Friday, November 30, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Result Show

- Wow Paige Thomas is the first to be eliminated tonight. Looks like she should've listened to Demi's advice to sing ballad again,in order to save herself. Although her performance last night was her best,it's clearly not enough for America.
- I love this performance by Josh Krajcik,I like that song.
- Fifth Harmony is safe,they and Simon are excited. Maybe Simon thought they would've gone home tonight. Cece Frey is safe. Shocking!!!! Maybe she should continue being crazy.
- Vino Alan and Diamond White are in bottom 2. Vino should blame LA Reid for this atrocity!!!!
- Alicia Keys performs Girl In Fire. Pretty good performance.
- Diamond White sang the heck of it. Totally her best performance ever. I don't know what song that is.
- Vino Alan still got great voice,his voice is definitely suitable for this kind of song. But I don't like that he's singing his audition song.
- Wow Vino from #3 spot every weeks is getting eliminated tonight is a fucking joke to me. He should blame and punch LA Reid for all I care. LA totally fucked up Vino's fate because he changed his song. Urgh. I will miss Vino presence on this show. I never thought that I gonna love him so much because usually a man like Vino is not the kind of favorite I like in singing show.
- Diamond White,Cece Frey and Fifth Harmony might as well pack their suitcase right now because 2 of them gonna be eliminated next week. No chance for any of them to break into Top 3 spot.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Performances

- Diamond White (I thought this was one of Diamond's best performance. It's not ballad like usual. She works the stage,she sings in tune,she walks like a pro. Great job!!! Britney saying she wanna dance any day with Diamond is considered an amazing words by Khloe. Of course!!! Looks like Britney not gonna be useful any soon.
- Vino Alan (urgh so boring. LA made a huge mistake changing the song for Vino. I don't like it!! He could lose some steam after this)
- Paige Thomas (holy crap,Paige really looks like a star!! She's in her zone!! Definitely her best performance by far in this competition!! She found the perfect balance between crazy outfit or subdued balladeer. I love it when I see great performance from a contestant that I already written off long ago)
- Fifth Harmony (that was pretty good. I'm still waiting to be blown away by this group as they did in Judge's house. They have been in rollercoaster throughout live show,moving around mostly in mediocre to good performance)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (OMFG that was the best performance of this season. Truly above and beyond everybody else. And to think that I really hate Rolling In The Deep. Carly did an impossible job for making me love that performance of the most overdone song of the last 2 years)
- Tate Stevens (he changes it up,it's pretty entertaining. Tate is still on the roll)
- Cece Frey (fierce Cece is back!! I hope she will stay after this fun circus. I enjoyed it,to be honest)
- Emblem3 (dunno why,but I don't get it. I don't like the song. It's just going on and on and on. So boring!! They're still good looking guy though)

Friday, November 23, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 10 Result Show (Thanksgiving)

Urgh what a thanksgiving episode. NOT!!!!

- It's good to know that they donate music instrument and equipment to that school. But after that the good atmosphere of this show turned into a funeral.
- Arin Ray is eliminated. No surprise there. Arin hasn't got the chance to showcase what he can do in his music career. Blame it on the wrong song choices!!!
- I love Cher Lloyd performance. Very refreshing!!
- Cece Frey and Beatrice Miller are in bottom 2. Urgh,Beatrice is already crying.
- Cece sang Because Of You so badly on the early notes,but after that she picked it up and slayed the song the best she can. Probably her best performance so far.
- Beatrice sang White Flag from Dido. It's too heartbreaking watching her trying so hard not to cry while singing. Beatrice is too young to compete on this show. She got the talent though.
- Simon sent Beatrice home because she's not ready at this age. And here goes the full meltdown ala Rachel Crow last season. It's not as worst as Rachel,but when Beatrice said sorry to her sisters. I almost cried. It's not okay for kid her age to feel the burden to save her family. Urgh at Khloe asking Beatrice if she's okay. She's not,you damn fool!!! She's the worst host ever.
- Cece,Fifth Harmony and Paige Thomas will be gone next week.
- Top 3 still dominated by Vino Alan,Tate Stevens and new #1 today Carly Rose Sonenclar. It's getting boring.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 10 Performances

 It's Thanksgiving week. Lots of melodramatic story tonight.

- Tate Stevens (here we go again,with Tate's backstory about his father couldn't pursue his passion in music and had to sacrifice for the family. I'm sure the southern will vote bajillion times because of this story. Tate still sings pretty good,I must say. He's getting more confident each weeks. I think he's in for the long haul)
- Diamond White (I definitely can relate with Diamond's family situation. Definitely this is the best performance she has. She sang it with so much conviction,I believe every words she sang. Although this is overdone song,Diamond makes it her own. Britney is still useless with her comments)
- Emblem3 (I agree with LA Reid. I also didn't feel any emotion from them. It's just vacant expression the whole performance. Khloe is unbearable with the questioning and saying over and over again that America in love with Emblem3).
- Arin Ray (this is so clusterfuck!! Arin was out of it. It's like his mind is somewhere else. I don't know what the heck happened with that song choice and everything. Could be the producers picking the song choice for Arin or something else. Arin could go home tomorrow. He's just losing the steam each weeks)
- Cece Frey (oh gawd,lethal sobstory there!! Cece could get A LOT of pity votes from the viewers. Her vocal though is the worst she's ever been. Cracking here and there. Ouch. But I give her kudos for trying to maintain her composure throughout the song)
- Fifth Harmony (hmm they are incredible individual singer,but it came to my knowledge that they use less time for harmony. They spent most of their time singing individually. I wish they practice their harmony more)
- Beatrice Miller (Beatrice's story almost made me bawling. Beautiful performance from her. Although I quite agree with Demi that her performance almost similar in that it's always subdued. Still waiting for the perfect song choice for her. For me,Beatrice's best performance is still Titanium on Judge's House)
- Vino Alan (OMG that was amazing!! I still remember Kristy Lee Cook's brilliant version of this song but Vino made this song his own. His performance gave me chills throughout my body. Amazing!!!)
- Paige Thomas (I wholeheartedly disagree with the judges. This is hands down one of the best performance of the night and Paige's best by a million miles. This is the perfect song for her. Yes,she pitchy in some parts but overall this is a strong performance from her. Wow!!!!)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (impeccable vocal,but I still hate her mannerism and well rehearsed movement. It's like she's being trained all of her life for this. Still,she's the one to beat though)

Friday, November 16, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Result Show

- OMG Lyric145 is going home tonight. Shocking!!! So sad that we won't see interesting performance from them anymore.
- Taylor Swift performs a boring version of State of Grace.
- The bottom 2 are: Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia. Wow,early spot cost Jennel the votes.
- Jennel performs The Reason from Hoobastank. Very good performance!!
- Paige performs Paradise. The best performance she ever did.
- LA Reid and Britney sent Jennel home. Simon bickering with Demi over who goes first. Demi sent Paige home. Simon sent Jennel home. So much for the early frontrunner!! I feel so bad for Jennel.
- LOL at Tate Stevens being #1 again. The country voter,redneck and southern all power vote for this guy every week. Carly Rose Sonenclar also still maintains her #2 spot. Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller have to count their days since they're going home next week,for sure.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Performances

It's divas night. Lots of overdone songs. Even this show's mentor can't find a great song choice for their teams.

