Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movie Review : The Dark Knight

Story: Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon and the new district attorney Harvey Dent have plan to catch all mafia in Gotham while Joker offers his help to kill Batman only if the mob pay him half of their asset. He tells them that they better accept this offer or Batman might catch them all and they got nothing left. There are some mafias who don’t trust Joker and there are some who accept Joker’s offer. In the meantime,there are little trust inside the police headquarters because Joker has an insane follower everywhere.
This afternoon at last I watched this movie. As you all know in this movie Joker is the main enemy but there are 2 other enemies although one of them appears a little while (Scarecrow) and the other one appears in the later part of this movie.

Everybody have been waiting for this movie mainly because of buzz around Heath Ledger’s Oscar worthy acting playing Joker in this movie. Well,it’s true. I’ve never seen an enemy so scary and so undefeatable like him. Heath’s fantastic and flawless acting scares so many people to the bone ,even I cringed many times when I was watching this movie. It seems there’s almost no hope for Gotham citizen when Joker is running rampant in the city.

The sound of the movie is unbelievable (you might want to leave your grandparents home) and the special effects are stunning (all the bombing and car crashing in the street). Despite that I think this movie is little bit too long and the plot line is too complicated to comprehend (there are so many plot after plot, only people who used to watch a crime or an action movie might comprehend every details of the action and the purpose and meaning in that plot). There was a boy sit restlessly beside me,I guess maybe he didn’t understand the plot in this movie.

I think I can agree that this movie might be very disturbing for some people. Because of Heath Ledger’s out of this world acting, the Joker that we know from previous movies or in the cartoon is fall short from the Joker in this movie. It’s definitely in different league. The Joker in this movie is like combination of Batman nemesis + pick one horror character from the scariest horror movies you’ve seen,resulting in a haunting and nightmare-ish Joker.
Should you bring your children to watch this movie?? Maybe yes,maybe no. If your children already mature beyond their age,then I think they can watch this movie despite the dark tone in it and the violence. If your children only want to watch this movie because of “Batman” in it,then maybe you should accompany your children.

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