) : this song is not my cup of tea,it has an old jazz atmosphere and she hit the big notes in this song.
6. Morningside (7/10) : I can feel her emotion being poured out in this song,I only love the tunes in some part of the song.
7. Between The Lines (9/10) : this low-tempo sad song is fantastic,I love her piano tunes in this. I’m sure you’ll get addicted hearing this song again and again. I hope she’ll release this song as her 3rd single.
8. Love On The Rocks (7,5/10) : this funky song is pretty good
9. City (7,5/10) : this song is pretty suitable I think for a movie soundtrack. Maybe for romantic movie in big city.
10. Many The Miles (8,5/10) : this is David Archuleta’s favourite song which the interviewer from one of the magazine misheard the title and wrote it “Minnie The Mouse” LOL anyway this song is pretty acoustic and she put a great runs in it.
11. Fairytale (7/10) : pretty good up-tempo song.
12. Gravity (7,5/10) : this slow song is pretty good.

Her music is definitely artsy and unique, usually I don’t buy this jazz pop kind of CD so it’s pretty hard for me to write a comment about every songs so maybe I’ll get back someday when I heard this CD enough times but overall it’s pretty good CD.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Metro Station; Shake It; Metro Station
2. Carrie Underwood; Last Name; Carnival Ride
3. Kate Voegele; Only Fooling Myself; Don’t Look Away
4. Mariah Carey; Bye Bye; E=MC²
5. Taylor Swift; Our Song; Taylor Swift
6. Natasha Bedingfield; Pocketful of Sunshine; Pocketful of Sunshine
7. Rihanna; Take A Bow; Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded
8. Sarah Bareilles; Bottle It Up; Little Voice
9. Katy Perry; I Kissed A Girl; One of The Boys
10. Paramore; That’s What You Get; Riot!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

David Archuleta Answers Fans Questions Part 1 of 3

Sorry I was late posting this video because I couldn't login to this blog for few days.Anyway,enjoy the clip guys!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movie Review : Kungfu Panda

OMG!!I got a seat so close to the screen (4th from bottom),I couldn’t catch up all the subtitles even though I understand what they said in the movie but still……

Anyway you must see this movie. This movie despite so funny,the graphic is flawless and the moral story is very good for everybody especially for the children.

Po the fat Panda (Jack Black) has been dreaming all his life to become kungfu warrior and he’s big fan of Furious Five (5 students of Master Shifu consist of : Tigress,Monkey,Mantis,Viper,Crane) although in reality he’s just a son of a noddle shop owner. His father wants him to continue the family business even though Po doesn’t feel like it.

Meanwhile,Oogway (the tortoise master) has a bad feeling that the evil Tai Lung might escape from prison and run havoc among the Valley of Peace. That’s when he makes a decision to choose a Dragon Warrior to beat Tai Lung.

When the festival to find a dragon warrior arrives,Po immediately go and climbing his way up the stairs to the dojo to see the ceremony. Too bad he’s fat and too late to arrive as the door closed in front of his face and the only way he can see what’s going on inside is through the hole in the wall and the door but too bad either someone hinders his sight or the hole suddenly closed. He has no other option but to make a chair of fireworks in order to enter the dojo through the air. After he lands inside the dojo,Master Oogway chooses him as the Dragon Warrior and immediately every jaw drop to the floor because of that shocking decision, and despite constant pleas from Master Shifu about that decision,Master Oogway still stands by his decision.

Could Po learn the kungfu he needs to defeat Tai Lung??
Could the Furious Five accept the decision made by Master Oogway??
Would Master Shifu teach kungfu to Po??
How come Tai Lung could escape from that full defense prison??

You need and have to see this movie to find all the answers,what I like about this movie is the moral story that:
- You can achieve your dreams no matter how crazy the dream is.
- You have to believe in yourself
- You shouldn’t worry about the future and lament about the past but instead you must be grateful for the present moment and give it the best you can
- Looks can be deceiving
Links :

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

David Archuleta - Thank You Video!!

