Friday, November 25, 2011

X Factor US Top 9 Result Show

Blink and you miss it!! Kelly performed Stronger very early on the show. The last time I really really love Kelly's song was the Breakaway era. Still waiting for another one,so far all the songs she's been releasing not that great,only good. Urgh,Steve Jones is so stiff!!!

This is the best group performance ever!! I love watching the circus costume and all the props. Tired of hearing Pink songs though.

Finally,Lakoda Rayne is gone!! They should be grateful that they lasted this long. Paula should've put through The Brewer Boys instead. I'm sure they will last longer than any of the groups.

Bruno Mars song haunts me everywhere I go. There's no escape from it. But I have to say this is a fantastic performance.

Already predicted this outcome.

Marcus Canty performed You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera. He did a good job!! I believe it!!

Leroy Bell performed Don't Let Me Down by The Beatles. This is the best he's ever done. Great job,Leroy!!

I already assumed it will go down to deadlock. I feel bad for Leroy. I hope he can get a music career out of this show. Salute to his persistence.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Wild Horses

His story somehow resonates with me,especially the broken hearted part. Stunning performance!! Just plain awesome!!

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Drew Ryniewicz - Skyscrapper

Still a solid performance from Drew. I'm waiting for her big breakout moment again. Oh wow at LA Reid and Simon bickering again. So tiresome!! I don't understand why LA Reid don't know this song is a Demi Lovato song.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Astro - Show Me What You Got

I just can't stand this kid's big ego but certainly he got talent. I don't get bored watching his performance. That says a lot!! I can't say the same for the other contestants though.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Leroy Bell - Angel

Oh God,I feel so awful for not feeling anything at all watching his performance. Maybe Leroy's voice and singing style just not my cup of tea.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Lakoda Rayne - You Belong With Me

Why the heck they picked this song?? This song is not suitable at all for the one they sing it for. Oh God,are the judges smoking crack? Their vocal is rough. No chance at all for America to buy their album. They still looks amateurish.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Chris Rene - Let It Be

Just okay!! It gets better in the end though.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Melanie Amaro - I'm The World's Greatest

A solid performance from Melanie. I don't like the song though,it reminds me of that African kid performance in American Idol. The lyrics seems weird to me. I hope the conservatives out there will vote in droves for her though. Wow why's she suddenly crying and giving speech with her native accent? Talk about an awkward moment on TV.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Marcus Canty - Mama

Salute to her mom's determination. This is a beautiful performance. Everyone will feel it. Lots of moms in America will vote for this guy tonight.

X Factor US Top 9 Performances: Rachel Crow - I Believe

One Direction's song used in the background when Steve introducing Rachel. Really,Simon?? Anyway,she looks great. She sings great. This is one of her best performance indeed. I really enjoyed it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

X Factor US Top 10 Result Show

I forgot to post this on the day of the result show because I couldn't find the link to watch this show:

Group performance of We Will Rock You is terrible. Ouch Leroy for forgetting your turn again.

Holy shit!! Leroy Bell and Lakoda Rayne are safe. There goes my points!!! I still don't know who makes up the voting base of this show.

Rihanna looks bloated. This song is familiar. Ow Katie Stevens from American Idol Season 9 sang this song on youtube.

Bottom 2 are Stacy and Astro. Shocking!! I thought Astro is up there on the top.

Oh God!! Way to pander to the judges and viewers!! Please go home,Stacy!! You can't sing!!

I can't stand this kid's big ego. I've been tolerating him for these past few weeks. Now,I'm over it.

Astro should be grateful that he got more talent than Stacy. Or he will be send back to wherever he came from. So much drama on this result show!! Most entertaining indeed!! They should do it every weeks like this. Btw Stacy can go back to her God,Xenu.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Marcus Canty - Piece Of My Heart

Awful performance. I don't like it. I'm sure his church members will be disappointed with him.

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Drew Ryniewicz - With Or Without You

I love this. Although I'm waiting for her to pick up her tempo somewhere in the performance. Still I don't want her to stray away from her style of singing,because it works. Anyone who doesn't like it,screw them!!

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Lakoda Rayne - Go Your Own Way

Paula,don't go there please!! Dixie Chicks is million times better than these girls ever be!! Their performance is fun but I don't know if America will save them for that.

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Astro - I'll Be Missing You

Great song choice!! Probably one of his best performance. I like it!! He hasn't bored me yet!! That's a PLUS!!

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Josh Krajcik - The Pretender

Easily the best performance of the night. I'd say this is Josh's strongest performance so far too. I love it!!

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Everybody Hurts

Pretty good performance. I'm so tired watching the judges bickering over the definition of a rock song. It's getting old FAST!!!

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Stacy Francis - It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Wow she struggles all the way through her performance. Yes,she shows her emotion but this performance is so bad!! Ouch at that bitch face she showed at the judges. A lot of people hated her performance on my Twitter feeds. They complained about her voice not sounded like a human sound. LOL

I hate Steve Jones for interrupting the judges a lot.

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Chris Rene - No Woman No Cry

This performance is better than the previous two before him. I like that he put on the Occupy Wall Street's t-shirt.

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Rachel Crow - I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Too bad Simon raised my expectation before she's even performing. I'm disappointed. Last week was better than this.

