Monday, January 04, 2010

Movie Review : Avatar

Finally,I could watch the most anticipated movie of 2009,James Cameron's masterpiece like Titanic (which was outstanding),too bad that I couldn't watch this movie with my friends.Few months ago,I thought Avatar (the cartoon) has 2 movies directed by 2 different directors,it turned out that this movie is completely different from the cartoon LMAO my bad.

The first time you laid your eyes on the movie screen,I'm fully certain your jaw will be dropped.The pictures are spectacular and so beautiful,it's unprecedented.The terrain,the forest,the panorama is like I never seen before.

The story in this movie is basically like this,human wants to mine very expensive mineral from Pandora. And The HomeTree in which the Na'vi (that planet resident) resides,contains humongous amount of that precious mineral. That's why Selfridge (the head of the mining operation) and the army want to conquer that area and hoping that the Na'vi wants to relocate to different tree. Jake Sully who's the main character in this movie is replacing his deceased twin brother to become an Avatar. Dr Grace (Sigourney Weaver) shocked by that and undermines him in the beginning until he proves himself that he's way stronger than everyone expected.
Jake is being sent to the Na'vi to gain their trust and to negotiate with them about the relocation. Too bad he's fallen in love with Neytiri (the chief's daughter) plus he's enchanted by the whole chemistry of the forest. The connectedness of that planet.

The scenes that I love from this movie is when Jake Sully is back riding a Toruk,when they ask for the help from the other clans throughout Pandora and when the last battle. I love the scene in which every plant shimmering in various light colors too. The scene in which Eywa answers Jake's prayer by letting every animals in that planet attack the army is pretty awesome too. Even the agressive one are teaming up with the Na'vi.

Why I think this movie is the best movie last year?It's because this movie tells a story about the connectedness of every creatures,the energy from the planet,the simple life,the ugliness of mankind's greed. It's definitely MUST WATCH MOVIE!! You better see it. :D

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