Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Cable TV had a technical disturbance this evening

I really got a panic attack and tried to call the provider hundred times,but they always been busy.I got even crazier when i found out through their websites that all the people complaining about the Call Center that always busy all the times. OMG . I even tried to fix the machine since i thought maybe my cable tv machine was in problem because few days ago i suspected something bad went on and back then my tv cable wasn't working for few hours because the machine was dirty and had lot of dust @_@

Btw about Top 20 Guys Performance tonight: ( i watched the 2nd rerun of AI)

Top 3:
1. Chris Richardson (I loved his upbeat performance,in fact i thought his performance was better than last week which i loved it too)
2. Blake Lewis (although i don't like Jamiroquai,i like Blake's take of his song.I thought it's very smart of him to put his beatboxing at very exact moment too)
3. Nick Pedro (two thumbs up for greater performance than last week.I liked his voice)

Bottom 3:
1. Sanjaya Malakar (my oh my!!Now i'm understand why many AI blogger don't want teenager to go through Top 24,it's because they don't have enough experience.Sanjaya has very good voice,but he still shy and it's weird watching his performance.But i think it's better than last week)
2. Brandon Rogers (same dull performance,how a great backup singer like him who sang backup for Christina Aguilera performed so dull is beyond me.If he going home tomorrow,that's fine with me)
3. Chris Sligh (i think Taylor Hicks's performance on this song was better than Chris)

Overall i thought guys performance this week was much better than last week,but still couldn't defeat the girls performance last week which was super fantastic ^^

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Top 24 Results Yesterday

Whew i almost didn't believe that Antonella still wondering around next week. I'm so sad that Amy Krebs and Nicole Tranquillo being eliminated yesterday,i wanted to see more of their performance especially Nicole.Anyway good luck for both of them.

And i couldn't believe that Paul Kim and Rudy Cardenas eliminated despite their abundant airtimes. Well i didn't like their performance anyway but good luck for them both too.

About my personal life: so many dvd that i haven't seen (dvd that i bought) T_T i hope i can see it all,since i always buy again and again if there is any great titles lol :P

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Top Ten Music List

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1.Sugarland;Want To;Enjoy The Ride; -; 1; 1
2. RBD;Tu Amor; Rebels; 2; 1; 3
3. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts; 1; 1; 3
4. Sugarland;Settlin’;Enjoy The Ride; 4; 4; 3
5. Jesse McCartney;Just So You Know; Right Where YouWant Me; 3; 3;3
6. All Saints;Chick Fit;Studio 1; 6; 6; 3
7. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity; -; 7; 1
8. Sarah McLachlan;Ordinary Miracle;Ost. Charlotte’s Web; 5; 5; 3
9. Beyonce;Listen;Ost. Dreamgirls; 10; 9; 2
10. Nelly Furtado;Say It Right;;Loose; 7; 7; 3

The Girls Performance Tonight on American Idol

I was so excited watching the girls performance tonight,it was really really great and amazing. It was the best night,even by watching the performance could relieve my stress hahaha. The worst girl tonight could beat most of the boys yesterday because the boys yesterday were so terrible. Here is my top pick and my bottom pick for tonight:

Top 3 Performance:
1. Lakisha Jones (when i heard that she would sing Jennifer Hudson's song i felt that it would be great performance and it really did. It was so super fantastic from the early notes)
2. Melinda Doolittle (i would loved if she sing all the way through the night because she is really great performer and i could feel her performance)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i was so shocked that she was really great,she should have been got more airtimes in the beginning of the show) ; i really like Sabrina Sloan too (it's neck to neck with Stephanie in my opinion)

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Antonella Barba (she should go home tomorrow,it was so messy although she better than most of the boys performance yesterday,but she didn't hit all the notes in the song. Even my younger brother said to me that her performance was the worst performance tonight. Once again she should be eliminated.)
2. Alaina Alexander (i think she forced it a little bit,in this great night,her performance is overwhelmed by the others)
3. Nicole Tranquillo or Leslie Hunt (although they were pretty good although weird but once again i should pick the bottom 3)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boys Performance on American Idol tonight

To say that was horrendous is overrrated. I was so shocked that the boys performance so bad tonight. It was way worse than last year performance. I have my top 3 performance and my bottom 3 performance tonight,but my top 3 pick is in pretty good or good category,not "great".

