Friday, November 11, 2011

X Factor US Top 11 Result Show

Very good group performance. I prefer for them to sing live rather than lip-sync.

Willow Smith's performance giving me headache. What an awful song!!

Her outfit is horrendous. Although the song is growing on me. Pretty catchy.

Holy shit,Stacy Francis is safe!! I don't know who the heck X Factor voting base are. For some reason,America don't connect with the groups.

Rough vocal!!


Wow at Paula's meltdown!! Why the hell Steve didn't just move on to Simon first?? Let Simon decide first and then go back to Paula if they still got more time. This host is so stiff and not flexible at all. I feel so bad for Paula and the groups. Simon definitely should scrap the whole groups category for next year's season. America hates groups!!

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