Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movie Review : Solstice

This afternoon,my high school friends asked me to watch this movie with them. I thought ehh I know nothing about this movie and it looks like a crap movie. If it's big budget horror movie,I should've known about this movie but the fact is I wasn't.

The story in this movie begins with Megan who lost Sophie,her twin sister,due to suicide. She and her friends travel to the lake house to celebrate summer solstice. At the lake house,she's constantly being harassed by some spirit,which Megan believes is Sophie. She believes that Sophie guide her to something,and she wants to find out what it is. A local handsome guy who works at the shop on the gas station,complicates her relationship with her friends,because he tells a story about superstition and the way to channel the spirit.

I'd say that this movie isn't bad after all. There are some scenes which can suprise you (me not so much). I love the setting on this movie,it brings back an atmosphere of good horror movie from the past decade. The cast has some familiar actor/actresses like Shawn Ashmore who played Ice-man in X-Men,Hilarie Burton who played Peyton in One Tree Hill tv series,and Amanda Seyfriend who acted in Mean Girls and Mama-mia. I get it now why this movie has been in my city for quite some time,it's pretty good and it's a breath of fresh air,because the other movies are Indonesian super shit quality movies and some unknown Hollywood movies.

ps: why this 2008 horror movie came out right now in here is beyond me.

Link: IMDB

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movie Review : Final Destination 4

I didn't know that Final Destination series still continue,anyway because it's 3D,my friend asked me to watch this movie with him. So we went to the best movie theather in here (which's the only one to play this 3D movie in this city) and got our 3D glasses. It made my glasses heavier,it's like when you go to the optic store to change your glasses and they check your eye minuses with some device,it's as heavy as that device.

The story plot has the exact same story plot like every other FD series,the main actor gets premonition about his death and every person around him. It's neat that 3D makes you see the distance between every person and the background,it's as if you watch the actor from a window. Really cool!! This movie is centered around the catastrophe in a car race,and their eventual death one by one. Bobby Campo plays his character pretty good I think,and the girls too. While Nick Zano is pretty much failed at his acting,or maybe I'm just turned off by his douche bag behaviour. LOL

The gruesome scenes in this movie isn't as bad as other FD,like FD2. I think FD2 is the best from the FD series. I was pretty much enjoying the 3D features from this movie,nothing else. Besides,I'm a horror fans and nothing from this movie upset my stomach. I can find nastier horror films like Hostel series,etc.

My overall opinion is neither here nor there. It's not bad, and it's not great either. If you want an entertainment,you'll get it. But it's pretty much predictable movie.

Link : Official Website

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A fantastic brand new Christian song from Chynna & Vaughan (One Reason)

Although I'm not a Christian anymore but I can't stop listening to this song.It's so catchy.This song should be played on every worship service,pronto!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Movie Review : District 9

Because of the name Peter Jackson and all rave reviews of this movie,I decided to watch it on August 23rd. Never in my life I've watched movies in a day and the next day.

Well,I was surprised too by this movie. Quite different than my expectation. I expected a lot of sci-fi storyline in it but it has lot of action and unique plot in it. A great job indeed for the first time director and first time actor in this movie,very convincing.

The good thing about this movie was I didn't fall asleep. LOL. With the fatique of organizing my stuff at my new house and driving back and forth to old house (my PC was still there,the internet too,at least I could connect for 1-2 hours),I'm amazed that this movie captured my attention.

I don't have anything more to say but for all of you who love action movie,FPS game,shooting,gun,military,etc.You should watch this brilliant movie.

Link : Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes

Movie Review : Watchmen

I've just moved from my old house to a new house. That's why I haven't been online for long time,because it took forever to install the internet in this house. Btw I watched this movie on August 22nd,I hope I still remember that time LOL.

Oh Indonesia's movie theater,why it took this long to release Watchmen in my city. I already lost hope but I was excited that at last this movie was being released in here. I don't know this comic book,it's just my habit that I watch all superheroes movies on the movie theater,just to get the feeling of it. I only knew that this movie is centered around Nixon's era and that year in the US.

The graphic of this movie is outstanding,I was mesmerized but the story is sleep-inducing. This is the first time that I fell asleep inside the theater,it's so hard to open my eyes because the story is difficult to understand at many parts and (I just know) that this movie doesn't cater to general mainstream audiences,it stays true to the comic book's storyline. While I applaud the director's decision but I was so upset that I didn't enjoy this movie.

There was one kid beside me,his father had to put his hands in front of this kid everytime a nude scene or a sex scene appears. LMAO. It surprised me too,this movie is full of raunchy scenes. It's so explicitly violence too,on that front,I loved it!!

Too bad most of the movie's storyline is blur to me,it just captured my attention near the end where it has a lot of action.Overall,I was disappointed but I love some of the groundbreaking elements from this movie such as the graphic and the violence.

Link : Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes