Thursday, December 03, 2009

Movie Review : New Moon

This sequel of Twilight opened with a bang on US,with its biggest single day domestic gross there. However,this movie can’t defeat 2012 in its total audience here. This afternoon,I could easily buy the ticket and get a nice seat with nobody sit in my left corner,and I never heard someone getting a difficulty getting the ticket for this movie.

I was a little bit excited for this movie because I wanted to see the werewolves in it and The Volturi. Here’s my take:

In the beginning of the film, Bella dreams about herself look like an older woman. Because of that,she gets annoyed everytime someone talks about her age/birthday. Well,it’s must be bizarre to be in her position,when you yourself getting older and your bf/gf still looks the same. The Cullens throw a birthday party for her in which Jasper becomes berserk when Bella gets a paper cut. Therefore,Edward decides to end their relationship,in order for Bella to be safe,and he and his family move out of Forks.

That tragic sudden event makes Bella depressed for months. Oh boy,that’s even worse than my current state of depression LOL fortunately,I didn’t get as many nightmares as Bella hahahaha. Love is painful definitely. So,Bella starts to seek high adrenaline activities and she starts to hang out with Jacob. She gets really comfortable with him and her pain gradually goes away. At some point,Jacob promises to Bella that he won’t do what Edward did to Bella. That promise got broken unfortunately because he’s a werewolf and he’s afraid of hurting Bella. Thus,he orders Bella to stay away from him.

Let’s fast forward to the scene where Bella jumps from the cliff to get her adrenaline rush,where Alice and Edward thought she killed herself. Alice goes to Bella’s house and meet Bella while Edward got distraught by that event,and he goes to The Volturi to beg them to end his life. They reject his proposal and he decides to act carelessly by exposing himself to the sun and many people outside. Luckily,Bella arrives on time and saves him. After that,The Volturi express their opinion that Bella knows too much about the existence of vampires and she must be transformed to vampires or get killed. Alice tells them that she’s going to change Bella herself,and thus they release Bella.

The Cullens vote in favor of transforming Bella, Edward still mulling about that,while Jacob reminds Bella that if one of the vampires bits a human then their treaty will end.Edward tells Bella that he left to protect her and he always loves her,Bella agrees to marry him and to be continued……….

Many of my friends think this movie got cut abruptly,while I don’t think so. It’s not that abrupt for me,they cut at the right place at the right time. The architecture of the area where The Volturi reside is very beautiful,so stunning. I love that landscape. The romance in this movie isn’t over the top,I think it’s relatable. I understand Jacob’s frustration,I can understand why Bella prefers Edward over Jacob. I think love is a complex thing. That’s why every songs in the world is about love and people can’t get enough of it. LOL. After I experience how it felt,I can understand movie like this even better. Btw I love this movie more than the first one. The Volturi are spectacular, I love Dakota Fanning, and love the werewolves CGI effect.

Links : Official Site



Rotten Tomatoes

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Review : 2012

I thought this movie would generate a fair showing,I was wrong,the turnout for this movie is so huge in my country. Every theater is packed and the queue is so long,many people can't even get a bad seat. Even though per theater there are more than 3 studios airing this movie.

As everybody knows,this film talks about the end of the world because of the solar flare and the massive natural disaster because of that,which Mayans have predicted since long ago. The early part of the film is pretty drowsy for me,too much explanation and talking between characters. It's important for the plot of the movie but tiresome to follow. Woody Harrelson plays a crazy radio host who prophesies the end of the world brilliantly,he seems like a mad man indeed. I love the destruction in Pasadena city,every houses crumble,every tall building goes down,the road cracks,etc. The special effect galore in this movie are unbelievable,no wonder this movie costs US$200 million dollar to make. I'd say it's worth it,it's not over the top I think.

My disappointment is that I didn't see Eiffel Tower,Pisa Tower and many world famous building icon being destroyed. Only a handful of them are shown in the movie. The display of tsunami,volcano,earthquake,etc is mind boggling. No wonder,so many Indonesian watch this movie for the 2nd times and so on. It might be the biggest movie this year in here. That Russian billionaire is very funny too,especially when John Cusack can't start the car engine and that billionaire takes control and uses his voice recognization LMAO.

The message that I got from this movie is that we as a human should unite together and forget about our differences like races,religion,cultures,gender,sexual orientation,nationality and start to realize that in this planet,we are all one. We're together in this and we should love one another and stop this madness that has been going on since ancient times. I hope this movie although with its special effect bonanza,will make some people realize about their true identity.

Site: Official Site
Rotten Tomatoes

Thursday, November 12, 2009

David Archuleta and Kathy Griffin

Why I've never seen this video before??? It's so damn funny. I adore David and I love Kathy.

Kris Allen Performs "Let It Rain" at Live in the Vineyard

I think this is one of the best song from his debut album.Jive should release it as the 2nd single or 3rd single.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Movie Review : Michael Jackson's This Is It

This afternoon I decided to watch this movie before it's gone. I enjoyed it so much,watching Michael directed the dancers,the musicians,the sound effect and lighting guys,etc. And his kindness to the crew,I love the way he said that everyone has to do it with love. Now let's review each song rehearsal in this movie and my takes on it: First is "Wanna Be Startin Something". I loved that one. I could feel the rush while I was watching that rehearsal. "Jam" and "Bad" are very good too in the rehearsal department. I love the effect of thousand people in "They Don't Care About Us". Still fawning over "Human Nature",maybe because Matt Giraud sang it on American Idol that I love that song so much. "Smooth Criminal" is classic,loved the classic element of the movie in it and the execution of the story until the end. "The Way You Make Me Feel" is pretty good,and the chemistry between Michael and the girl is perfect but I was slightly bored with that part. Jackson 5's songs are awesome. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" duet with his back up singers is a perfection. When that singer failed to notice the cue,that's crackin some people up in the theater. "Thriller" is the best set in that rehearsal. I LOVE the graveyard set and the zombie. Their dancing is way more than spectacular. "Beat It" is meh. "Black Or White" is good. "Earth Song" is the 2nd best set me think in this movie,I love the clip of the nature and the girl who enjoys walking in the forest and so on. "Billie Jean" is rad. His dancing is still out of this world. "Man In The Mirror" is damn perfect!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Top Ten Music List

From 3rd weeks of September until right now

Artist; Song; Album
1. Owl City ; Fireflies; Ocean Eyes
2. Katharine McPhee ;Had It All; Unbroken
3. Carrie Underwood ;Cowboy Casanova; Play On
4. Taylor Swift ;Fifteen; Fearless
5. Imogen Heap ;First Train Home ;Ellipse
6. Miley Cyrus ;Party In The USA; The Time of Our Lives
7. Jordin Sparks ;S.O.S (Let The Music Play); Battlefield
8. Jason Castro ;Let’s Just Fall In Love Again ;Jason Castro
9. Whitney Houston ;I Look To You; I Look To You
10. Scandal ;Shojo S; Ost. Bleach

Thursday, October 08, 2009

David Archuleta Video Blog : Puffy Cheeks B-Gone!!

David is so hyper,maybe too much sugar!!LMAO and I laughed so hard when he dropped the piano ROTFL

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Top Ten Music List

This is for early September until 3rd weeks of September.

Artist; Song ; Album
1. Imogen Heap ;First Train Home ;Ellipse
2. Colbie Caillat ;Falling For You ; Breakthrough
3. Little Boots; Remedy ; Hands
4. Taylor Swift; You Belong With Me ; Fearless
5. Kelly Clarkson ; Already Gone ; All I Ever Wanted
6. Justin Bieber ; One Time ; One Time
7. Lady Gaga; Paparazzi ; The Fame
8. Boys Like Girls; Love Drunk ; Love Drunk
9. Shakira ; She Wolf ; She Wolf
10. The Fray ; Never Say Never ;The Fray

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movie Review : Solstice

This afternoon,my high school friends asked me to watch this movie with them. I thought ehh I know nothing about this movie and it looks like a crap movie. If it's big budget horror movie,I should've known about this movie but the fact is I wasn't.

The story in this movie begins with Megan who lost Sophie,her twin sister,due to suicide. She and her friends travel to the lake house to celebrate summer solstice. At the lake house,she's constantly being harassed by some spirit,which Megan believes is Sophie. She believes that Sophie guide her to something,and she wants to find out what it is. A local handsome guy who works at the shop on the gas station,complicates her relationship with her friends,because he tells a story about superstition and the way to channel the spirit.

I'd say that this movie isn't bad after all. There are some scenes which can suprise you (me not so much). I love the setting on this movie,it brings back an atmosphere of good horror movie from the past decade. The cast has some familiar actor/actresses like Shawn Ashmore who played Ice-man in X-Men,Hilarie Burton who played Peyton in One Tree Hill tv series,and Amanda Seyfriend who acted in Mean Girls and Mama-mia. I get it now why this movie has been in my city for quite some time,it's pretty good and it's a breath of fresh air,because the other movies are Indonesian super shit quality movies and some unknown Hollywood movies.

ps: why this 2008 horror movie came out right now in here is beyond me.