Top 3 performance:
1. Jared Cotter (i loved the way he sang the song,i think it was really good)
2. Chris Sligh (he rocked it)
3. Blake Lewis (he definitely can sing and i think it was pretty good)

Bottom 3 performance:
1. Sanjaya Malakar (it's so weird,the tempo was so slow,it's like his singing not in tune with the band)
2. Sundance Head (little weird)
3. Nick Pedro (he looked nervous and his performance was so-so)

I really hope the girls performance tomorrow will be great. And i'm so certain that a girl will win AI this season. Hope all of them nail each of their song.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

YAY!! At last Top 24 American Idol has already been announced + My Top Ten Music List

I still think the Hollywood Round is so damn short. We couldn't even see most of the good ones. sigh. But at least next week is the Top 24 performance. Here it's my Top 3 boys and girls:

1. Sanjaya Malakar
2. Sundance Head
3. Blake Lewis

1. Melinda Doolittle
2. Jordin Sparks
3. Lakisha Jones

Next: my top ten music list

Artist ; Song; Album; Last Position; Highest Position; Times In
1.Carrie Underwood ;Wasted ;Some Hearts ;2 ;1 ; 2
2.RBD ;Tu Amor ;Rebels ;1 ;1 ;2
3. Jesse McCartney ;Just So You Know ;Right Where You Want Me ;3 ;3 ;2
4. Sugarland ; Settlin’ ;Enjoy The Ride ;4 ;4 ;2
5. Sarah McLachlan ;Ordinary Miracle ;Ost. Charlotte’s Web ;5 ;5 ;2
6. All Saints ;Chick Fit ;Studio 1 ;8 ;6 ;2
7. Nelly Furtado ;Say It Right ;Loose ;12 ;7 ;2
8. Nerina Pallot ;Learning to Breathe ;Fires ;- ;8 ;1
9. Jamelia ;Something About You ;Walk With Me ;- ;9 ;1
10. Beyonce ;Listen ; Ost. Dreamgirls ;- ;10 ;1

Monday, February 12, 2007

Carrie Underwood won Grammy's Best New Artist

Congratz for her. I was so excited when she won. She completely deserved it because i think her album is fantastic,it has so many great tracks,it's the best selling album last year. Btw she's also won Best Female Country Vocal Performance: Jesus Take The Wheel & Best Country Song.

I think her album should have been nominated for Best Country Album. Because it's the biggest selling country album now and it's the fastest selling debut country album in U.S. SoundScan history.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Top Ten Singles

hello,all. I'm back again. sigh. It's been forever again since my last post. I'm so lazy to doing blog because i got difficulty on everything. This times i want to post my top ten songs and i'm not sure whether to post it weekly,once every 3 days or according to my mood only.

Artist; Song; Album ; Last Position ;Highest Position ; Times In
1. RBD ; Tu Amor ; Rebels ; - ; 1 ; 1
2. Carrie Underwood ; Wasted ; Some Hearts ; - ; 2 ; 1

3. Jesse McCartney;Just So You Know; Right Where You Want Me; - ; 3 ;1
4. Sugarland ; Settlin’ ; Enjoy The Ride ; - ; 4 ; 1

5. Sarah McLachlan ; Ordinary Miracle ; Ost. Charlotte’s Web ; - ; 5 ; 1
6. Jojo ; How To Touch A Gir l; The High Road ; -; 6 ; 1
7. Paula DeAnda ; Walk Away (Remember Me) ; Paula DeAnda ; - ; 7 ; 1
8. All Saints ; Chick Fit ; Studio One ; - ; 8 ; 1
9. Fall Out Boy;This Ain’t A Scene,It’sAnArmsRace;InfinityOnHigh; - ;9 ;1
10. The All American Rejects ;It Ends Tonight ; Move Along ; - ; 10 ; 1