Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Review : G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

At last one of the movie which I've been waiting for has came out. The first time I knew about this movie was back then when I was reading a local movie magazine,there was Snake Eyes's picture on it,it was so cool,I was so ecstatic waiting for this movie.

After I've seen the trailer,it wasn't as good as I expected it to be because it's too modernistic. I know that the critics trashed this movie while some people like it after they saw it. Today,I decided to watch it and I'd say that I'm impressed with this movie.

Yes,it's too modernistic and doesn't look like the exact G.I. Joe comic since I believe they want to cater to international audiences. The weapons and vehicles are super cool!! I love it,it's not over the top. I think it's very well suited in this era. The action is top notch although I felt drowsy after seeing too much explosion and needless special effects.

The bad thing I noticed was the cheesiness in some part like what the hell Karolina Kurkova's doing there. Her death is like a scene from bad amateur film. One more scene that I think is too cheesy and weird (in the earlier part of the movie) but I forgot (damn it!!). Well,the ending is good given that it's preparing the plot for the next movie.

What I don't understand is why Baroness is joining Duke in the end? Since when Baroness joins the good guy? I don't think it's ever happened in the comic. Storm Shadow is too stiff. Snake Eyes's lips on his mask is bothering me,they should've scrapped that and make it like in the comic. It's too weird having that lips,it's like some creepy buff statue. Eekk!! Zartan is too much like ordinary person. Where's his costume? What Brendan Fraser is doing there?? Weird indeed!!

I'd applaud Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his spectacular and convincing performance. And Marlon Wayans doesn't do a bad job either,he doesn't appear as cheesy as I'm afraid him to be. Plus his buff body and Channing Tatum definitely make many people interested to watch this movie. Heck,so many of my friends don't know what G.I. Joe is and yet they're still going to the movie. Maybe because it's blockbuster movie or Sienna Miller/Channing Tatum's factor in it.

Can't wait for the next one.

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