Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Thought on Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler Leaving American Idol

Yesterday,Steven Tyler said he's going to left Idol to focus on Aerosmith comeback. I will miss him for sure but I won't miss his one liner "beautiful" comment. He's pretty much useless as a judge,he always loves every performances. Although I respect him for defending Haley Reinhart on Season 10 when Randy & J Lo constantly attacked her.

I'm so sad that J Lo also left this show. She always brings joy to the panel. I always love her aura of positivity and cheerful smile. She's always lively. I always think J Lo as the most likable pop female singer out there,and she's the most beautiful woman in the world,for me personally. I will miss her so bad. I don't find Mariah Carey likable. I'm worried about the replacement.

When will Randy leave this show?? His time already up long time ago.

Duets - John Glosson & Jennifer Nettles performed The Prayer

Just divine!!! I always love Jennifer's performance with her team especially with John on this show. Don't care about the rest. Too bad ABC blocks the video for international viewers.