Friday, July 04, 2008

Album Review : Sara Bareilles "Little Voice"

1. Love Song (9/10) : this song is very catchy and will never make you bored. I’ve already heard it million times but I never got tired of listening to this song. This song propelled her to the top (#4 on Billboard Hot 100 Songs) and made her famous.
2. Vegas (7/10) : pretty good low-tempo song which tells her story of wanting to move to different city.
3. Bottle It Up (8,5/10) : at first when I saw this 2nd single on video clip,I didn’t like it but now I love it so much,this song will definitely grow on you. She said that she wrote this song before she had a contract and imagined what it felt like if she would get a contract that day. Love the lyric : “I’d do it for love”.
4. One Sweet Love (8,5/10) : the combination of her vocal with the background vocalists is priceless and I love the rhythm of this song. Somehow I feel the same vibe like Jason Mraz’s hit song “The Remedy”.
5. Come Round Soon (6/10) : this song is not my cup of tea,it has an old jazz atmosphere and she hit the big notes in this song.
6. Morningside (7/10) : I can feel her emotion being poured out in this song,I only love the tunes in some part of the song.
7. Between The Lines (9/10) : this low-tempo sad song is fantastic,I love her piano tunes in this. I’m sure you’ll get addicted hearing this song again and again. I hope she’ll release this song as her 3rd single.
8. Love On The Rocks (7,5/10) : this funky song is pretty good
9. City (7,5/10) : this song is pretty suitable I think for a movie soundtrack. Maybe for romantic movie in big city.
10. Many The Miles (8,5/10) : this is David Archuleta’s favourite song which the interviewer from one of the magazine misheard the title and wrote it “Minnie The Mouse” LOL anyway this song is pretty acoustic and she put a great runs in it.
11. Fairytale (7/10) : pretty good up-tempo song.
12. Gravity (7,5/10) : this slow song is pretty good.

Her music is definitely artsy and unique, usually I don’t buy this jazz pop kind of CD so it’s pretty hard for me to write a comment about every songs so maybe I’ll get back someday when I heard this CD enough times but overall it’s pretty good CD.

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