Friday, November 26, 2010

Thought of the Day : Too much kindness doesn't work

I'm tired of being a good person. Always tolerate other people's behaviour,trying to forgive other people's mistakes,trying to be kind and nice to other people who don't deserve it. It all backfired on me. The more kindness that I gave,the more evil things came back to me. Maybe I should go back to what I was few years ago. Very cuthroat to other people,not giving the other cheek easily,easily banish all the bad people from my life. Sigh.

Carrie Underwood - There's A Place For Us (CBS Thanksgiving Parade)

I wish I could find a place for me someday!! I hate feeling don't fit in everywhere!!

Carrie Underwood - Undo It (CBS Thanksgiving Parade)

Really resonates with me right now. I want to undo all the good things that I've done to some ungrateful people.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie Review : Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

At last the finale of Harry Potter has arrived,I’ll be missing this series so much when it ends next year. Watching one of the trailer which has all the clips since the beginning,reminds me of how magical this series is. It’d be impossible for us to find another magical saga like this. For medieval and fantasy lover,after LOTR and Harry Potter,there’s only Narnia series left to satisfy us.

When I found out that this last book gonna be made into 2 part,I was so excited for that idea. At last,justice for the book. No more massive cuts and all over the place storyline. This movie begins with Rufus Scrimgeour talking to the press,Bill Nighy played that part brilliantly. I love the Malfoy Manor scenes. Very cool and dark!! Always love Alan Rickman’s acting. The Dursley family left their house,I miss their interaction with Harry like in the 1st until 3rd installment,it’d much better if they show us Petunia’s last reaction to Harry and Dudley giving thanks to Harry for saving him from Dementor in 5th film. After all,they were pain in the ass in the beginning,at the very least,we should give them their last meaningful appearance. Harry checking out the space below the staircase,how time flied so fast. Immediately after that,The Order of Phoenix arrive. I didn’t expect Mundungus to be like that,I thought of him as a some kind of creature. Oh well!! The scene of 7 Harrys is funny. The fight in the air makes me confuse. They cut Tonk’s parents part. They didn’t drag out for too long the scene where Harry’s waiting for the others to arrive. No need for suspense,I guess.

No need for Mrs weasley interrogating them about why they quit from Hogwarts either since the film goes straight to the wedding part. I wonder if the casual viewers will understand about Harry-Dumbledore relationship without much information about Dumbledore. The article of Philleas Doge and Rita Skeeter,their articles made Harry seriously question dumbledore’s past etc. It’s a huge element in the book. Whereas,in the film,we only get here and there about Dumbledore. And Grindellwald got the shaft. LOL

Dumbledore’s illusion in Grimmauld Place basically useless since Hermione’s screams dispel it. Kreacher acts shockingly kinder,although they haven’t gave him attention,care,etc. The plot to infiltrate Ministry of Magic is so weird. There’s no planning beforehand,etc,how the casual viewers might comprehend that reckless plan?? Ohh,how I love watching Umbridge back. I love that evil despicable character. Imelda Staunton played Umbridge spectacularly.

The scenes where they relocate from place to place,it’s so boring. I already predicted this when I read the book. It’d be so boring if this happens on the screen. The good part is,how beautiful were that sceneries. Makes me appreciate earth much more. There’s no goblin campfire scene in the film,too bad. And we can barely hear the voice in the radio,if we don’t have the subtitles in here. I love the creature from that horcrux necklace. Watching Harry and Hermione’s dancing is very awkward. I thought they gonna kiss,since I read about Daniel Radcliffe’s description that Emma Watson kiss like an animal. LOL. It turns out,their illusion that’s kissing. Their friendship is commendable though,I want a group like that. Supportive of each others through the years. Sigh.

The scene where Xenophilius rat their location is different from the book. I love the animation about Deathly Hallows. It’s weird though watching Greyback doesn’t recognize Harry’s face. Malfoy Manor once again excites me. The piece of mirror that harry brought has a face that’s different from the book. It’s basically no Dumbledore,whereas I think in the book it resembles Dumbledore so much,that I think about Dumbledore all the time when Harry’s speaking to the mirror. Dobby’s appearance didn’t shock me like in the book,since he already appeared with Kreacher in the beginning. It’s very touching that Dobby became a twitter trending many times this week.

Overall,it’s a very good movie. Boring because so many conversation,it’s okay though,it follow the book very closely. I think this movie isn’t blasphemous like its predecessor where it cuts so many parts,it’s not even funny anymore. The big change in this movie would be Dursley’s family scene and Xenophillius. Not that bad!! Of course,you would be so much more emotional reading the book rather than watching the movies. So many great parts from the book,doesn’t exist in the movie. Makes me wonder if the casual viewers notice the lack of detail. However,because people have short attention span and only craving for action. I’d think they don’t notice about that and couldn’t careless. Can’t wait for part 2.

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Dynasty Warrior 7 (Shin-Sangoku Musou 6) Gameplay

OMG!! This video makes me want to play this game so baddd!!!!! It's been years since I played the last Dynasty Warriors (Dynasty Warriors 5). I even haven't played DW6 yet. Can't afford PS3 and don't have that much time anymore to play game. 24 hours per day isn't enough anymore,I want 100 hours per day so that I can do everythings that I want. LOL.

Friday, November 19, 2010

American Idol Season 10 Changes : They Don't Listen To Us,Viewers

I have an opinion regarding this massive changes on American Idol Season 10. While I love all the changes,I don't agree with this Top 24 getting picked by the judges so we the viewers only vote for the Top 12 and so on. Woah,way to go for the manipulation machine!! It's like they don't think they manipulated us enough way back then in Season 8. Nigel is acting like politician,they don't listen to what people wants,they act like they know it all,and that will be their downfall. I really don't want Season 10 to be worse than the super boring Season 9.

Kris Allen's Welcome Home Video

Awwww I want to live in a town like that. Supportive community,etc. Watching this video brings me back to when I was heavily involved supporting Kris on AI8 last year. Great times!! I'm so proud of him.

The Green Lantern Movie Trailer

Although I don't know much about Green Lantern,but I can't wait for this movie.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What character Carrie Underwood relates to in Narnia??

Narnia movies always make me cry in some scenes of it. Dunno why,maybe because it's so relatable.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carrie Underwood : There's A Place For Us (Narnia Preview)

OMG!! I can't wait for this movie. From the trailer,it looks AMAZING!! And with Carrie's song,probably I'd love this sequel.

Monday, November 08, 2010

My Venting

My life is like Democratic Party in US. Extreme opposition in every areas. No matter what I’ve done and what I do,it’ll never be enough. Even when I strife to do all the good deeds that I can do,it’s still not enough for some people. I’d never have an ally(except a few great friends) as long as I live in this backward,close-minded country. Well,let me say this:STFU!! I’m proud of what I’ve become and how I survived many crisis in my life.

“You can’t handle my body,so I got to do it” – Byron Katie

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Taylor Swift's Platinum Debut for Her 3rd Album

She debuted her 3rd album with a whopping 1,044,477 sales. Compared that to the #2 position,which is Sugarland with 86,912 sales. That's craziness!!! I've never seen a sales that big for many years!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

X Factor : Wagner's Bat Out of Hell

Awful!! Funny but it's getting old for me. I rather have Jedward again like last year.

X Factor : One Direction's Total Eclipse of The Heart

So it's related to Halloween because of Eclipse?? WTH was that?? Simon is so easily pleased on X Factor,a contrast with American Idol where he'll definitely throw this kind of act under the bus. I think some of them have talent,some of them don't.