Friday, November 09, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 13 Result Show

- One Direction first performance was a mess. Lots of tattoo on Zayn arm. Liam looks old.
- One Direction - Little Things performance was AMAZING!!! I love this accoustic side of them. They sang really good. Might be one of the best single from them. I really love it!!
- Bottom 2 are: Cece Frey and Jason Brock. I feel bad for Cece.
- Cece sang the heck of it on her sing for her life performance. Her best performance in a while. I really love it. She isn't that bad of a singer.
- Jason Brock did amazing too. I don't know why they can't sing like this on yesterday. That would've been so much better. Sigh.
- Deadlock!! Jason Brock is the lowest vote getter. His gayness cost him this competition. I love his personality though. Oh well!! I hope he can get a job at Japan.
- Mario and Khloe revealed the vote order. Arin Ray is in #11 place,above Cece. He should be very afraid. Lyric145 position is too low. Emblem3 isn't that popular as I thought. I'm shocked at Vino Alan #3 position. LOL at Tate Stevens being #1 on vote getter,the middle america and southern definitely voted so hard for this country guy. American Idol demographics already hijacking this show as we speak. LMAO.

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