Friday, November 23, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 10 Result Show (Thanksgiving)

Urgh what a thanksgiving episode. NOT!!!!

- It's good to know that they donate music instrument and equipment to that school. But after that the good atmosphere of this show turned into a funeral.
- Arin Ray is eliminated. No surprise there. Arin hasn't got the chance to showcase what he can do in his music career. Blame it on the wrong song choices!!!
- I love Cher Lloyd performance. Very refreshing!!
- Cece Frey and Beatrice Miller are in bottom 2. Urgh,Beatrice is already crying.
- Cece sang Because Of You so badly on the early notes,but after that she picked it up and slayed the song the best she can. Probably her best performance so far.
- Beatrice sang White Flag from Dido. It's too heartbreaking watching her trying so hard not to cry while singing. Beatrice is too young to compete on this show. She got the talent though.
- Simon sent Beatrice home because she's not ready at this age. And here goes the full meltdown ala Rachel Crow last season. It's not as worst as Rachel,but when Beatrice said sorry to her sisters. I almost cried. It's not okay for kid her age to feel the burden to save her family. Urgh at Khloe asking Beatrice if she's okay. She's not,you damn fool!!! She's the worst host ever.
- Cece,Fifth Harmony and Paige Thomas will be gone next week.
- Top 3 still dominated by Vino Alan,Tate Stevens and new #1 today Carly Rose Sonenclar. It's getting boring.

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