Can't wait for his album and by the way he said "you know who you are" to Jonas Brothers.They already responded on Archie's myspace. David Archuleta is so amazing.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Album Review : Jesse McCartney "Departure"

1. Leavin’ (8/10) : I love “Beautiful Soul” way more than this song but this song is definitely one of the best from this album or if not the best,it’s explain why this song peaked at #10 on Billboard Hot 100.
2. It’s Over (7/10) : this break-up song which probably will become his 2nd single from this album has a catchy tunes on the chorus although it’s pretty bland on the verse.
3. Rock You Feat. Sean Garrett (4/10) : I can’t stand the rap in this flirty song,it’s pretty much a heavily R&B/hip-hop influenced song ,although I like the occasional female background vocal in this song.
4. How Do You Sleep (8/10) : I love this song,it’s a song about the way he's still longing for his girlfriend and still can’t forget her,the combination of electro mixing and everything is pretty good.
5. Into Ya (1/10) : it’s one of the worst song in this album,it’s almost tuneless and focused too much on the vulgarity of the lyric. I’m sure a hardcore fan of Jesse might be shocked hearing the lyric of this song.
6. Makeup (2/10) : the lyric of this song compliment the natural beauty of girls although he should’ve done a major makeup on the melody of the song because it’s crap.
7. My Baby (5/10) : a song about hoping to date a hot lady but too bad the melody is very mediocre.
8. Told You So (6/10) : I think everybody might've guessed what the story exactly in this song. Yep,you’re right. His girlfriend dumped him and regretted that decision because his new boyfriend is worse than Jesse. I’m afraid this song is a little bit verging on forgettable.
9. Relapse (7/10) : it’s pretty much has the same storyline as “How Do You Sleep” but this one is from the singer’s perspective. Love the chorus, hate the rest.
10. Runnin’ (5/10) : it’s not that he’s afraid of the commitment but something bothers him and makes him wanna run from the relationship,the melody of this song reminds me of Mario “Let Me Love You”.
11. Freaky (6,5/10) : it’s a club song with a short lyric in it,I heard some Steve Brown’s style on the background vocal in this song.
12. Not Your Enemy (8/10) : if you’re searching for a song that reminds you to Jesse’s previous albums,this is the song although it’s a ballad with great violin sound and fantastic vocal from Jesse and the medieval aura in this song makes this song a great soundtrack for movies.

Bonus Tracks (Asian Edition):
13. Bleeding Love (7/10) : I’m not a fan of Leona Lewis’ song although it’s pretty catchy because of constant airing on music channel. Jesse’s original rendition of this song (he wrote this song) falls short of Leona Lewis version because her vocal is way in different league than him and the melody in this song is pretty repetitive especially in the keyboard section.

Overall : this album completely shocks me because it’s major shift from Jesse’s musical history and in this album you get to hear a lot of electro/R&B/Hip-hop influence in almost every song because the producers of this album has been producing many great R&B/hip hop songs. Is it worth it to buy it?? Yes,if you love R&B/hip-hop but think again if you’re a pop music fan like me,many of the songs in this album are not my cup of tea.
If you interested in buying Jesse McCartney's albums,please do so by clicking the link in the right side of this blog (below the chatbox) and by doing so,you'll support my blog. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

David Archuleta singing Be Still My Soul

He was singing in troubled youth camp when he's supposed to rest at home and after he sang that,he still gladly signing autograph for everybody. Woah,what a great kid!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song ;Album
1. Carrie Underwood ;Last Name ;Carnival Ride
2. Natasha Bedingfield ;Pocketful of Sunshine ;Pocketful of Sunshine
3. Mariah Carey ;Bye Bye ;E=MC²
4. Celine Dion ;Eyes On Me ;Taking Chances

5. Paramore ;That’s What You Get ;Riot!!
6. Delta Goodrem ;Believe Again ;Delta
7. Daughtry ;Feels Like Tonight ;Daughtry
8. Randy Jackson Feat. Paula Abdul ;Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow ;Randy Jackson’s Music Club Vol. 1
9. Mariah Carey ;Touch My Body ;E=MC²
10. Jesse McCartney ;Leavin’ ;Departure

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm so happy my blog just had 500th visitor

He or she is from Falls Church,Virginia,US and was searching Carrie Underwood (on American Idol Season 7 Finale) on google.

