Friday, November 25, 2011

X Factor US Top 9 Result Show

Blink and you miss it!! Kelly performed Stronger very early on the show. The last time I really really love Kelly's song was the Breakaway era. Still waiting for another one,so far all the songs she's been releasing not that great,only good. Urgh,Steve Jones is so stiff!!!

This is the best group performance ever!! I love watching the circus costume and all the props. Tired of hearing Pink songs though.

Finally,Lakoda Rayne is gone!! They should be grateful that they lasted this long. Paula should've put through The Brewer Boys instead. I'm sure they will last longer than any of the groups.

Bruno Mars song haunts me everywhere I go. There's no escape from it. But I have to say this is a fantastic performance.

Already predicted this outcome.

Marcus Canty performed You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera. He did a good job!! I believe it!!

Leroy Bell performed Don't Let Me Down by The Beatles. This is the best he's ever done. Great job,Leroy!!

I already assumed it will go down to deadlock. I feel bad for Leroy. I hope he can get a music career out of this show. Salute to his persistence.

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