Link: IMDB

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movie Review : Final Destination 4

I didn't know that Final Destination series still continue,anyway because it's 3D,my friend asked me to watch this movie with him. So we went to the best movie theather in here (which's the only one to play this 3D movie in this city) and got our 3D glasses. It made my glasses heavier,it's like when you go to the optic store to change your glasses and they check your eye minuses with some device,it's as heavy as that device.

The story plot has the exact same story plot like every other FD series,the main actor gets premonition about his death and every person around him. It's neat that 3D makes you see the distance between every person and the background,it's as if you watch the actor from a window. Really cool!! This movie is centered around the catastrophe in a car race,and their eventual death one by one. Bobby Campo plays his character pretty good I think,and the girls too. While Nick Zano is pretty much failed at his acting,or maybe I'm just turned off by his douche bag behaviour. LOL

The gruesome scenes in this movie isn't as bad as other FD,like FD2. I think FD2 is the best from the FD series. I was pretty much enjoying the 3D features from this movie,nothing else. Besides,I'm a horror fans and nothing from this movie upset my stomach. I can find nastier horror films like Hostel series,etc.

My overall opinion is neither here nor there. It's not bad, and it's not great either. If you want an entertainment,you'll get it. But it's pretty much predictable movie.

Link : Official Website

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A fantastic brand new Christian song from Chynna & Vaughan (One Reason)

Although I'm not a Christian anymore but I can't stop listening to this song.It's so catchy.This song should be played on every worship service,pronto!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Movie Review : District 9

Because of the name Peter Jackson and all rave reviews of this movie,I decided to watch it on August 23rd. Never in my life I've watched movies in a day and the next day.

Well,I was surprised too by this movie. Quite different than my expectation. I expected a lot of sci-fi storyline in it but it has lot of action and unique plot in it. A great job indeed for the first time director and first time actor in this movie,very convincing.

The good thing about this movie was I didn't fall asleep. LOL. With the fatique of organizing my stuff at my new house and driving back and forth to old house (my PC was still there,the internet too,at least I could connect for 1-2 hours),I'm amazed that this movie captured my attention.

I don't have anything more to say but for all of you who love action movie,FPS game,shooting,gun,military,etc.You should watch this brilliant movie.

Link : Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes

Movie Review : Watchmen

I've just moved from my old house to a new house. That's why I haven't been online for long time,because it took forever to install the internet in this house. Btw I watched this movie on August 22nd,I hope I still remember that time LOL.

Oh Indonesia's movie theater,why it took this long to release Watchmen in my city. I already lost hope but I was excited that at last this movie was being released in here. I don't know this comic book,it's just my habit that I watch all superheroes movies on the movie theater,just to get the feeling of it. I only knew that this movie is centered around Nixon's era and that year in the US.

The graphic of this movie is outstanding,I was mesmerized but the story is sleep-inducing. This is the first time that I fell asleep inside the theater,it's so hard to open my eyes because the story is difficult to understand at many parts and (I just know) that this movie doesn't cater to general mainstream audiences,it stays true to the comic book's storyline. While I applaud the director's decision but I was so upset that I didn't enjoy this movie.

There was one kid beside me,his father had to put his hands in front of this kid everytime a nude scene or a sex scene appears. LMAO. It surprised me too,this movie is full of raunchy scenes. It's so explicitly violence too,on that front,I loved it!!

Too bad most of the movie's storyline is blur to me,it just captured my attention near the end where it has a lot of action.Overall,I was disappointed but I love some of the groundbreaking elements from this movie such as the graphic and the violence.

Link : Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aaron Carter Joins Dancing With The Stars

I'm so excited!!I loved Aaron Carter.I have all of his albums and his teenybopper singles are amazing.Back in the day,I adore his hit singles.Can't wait for his performance on DWTS.This got to be great marketing for his nonexistant career.I want him to rise from the ashes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ; Song ;Album
1. Demi Lovato; Here We Go Again; Here We Go Again
2. Ashley Tisdale; It’s Alright,It’s OK; Guilty Pleasure
3. Cobra Starship Feat. Leighton Meester; Good Girls Go Bad; Hot Mess
4. Lily Allen; Fuck You; It’s Not Me,It’s You
5. Jordin Sparks; Battlefield; Battlefield
6. NYC Boys; NYC; Single
7. Colbie Caillat; Falling For You; Breakthrough
8. Lady Gaga; Paparazzi ;The Fame
9. Black Eyed Peas; I Gotta Feeling ;The E.N.D
10. Taylor Swift; You Belong With Me ;Fearless

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kris Allen's Summer Memory

Twist Magazine Interview.I know what he's talking about,it's when he took a day off at Florida.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Review : G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

At last one of the movie which I've been waiting for has came out. The first time I knew about this movie was back then when I was reading a local movie magazine,there was Snake Eyes's picture on it,it was so cool,I was so ecstatic waiting for this movie.

