Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Dallas Auditions

Well,today is definitely a major improvement over last night's trainwreck audition episode. Neil Patrick Harris is awesome,while Joe Jonas failed to impress me.

I love Kimberly Carver. The girl who has jazzy voice. I don't understand why Simon said no to her,while there are many jazzy singers in other auditions who already got through to Hollywood.

Erica Rhodes has good voice but pretty nasally I think,and where's Barney??I want to see that dinosaur. LOL

Dave Pittman impressed me with his audition. Great voice. Todrick Hall also. His original song is funtastic. LOL. These two guys should advance to the Top 24. I wanna see more from them.

Maegan Wright. Her TMYFML isn't good,her voice is too thin. I'm not sure about her.

Next audition city is Denver and they have Victoria Beckham again?? I'm confuse.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Los Angeles Auditions

What the hell happened with today's auditions. It almost had the rejects from beginning to end. Avril Lavigne didn't do much on this episode (I'm really disappointed),fortunately Katy Perry brings the sass that's very needed tonight. I love her bickering with Kara.

The only name I love today is Tasha Layton. She has gorgeous voice. I wanna see more from her.
While Andrew Garcia impressed me,I still need to know more of his performance. The rest are meh. I won't bother about the rejects.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kris Allen on Yroswell PSA

I love Hey Monday too!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Orlando Auditions

Well,today is a downer for sure!! I wasn't interested in today audition at all. And Kristen Chenoweth only appears for 30 minutes and doesn't offer anything special. Somehow today audition is about all kind of jazz singers.

Here's today contestants:

- Seth Rollins (he has good tone in his voice,suitable for singing that kind of music. Although I'm still on the fence about him)
- Jermaine Purifoy (oh gosh,I agreed with all the judges. He has a voice that make you want to listen to him all the way through the end. I like him and he has lovely aura coming out from him)
- Shelby Dressel (one of the best female auditioners this year so far,she sang Norah Jones's music but she got country-ish vibe and tone in her voice. Great combination. I hope she will be a contender)
- Jay Stone (WTH!!I don't need another Blake Lewis)

Oh,before I forget,I was so sad that I saw Kenny Hoffpauer didn't get through to Hollywood. Remember him??He's the boy who sat beside Kris Allen last year (the judges mansion). I love his voice,too bad he didn't make it through. I hope he'll try again next year.

ps: please stop with the bad auditions,I'm tired of it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Chicago Auditions

Let me say that this is the best audition ever,because Shania Twain is so spot on,her critique to every contestants are useful and not jibberish. She has the best selling album for a female singer ever and she's fantastic on the judging panel. Can she replace Ellen,please??

Here's my assessment of the contestants today:

- Katelyn Epperly (I think she got potential too,very good voice,unique,not like Duffy since I don't like Duffy and other British female singers that's been dominating the music channel lately).
- Charity Vance (very different,unique,one of a kind voice. I hope she can go through to the Top 24)
- Angela Martin (the best contestant today for me,I LOVE her!!!!She can be the black diva contender this year)
- John Park (generic Korean voice,very good for people who like it but I'm not a fan of that kind of voice. He's cute though and they should pick him for the Top 24,there hasn't been a strong male Asian contender since forever)
- Paige Dechausse (once again,there's something in her voice that stand out from the rest. A mix of genre,I like her)
- Keith Sample (his voice=Bryan Adams!!LOL)

And please stop with the reject auditioners,it ruins the whole show for me. And WTH with Brian Krause. He's so weird. Please Idol,more good audition,less bad audition.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 (Atlanta Auditions)

How come Mary J Blige is so useless on the panel??I don't understand that. I thought she's gonna be better than Victoria Beckham and tonight she's barely speaking.

