Friday, November 02, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Performances

It took me more than 17 hours to download this episode. Crazy!!!!! Maybe I'll just check on youtube for the next episode. This episode was underwhelming,the song choices were atrocious,the performances range from bizarre to mediocre. Khloe Kardashian looks nervous.

- Paige Thomas (oh god,she looks like Rihanna. Without the charisma. I didn't feel this performance at all. Great custome,but underwhelming opening for the show)
- Arin Ray (why Britney gave him The Supremes song? I commend him for rearranging this dull song. But overall it's just okay)
- David Correy (wow this one was a surprise. I'd never think David singing this song ever. He did a pretty good job. Although I agree with Simon,he sounded desperate)
- Sister C (they have no sob story. It must be pretty nice living without any major problems whatsoever. I'd want some of that. The performance was okay for me. Their vocal got overwhelmed by the production)
- Jennel Garcia (OMG this song!!!! Jennel's vocal was terrible. Maybe she wasn't hearing herself correctly. It just didn't work for her)
- Diamond White (the weakest performance so far. Britney can't pick more awful song choice than this. It looks like a joke)
- Vino Allan (I didn't understand why LA Reid gave him a rock song. I felt it pointless to sing a song in the genre that Vino can't identify with)
- Lyric145 (LOL at Gangnam Style mash up. Even Britney looked shocked. Weird hip hop song,but compared to the others,this one was good)
- Cece Frey (I don't like Cece in blonde hair. Wrong song choice for her. Could be better)
- Tate Stevens (easily the strongest vocal performance so far. I'm shocked. I really liked it)
- Beatrice Miller (trainwreck. She's so nervous,her vocal suffered,she couldn't relate with the song. Britney looked like in the verge of meltdown)
- Jason Brock (he took out the fun from this song. This performance really looks like the joke performance on UK X Factor. I bet the middle America hated this)
- Lylas/1432 (I don't get the new name. Urgh. Awful song choice. After an amazing performance at the judge house,I was really disappointed with this)
- Willie Jones (I tuned out completely on this performance)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (good song choice,but Carly sang it in a weird way. Like she's not comfortable with this. Pity!)
- Emblem3 (so much confidence & charisma. Although they have mediocre vocal and harmony. I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. The vocalist in the middle is really hot. They could be in the Top 3)

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