After I've seen the trailer,it wasn't as good as I expected it to be because it's too modernistic. I know that the critics trashed this movie while some people like it after they saw it. Today,I decided to watch it and I'd say that I'm impressed with this movie.

Yes,it's too modernistic and doesn't look like the exact G.I. Joe comic since I believe they want to cater to international audiences. The weapons and vehicles are super cool!! I love it,it's not over the top. I think it's very well suited in this era. The action is top notch although I felt drowsy after seeing too much explosion and needless special effects.

The bad thing I noticed was the cheesiness in some part like what the hell Karolina Kurkova's doing there. Her death is like a scene from bad amateur film. One more scene that I think is too cheesy and weird (in the earlier part of the movie) but I forgot (damn it!!). Well,the ending is good given that it's preparing the plot for the next movie.

What I don't understand is why Baroness is joining Duke in the end? Since when Baroness joins the good guy? I don't think it's ever happened in the comic. Storm Shadow is too stiff. Snake Eyes's lips on his mask is bothering me,they should've scrapped that and make it like in the comic. It's too weird having that lips,it's like some creepy buff statue. Eekk!! Zartan is too much like ordinary person. Where's his costume? What Brendan Fraser is doing there?? Weird indeed!!

I'd applaud Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his spectacular and convincing performance. And Marlon Wayans doesn't do a bad job either,he doesn't appear as cheesy as I'm afraid him to be. Plus his buff body and Channing Tatum definitely make many people interested to watch this movie. Heck,so many of my friends don't know what G.I. Joe is and yet they're still going to the movie. Maybe because it's blockbuster movie or Sienna Miller/Channing Tatum's factor in it.

Can't wait for the next one.

Link: Official Site
Rotten Tomatoes

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kris Allen Said New Jersey=Mafia

PruTube interview,the questions are so boring,please stop with the question about the winning moment,I'm BORED TO DEATH with that question.Scrap it,please!!

Kris Allen's Adorable Dance on Good Morning America

It's around 00:57-01:00. Thanks God for the person who capture this HD quality video. Bless you!!

Kris Allen B98.5 Little Rock Interview

The question is so lame,I know that Kris hates that kind of question and we already know that he had a tumor on his ribs.

Aww,your sense of style is good,alright Kris!!

Heartless performance!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Movie Review : Up

After rave review from everybody in the US and my friends in here,I decided to watch this movie tonight. I enjoy the short film Partly Cloudy very much,I think it's a spectacular short film. Now,I'll dive right into this movie and what messages this movie has to everybody:

- You should follow your dreams (after Ellie passed away,Carl decides to pursue their lifelong dream which is to move their house to Paradise Falls)
- After you reached your goals,usually you're eager to reach for another goals (Ellie's note to Carl that he has to make his own new journey)
- It's time to stop the greediness from big businesses (Carl's house being surrounded by construction site and disturbance from the developer because he refuses to sell his house). I've had enough of the money hungry pattern in this world,life is not about money money money,it's about giving,love and experience.
- A journey some people willing to take in order to maintain their high image or status (Charles Muntz's perseverence to get the bird). He's definitely lost himself because of that and many people fall into a trap like that,well including me too.
- Pure soul from children. Carl definitely learns a lot from Russell,I don't think he see himself in that kid but after a while,he can see little bit resemblance of his old self in that boy. When children become adult,usually they lost their essence and being suck into this zombie world,9 to 5 job,never ending,and all that bullshit that adult tell their children. A pure heart which makes a children,unfortunately disappear in many cases,when they're getting older. Sigh.

I think that's a few points I took from this movie,I didn't exactly get the undertone message which many people said,well maybe I already applied that in my life. I don't think everyone gets the exact same message from this movie since we all have different point of view,mindset,etc so I'd think we learn different life lessons if we compare the notes. Feel free to discuss about this movie though.

Btw this movie is exactly above my expectation but I prefer Wall-E way more,dunno why. And forgive my rambling in this post because I was so tired when I watched this movie. LOL

Link: Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes

ps: special thanks to,I read his review first tonight before I post this,I definitely get some inspiration from his fantastic post.