Here's the contestants that I think is good/great:

- Keia Johnson (I love her rendition,but I'm still on the fence about her.)
- Jermaine Sellers (this is the best of the night,love love love him,I hope he makes through to the Top 24)
- Miriam Lemnouni and Tisha Holland is pretty good too
- Holly Harden (she has distinct voice and very old country too,very very good I think although her outfit is unique LOL)
- Mallorie Haley (pretty good although I hate and already tired about the Piece of My Heart song)
- Carmen Turner (shocked that she has that depth of voice)
- Bryan Walker (love his voice,I don't know if he can perform with presence though)

And I hate General Platt. I don't find that very funny.

I effin love Allison Iraheta's Pieces soundbite and Kris Allen's Before We Come Undone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kris Allen - Ford Fusion Hybrid Commercial

I want that car right now!LOL. So cool.

American Idol Season 9 Premiere (Boston Audition)

Yay,American Idol is back. My favourite tv show ever. Boston audition is good overall,Posh is okay and I love her accent. Kara's getting more confident after 1 year training.

The contestants that I love from this audition are:

- Katie Stevens (love her At Last rendition,her voice is so beautiful. This is the type of singer which gets my support)
- Justin Williams (he's very good,he was in White Chocolate Group last year (Kris Allen and Matt Giraud were in that group))
- Tyler Grady has unique voice I think,he could do pretty well if he enters Top 24. Although,not exactly my favorite.
- Leah Laurenti isn't bad too. I love her audition. Could be my favorite in the future.
- Bosa Mora has beautiful tone in his voice and heartfelt audition. I hope he'll do well in Hollywood round.
- Luke Shaffer is good too. I love his harmonization with 2 other guys in the waiting room.
- Joshua Blaylock. He looks way younger than his age. I like him,definitely likable. His voice is very standard though.

For the rejects:
Pat Ford with his Womanizer is seriously funny. LOL. He has unlimited energy for sure!!

Happy 2500th Visitors!!

At last it reaches 2500th views. Hahaha. I know that I rarely update this blog due to some problems. Oh well,I'll try to update it as much as possible. After all, American Idol is back. LOL

Monday, January 04, 2010

Movie Review : Avatar

Finally,I could watch the most anticipated movie of 2009,James Cameron's masterpiece like Titanic (which was outstanding),too bad that I couldn't watch this movie with my friends.Few months ago,I thought Avatar (the cartoon) has 2 movies directed by 2 different directors,it turned out that this movie is completely different from the cartoon LMAO my bad.

The first time you laid your eyes on the movie screen,I'm fully certain your jaw will be dropped.The pictures are spectacular and so beautiful,it's unprecedented.The terrain,the forest,the panorama is like I never seen before.

The story in this movie is basically like this,human wants to mine very expensive mineral from Pandora. And The HomeTree in which the Na'vi (that planet resident) resides,contains humongous amount of that precious mineral. That's why Selfridge (the head of the mining operation) and the army want to conquer that area and hoping that the Na'vi wants to relocate to different tree. Jake Sully who's the main character in this movie is replacing his deceased twin brother to become an Avatar. Dr Grace (Sigourney Weaver) shocked by that and undermines him in the beginning until he proves himself that he's way stronger than everyone expected.
Jake is being sent to the Na'vi to gain their trust and to negotiate with them about the relocation. Too bad he's fallen in love with Neytiri (the chief's daughter) plus he's enchanted by the whole chemistry of the forest. The connectedness of that planet.

The scenes that I love from this movie is when Jake Sully is back riding a Toruk,when they ask for the help from the other clans throughout Pandora and when the last battle. I love the scene in which every plant shimmering in various light colors too. The scene in which Eywa answers Jake's prayer by letting every animals in that planet attack the army is pretty awesome too. Even the agressive one are teaming up with the Na'vi.

Why I think this movie is the best movie last year?It's because this movie tells a story about the connectedness of every creatures,the energy from the planet,the simple life,the ugliness of mankind's greed. It's definitely MUST WATCH MOVIE!! You better see it. :D

Link: Official Site
Rotten Tomatoes