Thank you so much guys for visiting my blog. You could write me a comment,request,etc. I'll gladly answer your comment or give you the request your want the best I can.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol 7 Grand Finale (Result Show)

- It started. Both Davids faced each other.
- 97,5 million votes!!That's crazy!! One got 56% of the votes and the other one got 44%
- Top 12 Finalists performed "Get Ready" with So You Think You Can Dance. It's spectacular especially the vocal harmony of the Top 12. Flawless!!!
-Janice Dickinson spotted!!
- David Archuleta and Cook sang "Hero" by Chad Kroeger. Fantastic duet,I loved David Cook's voice on this song.
- Loved Guru Pitka!!Very very hilarious!!I dig that carpet thing and most of all : "Mariska Hargitay" LOL
- Syesha Mercado & Seal performed "I Have Been Waiting".
- Jason Castro performed "Hallelujah".Super!!
- Melinda Doolittle spotted!!
- Ford Music Video.I wish I could see all that videos,in here they don't air the Ford video clips. (sob)
- Top 6 Girls performed with Donna Summers singing her new single and "Last Dance"!!Masterpiece performance!!
I loved when Ryan Seacrest shamelessly dancing in the middle of the song & panting his breath.
- Fantasia spotted!!Eeepp!! Her hair style definitely don't bore us!!
- Carly Smithson & Michael Johns performed duet on the song "The Letter" . I prefer the dance version of this song though (Sweden group A*Teens sang it on their album)
- Sanjaya spotted!!
- Jimmy Kimmel is funny.
- Top 6 Guys performed "Summer of 69" and after that they were sang "Heaven" song!! Bryan Adams showed up and sang "Til I Saw You" his heart out!!
Awww,why David Archuleta didn't have a duet with him.
- Bo Bice spotted!!
*The show is going on the right direction. All great and fantastic performances & no crap yet!!
- American Idol theme park on Disney World Florida!!Awesome!!
- David Cook sang "Sharp Dressed Man" with ZZ Top Not bad.
- Blake Lewis spotted.
- Brooke White had a duet with Graham Nash performing "Teach Your Children Well" .Weird,wasn't feeling this one at all.
- Jonas Brothers performed "S.O.S" . Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
- OMG!!!!The crapfest began!!
- Renaldo Lapuz performed!!Hip hip hooray!!
- One Republic performed "Apologize" with David Archuleta. Oh gosh......Superb!!!I was mesmerized!!
- Jordin Sparks performed "One Step At A Time". Her high notes were flawless.
Awww,Blake was singing along with her too.
- Gladys Knight performed "Midnight Train To Georgia" with backup singer Ben Stiller,Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr (Jack Black is crazy and stood out from the rest).
- Carrie Underwood performed "Last Name". Woah,she wore very mini dress. I was nervous watching her perform,afraid if she might have had major wardrobe malfunction!! Anyway this performance was the best this season!!!Nobody could outsang her!!
- Top 12 performed "George Michael songs"!!!Amanda Overmyer still looks awkward,I couldn't stand watching her this way.
George Michael performed "Praying For Time". Great performance and gave me chills!!
* I think no one surprised me tonight because I already knew about the guests spoiler LOL no fun,huh!!!
* I'm so nervous,it's killing me!!!!!My heart's pumping so fast like crazy!!!
* Where's Paula Abdul performance with Top 12????All Idol winners performance together???

The winner is David Cook. Congratulation for him and his fans!!! I'm so sad and bummed right now but nevertheless may he have great success and David Archuleta did so great tonight especially knowing that he lost. Although I didn't like the coronation song sang by Cook,if Archuleta sang it,it might've been so much better (only my mere opinion!!)

>>>>Let's celebrate how massive this season was especially with huge fanbase of (I think) Top 9. Let's be kind to each other and not bashing each other's favorite. May God bless all of the Finalists and great success for all of them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol 7 Finale Performances

What a wonderful night tonight,even Andrew Lloyd Webber joining in to coach both of the Davids. Tonight's performances definitely blew me away.

Round 1 (Clive Davis' Song Choices):
- David Cook - I Still Haven't Found What I've Been Looking For by U2
When I heard about what the meaning of the song was,I expect the performance to be a showstopper performance but it turned out to be a mediocre performance. What a disappointment,he got the better song that David Archuleta but couldn't deliver.

