Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Dallas Auditions

Well,today is definitely a major improvement over last night's trainwreck audition episode. Neil Patrick Harris is awesome,while Joe Jonas failed to impress me.

I love Kimberly Carver. The girl who has jazzy voice. I don't understand why Simon said no to her,while there are many jazzy singers in other auditions who already got through to Hollywood.

Erica Rhodes has good voice but pretty nasally I think,and where's Barney??I want to see that dinosaur. LOL

Dave Pittman impressed me with his audition. Great voice. Todrick Hall also. His original song is funtastic. LOL. These two guys should advance to the Top 24. I wanna see more from them.

Maegan Wright. Her TMYFML isn't good,her voice is too thin. I'm not sure about her.

Next audition city is Denver and they have Victoria Beckham again?? I'm confuse.

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