Matt Giraud Performs Hard To Handle at Charlotte,NC (American Idol 8 Tour)

Awesome performance,I think he's getting better by the day,the HD quality of the video doesn't hurt either.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Brand New Video - American Idol Season 8 Top 36 Eating Lunch

Casey Carlson posted this new video.It has Anoop Desai,Danny Gokey,Alexis Grace,Michael Sarver,Ricky Braddy,Kendall Beard,Lil Rounds,Jorge Nunez,Mishavonna Henson,Scott MacIntyre,Taylor Vaifanua,Matt Giraud,Kris Allen (in the first second),Stephen Fowler,Junot Joyner,Stevie Wright in it.

Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta Perform Slow Ride at Charlotte,NC (American Idol 8 Tour)

Adam's slinging 2 bras and slapping Allison in the butt. LOL. I love this video.

Kris Allen Performs All These Things That I've Done at Charlotte,NC (American Idol 8 Tour)

woah,his pick flies from his hand and yet he still manages to continue to performance quickly with a replacement from the mic stand. And btw Kris looks million times hotter on this angle!! I'm sure many people will agree with me.

All videos today is from

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek

OMG!!I love this song,I'm crying because of this performance,so beautiful!!! I know this song from Kris Allen's church retreat promo which inspired by SNL skit of The OC's 2nd Season Finale. I'm gonna spread the word to my friends about Imogen.

Don't Stop Believing at Sunrise,FL (American Idol 8 Tour)

Adam Lambert peek a boo at 1:44

Friday, July 31, 2009

Would Kris Allen Trade His Girlfriend For A Coke?

LMAO at this video!!Kris's pokerface is always hella funny.Thanks for whoever taking this video,fantastic job!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

David Archuleta Performs Bubbly at Pittsburgh

Good!! Although I prefer him to sing Realize. I think that's more suitable for his vocal and style.

Kris Allen - Alice 107.07 Interview

He talks about cougar,hotel,washing the dishes,etc.

Kris Allen Performs Bright Lights at Memphis,TN (American Idol 8 Tour)

Superb HD quality,very close-up,amazing!! I notice Kris's voice already worn out because 4 days of back to back tour performance. Gosh,all of them need rest. I'm glad they're enjoying the day off in Florida.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kris Allen,Adam Lambert,Lil Rounds Memphis Interview (Sirius XM)

I always associate Groundhot song with Katharine McPhee. Well,maybe because she performed it on Idol with such a quirky performance.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review : Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Let me say first that I'm so late watching this movie because almost all of my friends have watched it and I just got the ticket today (and the theater is still jam packed with people,almost sold out until the night). Going to this movie,I already heard some comments from my friends and people around the internet so maybe my review is slight bit influenced because of that.

I had read the book before I watched this movie and this time I finished it few weeks before the movie premiered and I still got time to watch previous Harry Potter movies and read again Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix's book,in order for me to remember again some important details about everything.I tried to prevent myself from watching so many trailer because I didn't want to know so much about the movie before I saw it myself,but I thought this movie must've been fantastic after I saw some movie scenes from the trailer.The book isn't that thick and the duration of the film is longer than the 5th movie,I thought this movie might have all important scenes in it without major cut. Unfortunately,I'm wrong again.

The movie starts with a bang but forget to set up important foundation for the rest of the film. Harry isn't at the Dursley family like in the book,but he's in some cafe in the subway while at the same time Dumbledore arrives there (how the heck people don't notice his weird attire) and brings him to Slughorn's house to invite him to teach again at the Hogwarts. The film doesn't tell us why Prof.Slughorn finally decides to return again to Hogwarts (although they tell us that he's interested in teaching Harry). Very weird,since Slughorn tells Dumbledore before, that he won't be easily seduced to return to the school.

The rest of the film is very jarring and rush like before in some part,I know that the love story between some of the characters are very good (albeit very cheesy) but the rest of it like emotional connection between Dumbledore and Harry isn't there and Malfoy's plan is way too obvious early in the film. The lack of action in the end of the film doesn't help either. They add The Burrow's attack (useless in my opinion) and sacrifice the battle in the end (there's none). Thus making the movie end on a very bad note. I didn't have any emotion in the end,the director fails in conveying the close relationship between Harry and Dumbledore like in the book. To make things worse,my younger brother thinks Dumbledore is faking his death because it looks like that in the movie (the emotion is not there),where is the funeral,I don't feel the closeness that Harry has with Dumbledore. In the movie,Dumbledore is like just a very kind headmaster/mentor/teacher to Harry,definitely not like a father figure or guardian or a very loved ones.