- David Archuleta - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John
I had goosebumps everywhere when I watched this performance,it's a fantastic performance and he sang the hell out of him. A song that I considered might not do good for him,did him an amazing performance.

David Archuleta won the 1st round by a landslide

Round 2 (Top 10 Songs List from Songwriter Competition):
- David Cook - Dream Big
I think this was the best performance of David Cook tonight. The song is very catchy and I loved his performance.

- David Archuleta - In This Moment
In the middle of the song until the end,I had goosebumps again. This performance was so good that my younger brother who is a fan of David Cook thought that this round goes to David Archuleta and this was David Archuleta's best performance to date.

David Archuleta won 2nd round for me

Round 3 (Contestant's Pick):
- David Cook - The World I Know by The Collective Soul
It's a good performance I thought,but I really confuse as why he didn't perform the best he could tonight!! Some people think that he's bringing progression and diversity on the song choices tonight but it's a round up of "good" performances from David Cook. He's had so many greater nights before than tonight.

- David Archuleta - Imagine by John Lennon
It's as perfect as the 1st time he sang this memorable performance.

David Archuleta won the 3rd round

Who's the winner tonight?? It's 100% David Archuleta,he terminated David Cook throughout the night. At the night that I predicted David Cook would do great and might give David Archuleta the run for his money,unfortunately he failed to do that. I hope David Cook the success and I want David Archuleta to win because he deserved it and he proved it tonight by going out and gave it all his got.

Was tonight a bloodbath battle?? Not certainly,from what I remembered,Carrie Underwood vs Bo Bice was more neck to neck than tonight's battle.

To Simon Cowell: your boy failed you,it's pointless what you've done to promote David Cook's name all over the talk show.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia:Prince Caspian Movie Review

Do you still remember the first movie where Aslan defeated the White Witch?? Well,in this movie the Pevensie siblings have been living in real world for 1 year although it's already passed 1300 years in Narnia world.

In Telmarines Kingdom,Prince Caspian (played by Ben Barnes) who supposed to be an heir to the throne after his father,is facing a dangerous treachery from his uncle (Uncle Miraz) who just had a son born that night. By killing the Prince,this evil uncle could get the throne of that kingdom. Fortunately the Prince is able to escape from the soldiers' pursuit and saved by two Dwarves. They are Narnians,they almost extinct because of Telmarines especially with Aslan gone,some of them just don't have any hope anymore.

Before Prince Caspian being saved by the dwarves,he able to blow Queen Susan's horn which made the Pevensie siblings who are waiting on the train station magically back into Narnia world. With four siblings back and Prince Caspian's ability to get support from all Narnian races like centaurs,minotaurs,dwarves,etc, they are ready to fight back the Telmarines army that already closing in in order to pursue Prince Caspian and eliminate Narnian once and for all.

Could they win that impossible battle???Where is Aslan??What is Telmarines Kingdom??The answer can be found in this movie.


My review (warning spoiler ahead) : this sequel of Narnia is brilliant and fantastic,it's way better than my expectation because it's surely beat the first one. In this movie you're going to get a lot of scenes with Aslan in it that can make you cry because you might relate to the story (I cried 3-4 times watching this movie). The battle is extraordinarily heart pumping amazing although I prefer if the director extended the battle a bit longer because when the going get interesting,the battle is already over (long battle like in LOTR won't hurt),and what the hell with the controversy about too much violence in this movie??!! Even myself back then when I was 13 years old or younger surely able to watch this movie,the head cutting isn't explicit,the blood is only a scar not like in the gore movie.

This movie is very funny especially because of the swashbuckling mouse (Reepicheep),he's so brave,funny,elegant,cute and all things that you'll find endearing.

The most important thing that missing from this movie is the ending where I don't understand exactly why Aslan has gone for quite long times,and lot of question which haven't been answered by this movie's ending. I feel that the ending of the movie is like the transition in LOTR which in 1 year,you'll get another sequel to continue the previous scene.

