Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Girls Performance Tonight on American Idol

I was so excited watching the girls performance tonight,it was really really great and amazing. It was the best night,even by watching the performance could relieve my stress hahaha. The worst girl tonight could beat most of the boys yesterday because the boys yesterday were so terrible. Here is my top pick and my bottom pick for tonight:

Top 3 Performance:
1. Lakisha Jones (when i heard that she would sing Jennifer Hudson's song i felt that it would be great performance and it really did. It was so super fantastic from the early notes)
2. Melinda Doolittle (i would loved if she sing all the way through the night because she is really great performer and i could feel her performance)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i was so shocked that she was really great,she should have been got more airtimes in the beginning of the show) ; i really like Sabrina Sloan too (it's neck to neck with Stephanie in my opinion)

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Antonella Barba (she should go home tomorrow,it was so messy although she better than most of the boys performance yesterday,but she didn't hit all the notes in the song. Even my younger brother said to me that her performance was the worst performance tonight. Once again she should be eliminated.)
2. Alaina Alexander (i think she forced it a little bit,in this great night,her performance is overwhelmed by the others)
3. Nicole Tranquillo or Leslie Hunt (although they were pretty good although weird but once again i should pick the bottom 3)

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