The logic in some scenes from the film aren't there too. Why Hermione still insists that Malfoy isn't joining the Death Eaters after seeing him in the Borgin and Burkes with some Death Eaters? Why Mr Weasley doesn't take action knowing there are two Vanishing Cabinets? He should've known that because of that,the Hogwarts is penetrable. Why Tonks suddenly has relationship with Lupin without any explanation?

I'm wondering where's Prof.Trelawney (she has very important roles. Goddamnit!!) . Where are Dobby and Kreacher? Why the film doesn't discuss about OWL's grade that the characters got? Where's Marvolo Gaunt? Where's Morfin Gaunt? Where's Merope Gaunt? Why their story is missing from the movie,although it's so important. David Yates already disappointed me big times back to back with 5th and 6th movies,I still have hope that he'll make it up in the last two movies,I hope he'll slow down and not rush the scenes. Give a breathing space to the script so that the story is makes sense and not sporadically non sense. Put more time in relationship between the teachers and the students like in the earlier installments. And I expect super hella battle ahead. I don't find this movie boring but somber with bad finish in the end. I think I accept this movie's disaster very well,concerning I abhor the 5th movies so much but overall the movie is like sex without orgasm (everything is nice but not satisfying in the end) or eating so much food without drinking (again,not satisfying experience although it's good). I think I'm gonna read the 7th book soon and finger crossed for the last two films.

Links: Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes

Added: small rant,I'm tired of the nearest mall in here,Galaxy Mall. When I watched the movie,the sound was so bad,many times it's dwindling into small voice like what you get in small TV (not Surround Sound THX like theater),it's up and down all the way until the end. Sigh. I guess I have to go to the mall in downtown to watch upcoming movies.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ; Song ; Album
1. Ashley Tisdale ; It’s Alright,It’s OK ; Guilty Pleasure
2. Taylor Swift ; You Belong With Me ; Fearless
3. The Veronicas; Take Me To The Floor ; Hook Me Up
4. Michael Jackson ; You Are Not Alone ; HIStory
5. Michael Jackson ; Remember The Time ; Dangerous
6. Jonas Brothers; Paranoid; Lines,Vines and Trying Times
7. Demi Lovato; Here We Go Again ; Here We Go Again
8. Michael Jackson; Bad; Bad
9. Jewel ; Stronger Woman; Perfectly Clear
10. Lily Allen ; Fuck You ; It’s Not Me,It’s You

Josh Skinner Interviews American Idol Tour Producer/Director Raj Kapoor

They're discussing Kris Allen,Adam Lambert,No Boundaries,Michael Jackson's death,etc.

Tulsa Today Interviews Kris Allen's Best Friend,Matt Carpenter

The sound quality is bad!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kris Allen's iTunes Pass (Behind The Scene)

Kris Allen Performs All These Things That I've Done at Los Angeles,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

I still hate the song but I applaud Kris for being able to perform amazingly when he just buried his grandma few hours before.Btw I love Kris's head bobbing in the beginning of the video.

Kris Allen Performs Ain't No Sunshine at Salt Lake City,Utah (American Idol 8 Tour)

I still love this performance.

Kris Allen Performs Hey Jude at Salt Lake City,Utah (American Idol 8 Tour)

Very clear quality,he still looks amazing when he's already performed 4 songs.

Kris Allen Performs Heartless at Salt Lake City,Utah (American Idol 8 Tour)

Close-up,zoom in,very clear audio and picture.

Kris Allen Webisode

I'm sure the fanbase will be explode because of all of those photoshoots.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine at Oakland,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

The best ANS video out there.

Scott MacIntyre Performs Bend & Break at San Jose,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

I thought I'd never say this but this is one of the best performance from this tour. I love his song choice,it's really catchy,Scott performs it really well and I could see this song as his first single. With the right music video and promotion,I think it can enter some Billboard chart.

Kris Allen's Struggle Before Idol (Extended Sandy Interview)

Thanks God,he gets to have his dream come true.

More than 2000th visits.

The 2000th person is someone from Mississippi State University searching for Kris Allen. Thanks for all the visits,guys!!

Kris Allen Signing Autograph after San Jose,CA Concert

There's one funny thing inside the video.

Matt Giraud Performs Hard To Handle at San Jose,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

Amazing piano skill!!Nice song choice.

Sandy Interviews Kris Allen,Danny Gokey,Matt Giraud,Lil Rounds,Scott MacIntyre,Megan Joy at San Jose,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

Interview before the tour at San Jose,CA. Kris said that his hair is just awesome like that,no need to style it after waking up.

