Friday, November 09, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Result Show

Gawd,I completely forgot to blog about last week's result show. It took forever to download this episode,and with so many things going on in my life. I barely have a time to blog this. Here's my opinion about last week result:

- Cece performed really well. I'm glad that Willie Jones got eliminated. He's the weakest link in Demi Lovato's group.
- OMG David Correy's performance of Since You Been Gone was amazing. Although he looked desperate as his live show performance. Jason Brock did pretty good. It's shocking that LA Reid cut David Correy. I thought he got the best chance to win this competition from LA's group.
- Hmm I thought Arin Ray's performance of that Whitney Houston song was decent. I didn't care about Diamond White performance,tbh. Good decision for Britney.
- Sister C is so wooden on stage. They're like robot. I just didn't feel anything when watching them perform. Sad,they have pretty good vocal. 1432 did way better than their live show performance. I won't miss Sister C. They disappoint me.
- Oh lawd,Simon gonna change 1432 name again. LOL.

To be honest,I already forgot lots of things from last week's episode. X Factor just didn't do it for me as Idol does. It's hard to remember any of the performance. Plus,I have lots of things on my mind nowadays,so usually I lose my focus when watching this show.

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