Thursday, January 21, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Orlando Auditions

Well,today is a downer for sure!! I wasn't interested in today audition at all. And Kristen Chenoweth only appears for 30 minutes and doesn't offer anything special. Somehow today audition is about all kind of jazz singers.

Here's today contestants:

- Seth Rollins (he has good tone in his voice,suitable for singing that kind of music. Although I'm still on the fence about him)
- Jermaine Purifoy (oh gosh,I agreed with all the judges. He has a voice that make you want to listen to him all the way through the end. I like him and he has lovely aura coming out from him)
- Shelby Dressel (one of the best female auditioners this year so far,she sang Norah Jones's music but she got country-ish vibe and tone in her voice. Great combination. I hope she will be a contender)
- Jay Stone (WTH!!I don't need another Blake Lewis)

Oh,before I forget,I was so sad that I saw Kenny Hoffpauer didn't get through to Hollywood. Remember him??He's the boy who sat beside Kris Allen last year (the judges mansion). I love his voice,too bad he didn't make it through. I hope he'll try again next year.

ps: please stop with the bad auditions,I'm tired of it.

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