Anoop Desai Performs Mad at Oakland,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

Still can't get enough of this performance. It's so good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kris Allen Performs All These Things That I've Done by The Killers in Sacramento,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

No Boundaries is gone from the set. Urgh,I hate The Killer's songs. Maybe if I can find another video with clearer sound,I can judge Kris's performance. Right now,it's just an okay performance,don't like the song.


Kris did his best on this song that I still don't like.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kris Allen Performs Bright Lights and Hey Jude at Vancouver,BC (American Idol 8 Tour)

HQ,clear,crispy sound!!! I love his Bright Lights's performance. Kris's screaming on Hey Jude is million times better than Danny Gokey's Scream On. I'm satisfied right now because today's 3 videos with HQ sound.

Kris Allen Performs Ain't No Sunshine at Vancouver,BC (American Idol 8 Tour)

His voice is getting stronger and stronger by day. Btw thanks for paopukitten for the videos. I love it!!

Kris Allen's Intro,Heartless,No Boundaries at Vancouver,BC (American Idol 8 Tour)

No Boundaries should be banished from the tour!!Replace it with other song like Falling Slowly.

Fox Access - Idol On Tour (The funniest interview yet)

I love the pairings and I laugh so much when I watched this. LOL

American Idol 8 Tour - Group Performance - Don't Stop Believing at Tacoma,Washington

Close-up shoot. Nice audio. Thanks for Hannah98383 who took the video. I applaud Tacoma's fans for all great videos with nice audio. Clearly,winning over Portland's.

Anoop Desai Performs Always On My Mind at Tacoma,Washington (American Idol 8 Tour)

Amazing!!Excellent vocal there!!

American Idol 8 Tour - Anoop,Matt,Lil,Megan,Scott,Michael Perform Beggin'

I love this performance better than Don't Stop Believing. Kuddos for only1jingles who took the videos.

Kris Allen Performs Heartless at Tacoma,Washington (American Idol 8 Tour)

Why the video is look like a slow motion video game??Anyway,flawless performance as always from Kris on this song.

Anoop Desai Performs Mad at Tacoma,Washington (American Idol 8 Tour)

Anoop really shines on the tour. I can't get enough of his performance.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kris Allen & Scott MacIntyre Before Tacoma Show

Woah,Kris looks so good in that outfit. I can sense that he's not that close with Scott since his body language seemed uncomfortable. Btw the Top 10 already arrived in Vancouver,Canada right now and they're sleeping. Take good care of your body,guys!!

Anoop Desai Performs Mad at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

OMG!!The best performance I've ever seen from him. This type of song definitely suits him really well.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Allison Iraheta Performs So What at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

Her costume is fierce!!The lighting is amazing!!The stage is like from the future.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - HBO First Look

I can't wait for the movie. I hope they do it justice.

Kris Allen Performs No Boundaries at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

He's doing small arrangement on "still holding on" and saying "no boundarayyy!!" LOL

What American Idol 8 Tour Producer Said About Kris Allen?

Top 10 Perform Don't Stop Believing at Portland Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

The huge screen behind them is amazing.

Kris Allen Performs Hey Jude at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

I wish I was there. It must be one of a kind experience.

Kris Allen Performs Bright Lights at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

I'm searching for the full video.

Added: Below is the full video

I can barely hear his voice. Btw it's a fantastic performance though.

HQ Quality sound.

Kris Allen Performs Heartless at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)


Kris and Anoop Interview in Portland : Anoop's First Plan Is To Join Kris Fanbase

I love Kranoop!! This is one of the interview that I like but the audio is so FAIL!! It's so hard to listen to their words.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Game Trailer

OMG!!So cool!I don't have time to play the game though,I only played the first one (Sorcerer's Stone) on the PS.

David Archuleta's Hands Choreography at Barriers Performance

Love it!!This song is growing on me,wasn't a fan of this song back then.

David Archuleta's Long Hair

People at ontd_ai said in this video,David's hair is long enough that he wants to have a haircut (if you follow him on twitter,you'll know that he's searching for a haircut place on the tour trip). Btw this is A Little Too Not Over You's HQ performance. Kudos for the person who took this video.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kris Allen's Tour Song Spoiler

So they released the first video of iTunes Pass and inside the video,there's a sheet of this song. It's Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty. I'm ecstatic about Kris's performances on the tour. It'll be one heck of a show. Flawless song set except No Boundaries.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen Movie Review

Decepticons are back!! Two years after the first movie,Sam is now moving to college's dorm and starts his first year there. Before that he finds a piece of Allspark in his bedroom which sparks the beginning of witch hunt by all Decepticons to retrieve that thing. To make things worse,Megatron is resurrected by his followeres. And something big called The Fallen will rise. This movie will have so many Autobots and Decepticons that will make you confuse noticing each robots. I'm having hard time when I watched this movie,distinguishing which robots belong to which group. Almost all robots have silver or grey color in their body. Geez.

