Friday, November 30, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Result Show

- Wow Paige Thomas is the first to be eliminated tonight. Looks like she should've listened to Demi's advice to sing ballad again,in order to save herself. Although her performance last night was her best,it's clearly not enough for America.
- I love this performance by Josh Krajcik,I like that song.
- Fifth Harmony is safe,they and Simon are excited. Maybe Simon thought they would've gone home tonight. Cece Frey is safe. Shocking!!!! Maybe she should continue being crazy.
- Vino Alan and Diamond White are in bottom 2. Vino should blame LA Reid for this atrocity!!!!
- Alicia Keys performs Girl In Fire. Pretty good performance.
- Diamond White sang the heck of it. Totally her best performance ever. I don't know what song that is.
- Vino Alan still got great voice,his voice is definitely suitable for this kind of song. But I don't like that he's singing his audition song.
- Wow Vino from #3 spot every weeks is getting eliminated tonight is a fucking joke to me. He should blame and punch LA Reid for all I care. LA totally fucked up Vino's fate because he changed his song. Urgh. I will miss Vino presence on this show. I never thought that I gonna love him so much because usually a man like Vino is not the kind of favorite I like in singing show.
- Diamond White,Cece Frey and Fifth Harmony might as well pack their suitcase right now because 2 of them gonna be eliminated next week. No chance for any of them to break into Top 3 spot.

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