Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Movie Review : Up

After rave review from everybody in the US and my friends in here,I decided to watch this movie tonight. I enjoy the short film Partly Cloudy very much,I think it's a spectacular short film. Now,I'll dive right into this movie and what messages this movie has to everybody:

- You should follow your dreams (after Ellie passed away,Carl decides to pursue their lifelong dream which is to move their house to Paradise Falls)
- After you reached your goals,usually you're eager to reach for another goals (Ellie's note to Carl that he has to make his own new journey)
- It's time to stop the greediness from big businesses (Carl's house being surrounded by construction site and disturbance from the developer because he refuses to sell his house). I've had enough of the money hungry pattern in this world,life is not about money money money,it's about giving,love and experience.
- A journey some people willing to take in order to maintain their high image or status (Charles Muntz's perseverence to get the bird). He's definitely lost himself because of that and many people fall into a trap like that,well including me too.
- Pure soul from children. Carl definitely learns a lot from Russell,I don't think he see himself in that kid but after a while,he can see little bit resemblance of his old self in that boy. When children become adult,usually they lost their essence and being suck into this zombie world,9 to 5 job,never ending,and all that bullshit that adult tell their children. A pure heart which makes a children,unfortunately disappear in many cases,when they're getting older. Sigh.

I think that's a few points I took from this movie,I didn't exactly get the undertone message which many people said,well maybe I already applied that in my life. I don't think everyone gets the exact same message from this movie since we all have different point of view,mindset,etc so I'd think we learn different life lessons if we compare the notes. Feel free to discuss about this movie though.

Btw this movie is exactly above my expectation but I prefer Wall-E way more,dunno why. And forgive my rambling in this post because I was so tired when I watched this movie. LOL

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ps: special thanks to,I read his review first tonight before I post this,I definitely get some inspiration from his fantastic post.


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