What I like about this movie is the action packed fight in it. I bet all that fight scenes and so many massive robots's movement were the one that cause this film to raise its budget. Well,it's worth it. I don't know how can they make all the graphics look that good. When I was a child I knew Transformers but I've never watched it but this movie makes me a big fan. I suggest the director for the next movie,to add more robots to the movie. I heard they gonna put Dinobots in it. Well,hell yes!! That'd be so damn interesting.

The plot and storyline in this movie is so well produced. We can enjoy Sam's transition to the college life. Meeting his roommate,college party,etc. And I love his parents,they're so cool. While Mikaela (Megan Foxx) is so freaking sexy. She flaunts her assets in every scene,it almost made me laugh.

The relationship between Autobots and Sam is two thumbs up. They put much more emotional connection in it. The humor in this movie isn't over the top. There's a former Decepticon,who now on the Autobots team,Jetfire who's very old and funny.

The setting in the latter part of the movie,which is Egypt,makes everything else better. It's the perfect place for the ancient times's history and the treasure that everyone else are fighting for to get. Btw I slightly wonder when I can watch a movie with Decepticon vs Islamic radical terrorists in it. That'd be fantastic. LOL

Link : Wikipedia
Official Site
Rotten Tomatoes

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lil Rounds Interviews Megan Joy (Does Megan Want To Be Pregnant Again?)

I love Ace of Base!!Especially their late 90's album.

Megan Joy Interviews Lil Rounds

Boring and awkward. I think they can do better than this. Sorry.

Matt Giraud Interviews Anoop Desai

Anoop's walking around the room. We can see more of the backstage. Yay!!

Anoop Desai Interviews Matt Giraud

Tower of Terror at Disney scared the shit out of me. I don't want to try that again.

Allison Iraheta Interviews Kris Allen (Lady Gaga and Diddy Involved)

LMAO. I wanna see more. A reality show for both of them,please!!

Kris Allen Interviews Allison Iraheta (Wanna See Allison's Fangirling Over Kris?)

The sound is too loud on the speaker. I can't understand to some of the words. But it's so funny.

Adam Lambert Interviews Kris Allen (What Katy and Adam Will Do Together?)

I love both of this guys's friendship.

Kris Allen Interviews Adam Lambert

OMG!!!So cute!!I'm dying over cuteness. After the giggling,now this.

Oscar's next year Best Picture Nominees are going to expand to 10 films

The best-picture lineup at the Academy Awards is doubling from five films to 10, a move organizers said Wednesday will open the field to more worthy movies and possibly boost the ceremony's TV ratings.

Among last year's most acclaimed movies was the Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight," which wound up snubbed. Another was "WALL-E," which won the Oscar for feature-length animation but was not among best-picture nominees.

Click this to read the rest

It will be cuthroat competition indeed. I can't wait for that.

Jesse McCartney Will Write For David Archuleta's Sophomore Album

As you’ve mentioned, you write songs for other artists. In the fall of 2007, you and Ryan from OneRepublic co-wrote the song, “Bleeding Love,” for singer Leona Lewis. Apparently, that gave you a bit more writing credibility. The song became a huge hit and you had people like Simon Cowell and Jordan Sparks asking you to help write songs for them. How did that make you feel?

Jesse: It feels amazing! Like you said, as far as credibility it definitely brings you up. I think people appreciate when a singer sings a song and find out that they wrote it and it brings it to a whole other level. Because of “Bleeding Love” it’s definitely opened a door as far as a writer goes. Jive Records just reached out to me last week and they want me to write for David Archuleta’s new album. I’ve been writing with Toni Braxton and Leighton Meester (from Gossip Girl) who’s been working on a record. It’s opened a lot of people’s eyes in the industry, too. It’s definitely a great feeling to be recognized and to be asked to work with their artists.

Click this for the rest of the article

I love Jesse McCartney but I'm not diggin' his latest album. I prefer his previous albums. Well,maybe because of my pop music taste.

Snuggie Infomercial

I've seen this in Ellen Degeneres Show if I recall but after Jesse McCartney said about this in an interview,I just thought that this is the best invention ever recently. If I can buy this snuggie,I can read books or handle TV remote easily without shifting around the blanket.