Great scenes in this movie: White Witch's resurrection,god of the river attacking the army,the trees annihilating the army,every Aslan scenes and the night attack on Telmarines Kingdom by the Narnians.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Marathon

Thank you so much Star World for airing American Idol this season back to back for 3 whole days,maybe I only slept less than 5 hours since Friday LOL

After watching the whole season,I'm certain now that I will miss this season's contestants when this show finished,especially David Archuleta,Carly Smithson,etc. It's like I've just watched their entire journey and it's reminiscence that so great I almost had teary eyes watching their journey.

I hope the Finale will be great,there are rumors circulating on the internet that Clive Davis is going to pick one song for the Finalists. WTF!!! Why they don't let the contestants decide for themselves which song they will sing.

Finger crossed that the Finale will be great. I hope it's as bloodbath as it can get.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Paramore; That’s What You Get; Riot!!
2. Jonas Brothers; Hold On; Jonas Brothers
3. Colbie Caillat; The Little Things; Coco
4. Kylie Minogue; Wow; X
5. Delta Goodrem; Believe Again; Delta
6. Carrie Underwood; All American Girls; Carnival Ride
7. Randy Jackson Feat. Paula Abdul; Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow; Randy Jackson’s Music Club Vol. 1
8. Mariah Carey; Touch My Body; E=MC²
9. Melee; Can’t Hold On; Devils & Angels
10. Jesse McCartney; Leavin’; Departure

Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 3 Result Show

We all can be happy that our wish comes true which is David vs David Finale. Syesha Mercado went home today and I hope she'll have success on her own through Broadway,movie,etc. The chance for her to outlast one of the Davids is unlikely.

It's time for David Archuleta fans to make sure that our favorite will win the Finale no matter what. Please vote as hardest as you can be for me because I can't vote since I don't live in US. Vote like there's no tomorrow!!!

Homecoming clips tonight were great and very touching,I almost had teary eyes myself watching them.

And WTH!!! with Fantasia??!!! It's like she's a completely different person,even Simon's jaw dropped when he was watching her,her hair looked weird,the song was weird and everything was so strange. Well,she's still a singer that can sing her heart out even though tonight's performance was very strange.

If David Archuleta wins American Idol this year,I'll get 2 of 4 right. Since I predicted on Season 4 when Carrie auditioned that she will win and she did. Season 5,my fave Katharine McPhee stalled on runner up position and on Season 6,my fave Melinda Doolittle got robbed BIG TIMES!!! on 3rd position T_T

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 3 Performances

Round 1 (Judges' Picks):
1. David Archuleta (he was so good singing this song,it's pretty much heavenly and vocally flawless. Loved it!!!)
2. David Cook (he could've moved to my #1 if he sang it pure subtle like the original version but he up the tempo in the end so I gave him A when he could've made it A++ performance) ALMOST-PHOENIX-OF-THE-NIGHT
3. Syesha Mercado (Randy is so stupid picking this song for her,it's very mediocre performance and it didn't give her anything to defeat the Davids)

Round 2 (Personal Choices):
1. David Archuleta (watch out David!!! He almost forgot the lyric and when he did that at those moment his face became so awkward. Overall,I enjoyed this performance and I was laughing all the way because it's so funny)
2. Syesha Mercado (Paris Bennett did this song better. I don't know why Syesha didn't pick a song that will be a great song for her to make it in the Finale even though she already pulled Haley Scarnato with the short dress,it wasn't helping at all)
3. David Cook (the song was too short and it's very predictable)

Round 3 (Producer's Picks):
1. David Cook (amazing performance,it wasn't his best performance but it's great)
2. David Archuleta (lovely performance as always)
3. Syesha Mercado (Did the producers want to sabotage Syesha?? It looks like it. It's bad song choice and it will got her eliminated tomorrow)

The best tonight is David Archuleta (slightly above David Cook),and my prediction Syesha will go home tomorrow.

It's beyond me that Randy and Simon bashed the contestants in round 3 because of the stupidity of the producer's song choices. You should've ranted at the producers,both of you!!! Not the contestants,stupid!! Next season,the producers must not be allowed to pick a song for the contestants!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 4 Result Show

Bye bye Jason Castro,at last the vast numbers of Castronauts couldn't save him. I'm so happy for Syesha,she deserved to be there and I hope she'll do well next week. I don't want her to think that she's expendable and perform mediocre.