- Jennel Garcia (I think this is her best performance so far. But I really hate this Tina Turner song. It's been sung billion times on any singing show. Britney looks scary with that weird make up)
- Tate Stevens (oh wow,America for sure will eat that up. Great song choice,good performance,very heartfelt and he dedicated it to his wife. What else could he do to make it better? None. Middle America will power vote for this guy. I won't be surprised if he takes #1 spot for 2nd week in a row)
- Diamond White (solid performance from Diamond. She sang it very well,although her voice strained a bit in the higher notes. Definitely better than last week. The judging is getting similar to Idol. Especially Britney)
- Beatrice Miller (I hope there won't be any backlash because of Beatrice's lesbian moms. I wish their family the best in managing what happened on their home's situation. This song made Beatrice's performance dreary and repetitive. She has great tone,but Britney can't seem to find the right song for her yet. Maybe Beatrice should pick the song herself)
- Lyric145 (I'm not feeling it. Their worst performance yet. I hope they don't go home tomorrow)
- Arin Ray (terrible!!! He can't even hit the high notes. It doesn't look like a song that's dedicated to his lover,he squirmed all throughout the performance. Plus,watching Arin already had a crush,it gonna impact the girl votes on him. Arin gonna be in danger tomorrow. Urgh,I hate the mentor's comment to their groups. It's basically pointless)
- Paige Thomas (urgh I don't know why Paige's voice doesn't have melody in it. She sings very flat until the end. Although she made this song her own on this performance. Still,I'm not a fan of Paige)
- Fifth Harmony (OMG Camila's vocal was so sharp in the end. I cringed so hard and shut my eyes. It was unbearable. The sharpest vocal ever that I've heard this year on any singing show. It was trainwreck. With this predictable song,I just can't with tonight's episode. Hero is so overdone. Please retire that song!!)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (wow huge song!!! The girl screaming like banshee totally ruined the mood of the song and the performance for me. I'm so upset right now. Someone needs to strangle that girl. Shut up!!!! However,Carly's vocal wasn't as amazing as I expected. She still sang it pretty great though. But I expected better from her)
- Vino Alan (amazingggggg!!! This was the best performance of the night. Vino's voice is so soulful. I've been humming this song for a few days in my mind,dunno why. Vino did this song justice. I really really love it. Very shocking considering Vino is not the kind of singer I'm gravitated toward)
- Emblem3 (it's good!! Definitely better than a mess of last week. I think we can't expect a great vocal from them. The only thing we can expect from them is a great performance. But they definitely coasting on good looks so far)
- Cece Frey (the song is too big for her. I applaud Cece for singing this song the best she can. But it's a trainwreck. It didn't deserve the pimp spot of the night)

Friday, November 09, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 13 Result Show

- One Direction first performance was a mess. Lots of tattoo on Zayn arm. Liam looks old.
- One Direction - Little Things performance was AMAZING!!! I love this accoustic side of them. They sang really good. Might be one of the best single from them. I really love it!!
- Bottom 2 are: Cece Frey and Jason Brock. I feel bad for Cece.
- Cece sang the heck of it on her sing for her life performance. Her best performance in a while. I really love it. She isn't that bad of a singer.
- Jason Brock did amazing too. I don't know why they can't sing like this on yesterday. That would've been so much better. Sigh.
- Deadlock!! Jason Brock is the lowest vote getter. His gayness cost him this competition. I love his personality though. Oh well!! I hope he can get a job at Japan.
- Mario and Khloe revealed the vote order. Arin Ray is in #11 place,above Cece. He should be very afraid. Lyric145 position is too low. Emblem3 isn't that popular as I thought. I'm shocked at Vino Alan #3 position. LOL at Tate Stevens being #1 on vote getter,the middle america and southern definitely voted so hard for this country guy. American Idol demographics already hijacking this show as we speak. LMAO.

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Performances

I didn't bother to download this episode. So,youtube was the only way to go for me. Very efficient and easy!!!

- Arin Ray (the best performance from him. He got swag,he sang really good,great stage movement. Britney looked super excited)
- Paige Thomas (amazing entrance from the ceiling,stunning dress,I'm not a fan of Paige's vocal though. I guess she improves after last week)
- Vino Alan (OMG amazing performance. Very passionate!! I didn't know he had it in him. I'm very impressed)
- Emblem3 (urgh a mess. I don't like a medley of 3 songs combined into one with One Direction background song. Chaotic!!!)
- Beatrice Miller (why Britney turned Beatrice into this confusing personality. Let her do her thing. She had amazing performance on judge house. Don't turn her into a ballad singer. Bravo for her lesbian moms)
- Jennel Garcia (Demi is an awful mentor. I don't get this persona of Jennel. Really mediocre)
- Tate Stevens (Tate's backstory really moved me,but I prefer his last week's performance rather than this week. I don't think this song suits him.)
- Lyric145 (I thought they gonna destroy their crediblity even further,but I was wrong. Interesting performance from them. They're not boring at all. Can't wait to see what their performance will be next week)
- Diamond White (Simon brought her back as wildcard,and she sang the exact same song choice as Melanie Amaro last year. Zzzzzzzzz. This song should be banned forever)
- Cece Frey (Cece is unrecognizable. What happened to brunette fierce Cece??? Where is she??)
- Carly Rose (great performance. One of the best of the night beside Vino Alan.)
- Jason Brock (I Believe I Can Fly??? Seriously????? Another zzzzzzzzzzzzz. LA Reid is stupid for picking this dreadful song.)
- FifthHarmony (Camille's vocal was so weird for the first verse. Not suitable at all. After that it's getting better. The harmony was good)