X Factor US Top 10 Performances: Leroy Bell - Why Don't You Stay

I'm just not feeling it. I agree with the judges. Looks like the teeth are coming to get Leroy out of this competition. Although their mean comments could rally American votes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Majors & Minors - Whataya Want From Me

The best performance from any group that I've ever seen this year. These kids are just killing it!!! Adam Lambert did a great job mentoring these kids. Cameron gonna be a star someday!! That boy has a charisma and he got a great voice!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

X Factor US Top 11 Result Show

Very good group performance. I prefer for them to sing live rather than lip-sync.

Willow Smith's performance giving me headache. What an awful song!!

Her outfit is horrendous. Although the song is growing on me. Pretty catchy.

Holy shit,Stacy Francis is safe!! I don't know who the heck X Factor voting base are. For some reason,America don't connect with the groups.

Rough vocal!!


Wow at Paula's meltdown!! Why the hell Steve didn't just move on to Simon first?? Let Simon decide first and then go back to Paula if they still got more time. This host is so stiff and not flexible at all. I feel so bad for Paula and the groups. Simon definitely should scrap the whole groups category for next year's season. America hates groups!!

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Rachel Crow - I'd Rather Go Blind

Fantastic performance. I'm blown away.

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Chris Rene - Gangsta's Paradise

His best performance yet!! Although I'm still got bored by his performance.

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Josh Krajcik - A Little Help From My Friends

Great vocal!! This song should be banned!!

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: The Stereo Hogzz - Ain't No Other Man

Hmm I thought I was gonna love the performance based on the song,but it didn't go as far as I wanted to. The vocal is just okay,could be better definitely. I wanted to see more from them,I know they can do it. These past 2 weeks their performances have been fallen short of my expectation. LA Reid doesn't know this Christina Aguilera's song. Are you kidding me??

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Man In The Mirror

Just an okay performance for me. Simon overpraised it!! Please don't sing any song that's been overdone to death. Makes me automatically dislike the performance right away. Tired of the judges rambling rambling rambling.

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Astro - Lose Yourself

Woah,I'm impressed. This kid won't go away anytime soon. Such a talent!! I hate rap but he never made me bored.

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Lakoda Rayne - Somebody Like You

The most exciting performance so far of the night. I love the banjo!!

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Leroy Bell - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Why Nicole always trying so hard to cry? I think this song helped Leroy. One of his strongest performance so far.

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Drew Ryniewicz - Fix You

The audience should shut up when a contestant perform this kind of song. Their scream etc ruins the whole mood of the song for me. Drew performed as best as she could. Anyway,this song also should be banned. WTH with the movie You,Me and Dupree reference?? Can't Simon find more popular movie title?? Ouch at Paula criticizing Drew's dress. Awkward!!

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Marcus Canty - I'm Going Down

He killed it!! Probably the strongest male in LA Reid's team. Although can we retire this song already??

X Factor US Top 11 Performances: Stacy Francis - Queen Of The Night

Wow at her big forehead!! That distracted me!! Somehow she looks bald to me. With her big forehead,too much makeup,she even looks like an alien. Is she forgetting the lyrics at some points??

Friday, November 04, 2011

X Factor US Top 12 Result Show

Ouch Leroy,your inability of lip-synching is showing. LOL at Astro for forgetting his words. What a trainwreck of group performance.

I never heard of Outasight before.

Holy shit Leroy Bell is safe. Good to know that American viewers voted for him!! Wow Lakoda Rayne is safe. Chris Rene is safe. All of people's predictions on the blogosphere are dead wrong!! A bit shocking bottom 2 for me!! Why the heck they didn't get enough votes??

I love the performance!! Great job guys!!

Looks like they gonna bite the dust. Sigh!!

Urgh,I'm gonna miss these kids!! They are my guilty pleasure and they bring massive fun every weeks for me. Next week gonna be more boring without them.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Stacy Francis - Up To The Mountain

Over the top!! I'm so over Stacy at this point!!

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Marcus Canty - Beautiful Girls/Every Little Step

I have personal bias over 90's tune. I enjoyed it.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Drew Ryniewicz - Just A Dream

Pretty good!! Although I was very nervous,I thought this was a risk. I hope it pays off.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: InTENsity - Kids in America/Party Rock Anthem

It's good that Paula combined that old jam with the current song,resulting in hip & fun performance.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Astro - Hip Hop Hooray

I'm really enjoying this!! Dunno why,but this is pretty entertaining. Way to go kid!!

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Desperado

Beautiful!! I'm crying. Thanks God for this performance!! I hated it when I got bored on the 1st hour of tonight's show.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Jar of Hearts

I'm thinking of Christina Perri's version throughout this performance. Not a good sign!! Nicole is definitely thinking about his ex boyfriend.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Lakoda Rayne - Landslide

Feel a bit like Celtic Women performance. Although they need a hundred years to reach the same level with that group. Very haunting performance. Fairly decent performance.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Rachel Crow - Walking On Sunshine

She exudes so much confidence,isn't she? However,I hate the song. This performance didn't do anything for me. I'm just daydreaming about something else waiting for this performance to end.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Leroy Bell - I'm Already There

The song is so overdone. He's rushing it a bit I think. Overall,it's pretty blah. I didn't get what I wanted to get from this performance.

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: Chris Rene - Superstar

Urgh the vocal is rough. I can't wait for this performance to end. Pure torture!!

X Factor US Top 12 Performances: The Stereo Hogzz - Rhythm Nation

What happened with their vocal?? It's not good this week. The troops fascinated me. My eyes fixated on them.