Maroon 5 & Bo Bice performed tonight. Bo Bice is still one force to be reckoned with,I remember back then I was afraid on the finale of Season 4. He's so strong and he and Carrie run neck to neck. I think if he compete in this season,he would destroy David Cook easily IMHO

Group performance tonight=disaster (why they're getting worse every week,it's beyond me)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 4 Performances (Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame)

Tonight's performances were suck as well,I can't stand it anymore. Why this season is so bad compares to previous seasons?? Heck,I even would put Blake Lewis there to make the show more interesting. When I saw Rascal Flatts sit in the audience,I wanted them to perform so much because how horrible the performances were. I miss Carly too (sob)

Round 1:
1. David Archuleta (a breath of fresh air tonight,loved this performance,way in different league than the others)
2. Syesha Mercado (good performance,she looked like she's in the zone and did whatever she could to win)
3. Jason Castro (unique song choice but bad and mediocre performance)
4. David Cook (mediocre rock performance for contestant as caliber as him)

Round 2:
1. David Archuleta (he must win this thing,if not that would be disastrous for the show)
2. David Cook (great performance. Well done,David)
3. Syesha Mercado (little bit worse than round 1 performance but it's not that bad,the judges have been very hard on her. I hope she'll last another week)
4. Jason Castro (oops he forgot the lyric,why so many of this season's contestants forgot the song's lyric like David Archuleta,Brooke White and him. It's REALLY bad!!!)

Who goes home tomorrow?? Jason Castro (I've had enough of his laidback attitude. If he doesn't want to win this thing then he should go home)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 5 Result Show

Brooke White went home,it's time for her to go home,heck even last week she should've been gone home but I applaud her for being able to perform 1 great performance yesterday (I Am... I Said)

Natasha Bedingfield performed "Pocketful of Sunshine" and she kissed David Archuleta. Aww,that's so cute.

Neil Diamond performed "Pretty Amazing Grace"

Simon Cowell got to hear from his first crush who kissed him when he was 9 years old LOL

Next week's theme: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (I don't know what it is)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 5 Performances (Neil Diamond's Songbook)

Oh what a fiasco tonight!!!!WTF with Paula??!!!I've just read all over blog over the internet and I just knew that maybe either she judged Jason Castro based on dress rehearsal or the producers gave her the notes (all notes in her table looked like a receipt from department store) and tonight was so boring,this season of American Idol has lost it's steam while even Hillary Clinton herself can pick up steam or boost in impossible times.

Round 1 (highest to lowest) :
1. David Archuleta (loved this performance especially on the lyrics "Sweet Caroline.........and so on" but his performance is verging on bore. Be careful,David)
2. David Cook (solid good performance)
3. Syesha Mercado (great vocal and performance but the song wasn't catchy at all)
4. Brooke White (I was too bored with the song,bad choice,awkward performance like if i have to sing hard rock song that I hate)
5. Jason Castro (good vocal but really forgettable)

Round 2 (highest to lowest) :
1. Brooke White (at last a performance from Brooke White that I've been waiting for,it's the performance that reminded me of her early semifinal performances. Very good) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
2. David Cook (perfect arrangement,perfect timing from the violinist and the band to came in,one of his best performance for me)
3. David Archuleta (better than I expected him to sing this song)
4. Jason Castro (better than his first song but still Jason Castro has lost his ability to charm anyone anymore)
5. Syesha Mercado (fun song,fun personality,but didn't have strong impression)

It's good that round 2 performances outsing both Jason Castro and Brooke's 1st song horrendous performances.

Who I want to go home tomorrow?? Jason Castro

Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 6 Result Show

American Idol is definitely going downhill lately and after tonight,I'm completely speechless.

Bottom 2 are Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson with Carly going home tonight. Yesterday I had a gut feeling that said maybe the fans of Brooke will vote for her based on sympathy and Jason Castro's fans are too big to let him get eliminated.

I hope Carly will use this momentum and produce a great album (with an amazing sales of course)

This season Top 5 are one of the weakest Top 5 for me.

Leona Lewis performed "Bleeding Love" tonight,great performance.

Next week's mentor: Neil Diamond.