The best of the night: Carly Rose Sonenclar & Vino Alan

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Result Show

Gawd,I completely forgot to blog about last week's result show. It took forever to download this episode,and with so many things going on in my life. I barely have a time to blog this. Here's my opinion about last week result:

- Cece performed really well. I'm glad that Willie Jones got eliminated. He's the weakest link in Demi Lovato's group.
- OMG David Correy's performance of Since You Been Gone was amazing. Although he looked desperate as his live show performance. Jason Brock did pretty good. It's shocking that LA Reid cut David Correy. I thought he got the best chance to win this competition from LA's group.
- Hmm I thought Arin Ray's performance of that Whitney Houston song was decent. I didn't care about Diamond White performance,tbh. Good decision for Britney.
- Sister C is so wooden on stage. They're like robot. I just didn't feel anything when watching them perform. Sad,they have pretty good vocal. 1432 did way better than their live show performance. I won't miss Sister C. They disappoint me.
- Oh lawd,Simon gonna change 1432 name again. LOL.

To be honest,I already forgot lots of things from last week's episode. X Factor just didn't do it for me as Idol does. It's hard to remember any of the performance. Plus,I have lots of things on my mind nowadays,so usually I lose my focus when watching this show.

Friday, November 02, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Performances

It took me more than 17 hours to download this episode. Crazy!!!!! Maybe I'll just check on youtube for the next episode. This episode was underwhelming,the song choices were atrocious,the performances range from bizarre to mediocre. Khloe Kardashian looks nervous.

- Paige Thomas (oh god,she looks like Rihanna. Without the charisma. I didn't feel this performance at all. Great custome,but underwhelming opening for the show)
- Arin Ray (why Britney gave him The Supremes song? I commend him for rearranging this dull song. But overall it's just okay)
- David Correy (wow this one was a surprise. I'd never think David singing this song ever. He did a pretty good job. Although I agree with Simon,he sounded desperate)
- Sister C (they have no sob story. It must be pretty nice living without any major problems whatsoever. I'd want some of that. The performance was okay for me. Their vocal got overwhelmed by the production)
- Jennel Garcia (OMG this song!!!! Jennel's vocal was terrible. Maybe she wasn't hearing herself correctly. It just didn't work for her)
- Diamond White (the weakest performance so far. Britney can't pick more awful song choice than this. It looks like a joke)
- Vino Allan (I didn't understand why LA Reid gave him a rock song. I felt it pointless to sing a song in the genre that Vino can't identify with)
- Lyric145 (LOL at Gangnam Style mash up. Even Britney looked shocked. Weird hip hop song,but compared to the others,this one was good)
- Cece Frey (I don't like Cece in blonde hair. Wrong song choice for her. Could be better)
- Tate Stevens (easily the strongest vocal performance so far. I'm shocked. I really liked it)
- Beatrice Miller (trainwreck. She's so nervous,her vocal suffered,she couldn't relate with the song. Britney looked like in the verge of meltdown)
- Jason Brock (he took out the fun from this song. This performance really looks like the joke performance on UK X Factor. I bet the middle America hated this)
- Lylas/1432 (I don't get the new name. Urgh. Awful song choice. After an amazing performance at the judge house,I was really disappointed with this)
- Willie Jones (I tuned out completely on this performance)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (good song choice,but Carly sang it in a weird way. Like she's not comfortable with this. Pity!)
- Emblem3 (so much confidence & charisma. Although they have mediocre vocal and harmony. I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. The vocalist in the middle is really hot. They could be in the Top 3)