Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boys Performance on American Idol tonight

To say that was horrendous is overrrated. I was so shocked that the boys performance so bad tonight. It was way worse than last year performance. I have my top 3 performance and my bottom 3 performance tonight,but my top 3 pick is in pretty good or good category,not "great".

Top 3 performance:
1. Jared Cotter (i loved the way he sang the song,i think it was really good)
2. Chris Sligh (he rocked it)
3. Blake Lewis (he definitely can sing and i think it was pretty good)

Bottom 3 performance:
1. Sanjaya Malakar (it's so weird,the tempo was so slow,it's like his singing not in tune with the band)
2. Sundance Head (little weird)
3. Nick Pedro (he looked nervous and his performance was so-so)

I really hope the girls performance tomorrow will be great. And i'm so certain that a girl will win AI this season. Hope all of them nail each of their song.

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