Friday, November 16, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Result Show

- OMG Lyric145 is going home tonight. Shocking!!! So sad that we won't see interesting performance from them anymore.
- Taylor Swift performs a boring version of State of Grace.
- The bottom 2 are: Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia. Wow,early spot cost Jennel the votes.
- Jennel performs The Reason from Hoobastank. Very good performance!!
- Paige performs Paradise. The best performance she ever did.
- LA Reid and Britney sent Jennel home. Simon bickering with Demi over who goes first. Demi sent Paige home. Simon sent Jennel home. So much for the early frontrunner!! I feel so bad for Jennel.
- LOL at Tate Stevens being #1 again. The country voter,redneck and southern all power vote for this guy every week. Carly Rose Sonenclar also still maintains her #2 spot. Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller have to count their days since they're going home next week,for sure.

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